216 - Survivors

I found the best show... for an Apocalyptic story lover like myself... Survivors... on BBC America. Caught my first episode last night, and think I only missed a couple of previous ones, so I'm not too far behind. It has now been added to the DVR list. Starts out with your typical super-flu, and sort of like The Stand, people form groups to survive. The characters are very interesting and the story is well done. I'm looking forward to more! If you have BBC America, and you like this kind of story, it's definitely worth a look (this means you, Bendigo).

Going to a gospel brunch with some friends this afternoon. Never been to a gospel brunch before... could be interesting... hope it doesn't mean people coming to the table and singing... but I know I like brunches... lots of tasty food... and mimosas... and I know I like friends... lots of laughter... and fun... The only thing that sucks is that mom and dad left a message last night to let me know they were cooking hamburgers... guess they hadn't gotten my message to cancel lunch yet. It stings... I really like dad's burgers... Oh well... they'll make them again. Someday. And when they do I will eat the burger... oh yes burger, I will eat you! And I will relish you in my belly -- get in ma bellee!

Enough of that silliness...

On my way to brunch I'm going to swing by CVS and Walgreens. I wonder if I'll be this giddy about shopping once the newness wears off? Eventually I won't need to buy anything. I mean, it's just me... how many tubes of toothpaste do I need? How much body wash? So after I stock up, I won't just keep buying for no reason... and I'll miss the high of saving up to 75%... it's a fun little game.

I'm torn. I love Tim Burton. I love Johnny Depp. I'm not a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. But I might like their version. I think I'll probably wait for the dvd. TS should do a non-review so I can make up my mind...

The lady who lives behind me has a clothesline. It's odd to see one in a suburban neighborhood out here, but she's an older lady so in some ways it makes sense. Older people are smarter than us younger folk, they're thrifty. I'm not sure how much it costs me to dry my clothes in 45 minutes, but I'm sure I pay a premium. The only thing I don't like about the idea of a clothesline is that there's a definitive 'outside' smell that I can sense in people who have been outdoors, and I wonder if that smell happens on the clothesline too, or if it's our bodies that produce that smell. I know it sounds funny, but I can always tell when someone has just come in from the outdoors at work. But then, I have a keen sense of smell. And hearing. I can hear that high pitched whine an old picture tube tv makes when it's on. I don't notice it with the LCD or plasma tvs... I am just babbling randomly now...

The End.


  1. Believe it or not, I have dried clothes outside before, and let me tell you, it gives them a nice fresh smell! (If you choose a nice sunny day with a clean breeze blowing.)
    That outside smell you refer to on our bodies is probably just sweat.
    I'm with you...I LOVE morning brunch, with lots of eggs, sausage, and Mimosa!

  2. How funny! I had Mom's "burgers" this past weekend and they were GREAT! Hadn't had them in years.. she makes them with bread crumbs.. mmm mmm good lol. Nicole call's it a "Game" too when she goes shopping roflmbo haha she goes "Dad, I LIKE THIS GAME!" "Let's do it AGAIN!" and I'm like "NOOOO" lol "Let's NOT and say we did!!!" :D

    Hugs 2 U Kristy,


  3. I will have to see if I can get that on the internet, since I don't have that channel available to me on the crappy cable I have.

    Love the Fat Bastard line...(still chuckling)

    Brunch...hmmmm...i like the food aspects, but I am not much of a morning person and brunch just confuses me anyway..lunch breakfast...Damn..can't they just make up their mind and pick a time...

  4. That gospel brunch is going to be so much fun! They're always packed with energy, and those people love themselves some G-O-D!

  5. The random posts are the best Kristy whether you think so or not. I love seeing what floats through your head!

  6. I wish I could put all my laundry out to dry in the summer - love the smell - but we are in a HUGE pollen city - I would die of sinus infections if I put on those clothes. How sad is THAT!

  7. Joe - Hmmm... then maybe I'll try it someday

    Aion - Shopping the way I'm shopping now is so much fun! When I get $75 worth of stuff for $20 and get $20.50 in 'extra care bucks' back... Shoot... I made money!

    Bendigo - I'm not much of a breakfast person... really I have Cheezits for breakfast on workdays. Brunch is kind of nice though. (just saw a commercial for Survivors... you are going to LOVE it)

    ABAO - I didn't make it... heard it was more of a jazz brunch though. Kristy hates jazz...

    Ian - You're too kind, sir... too kind! =)

    Katherine - I didn't even think about pollen... we have a lot of that here, too. But I'm stocked up on Zyrtec like you wouldn't believe! lol

  8. A gospel brunch eh?? Was it interesting?

    And about the clothesline thing...my grandmother would hang all our clothes out on one when I was a teenager and they do have a different smell. They certanily don't smell like fabric softener. And they get tons of earwigs in the Summer, between the folds. Yech.