215 - The promised land

I wonder if hot chocolate, made with chocolate milk, would be even tastier... I'm not sure it could be any tastier than Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk... I've never had it before, but on a whim I picked up a small bottle this afternoon. I was trying to figure out why it tasted so good and finally realized that it tastes like melted chocolate ice cream. Seriously. I can't believe how good it is... this is beyond any chocolate milk I've ever had before... Now that I think about it, religious based food companies seem to put out a better product... first Ezekiel bread (best bread ever), now Promised Land milk... even Chick-Fil-A... hmmm... or is it... mmmm? Can't have too much of this particular treat though, it's pretty high in calories. Luckily I also grabbed a 2% version... maybe it'll be just as tasty.

Had a fruitful day today. Instead of lolligagging around in my pj's I kicked my butt into high gear and accomplished everything I set out to do. Fist I went to the bank to get a voided check for the account I just opened so that on Monday I can submit my direct deposit paperwork, and then I'm on my way to getting a free $125... I knew if I didn't do that task first, I would talk myself out of it. I don't know why... it's just the way I am, I hate to wait in lines and convinced myself that on a Saturday the lines would be out the door. Not so. Easy peasy except for the traffic on the road. Always the traffic... slowing me down...

Then I was off to Target because I wanted to see if their Fancy Feast 24-pack cans were cheaper than Kroger... and boy were they... $10.09 versus $14.49... methinks $4.40 is worth a quick stop. I bought two, so I saved $8.80 (an amount which, oddly, reminds me of White Christmas). After that it was on to Walgreens to get some last minute things before the next sales circular took effect (pretty Revlon eyeshadow). Treated myself to a Route 44 Vanilla Coke for being a good girl, filled up the gas tank, then did my grocery shopping.

Tommorow I will make a run to CVS. If I'm calculating correctly, I'm going to save about 75% on my purchase. And I decided that I should shop at my local Walgreens, not the one by work. Not only does the tax money go to my own city, but it's also 0.25% less. In a way, that's a discount too. Not much of one... but every little bit counts.

This couponing thing is a lot of work... even with SouthernSavers.com doing most of the work for me I have to decide what I need and what's the best way to get the best price, then I have to gather the coupons and do a little more research. For example, even though Crest White Strips Advanced are $10 off at Walgreens and I have a $10 coupon... they are on sale for much less at CVS (if the price at the store is the same as the price on the website)... I know... no one cares... this is me babbling to myself. But it made me proud to have saved another $7 by spending a couple of seconds looking at websites. At $17.99 I'll buy them, at $24.99 I would have scratched them off the list. But I'm glad I can get them because I wanted to whiten my teeth before I get braces.

Speaking of which, I'm planning to do that in April if the doctor takes credit cards for the downpayment (otherwise May so I'll have saved up enough, but I'd like to use my credit card if I can, because I get miles that way, and then in May I can still pay the bill but I get my braces earlier... life is all about planning...). I'm excited. I've never had straight teeth before. Not only that, but I think if my teeth were properly aligned, my mouth would be more comfortable. It sucks having an uncomfortable mouth (and a dirty one, too!).

This was going to be a short post... it always gets away from me...


  1. I've got to try this chocolate milk. Sounds fantastic.

  2. Oh yeah, I remember you talked about getting braces quite some time ago. How long do you have to wear them?
    Your adventures to the different drug stores sounds like a hectic way to spend a Saturday, but like you said, you saved a lot of money. Hopefully you can do nothing on Sunday.

  3. Kristy, you seemed to have mastered the couponning art, the way you described it! It's insane how really it's possible to save!

    Yeah, I remember you talking about getting braces..I think you're the only one who's ever been excited to get some, though :P But I know what you mean! If it can make you more comfortable, go for IT! :)

  4. I never heard of Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Milk. Thanks for giving me a new choco-hunt mission.

  5. What? No coupons for the braces?

    Is Promised Land a local brand?

  6. TS - It really is the promised land... in your mouth...

    Joe - With the Invisalign-type braces he said probably 24 months. The regular braces would be 18 months, but I think Invisalign is a better fit for me (regular braces just seems likea way to end up with food fermenting in your mouth all day)

    Sarah - Yeah... I weird like that, but like I say, I've never had straight teeth before! Hope I like them...

    RRGBW - LOL, do I get extra credit for this?

    ABAO - I get 50% with insurance, does that count? About Promised Land, I don't know if it's local or not... You can probably check to see if it's available where you live by going to their website: http://www.promisedlanddairy.com/. I think it's probably national.

  7. oooh, hot chocolate made with chocolate milk! I never thought about that before, but I wonder how it'd taste!

  8. Goodness girlfriend, you are a busy bee! At the same time, you are a smart busy bee. I am taking notes, believe me!

    Let me know how those Crest strips go for you. I am curious!