209 - I like it + An award

I got an awesome award from RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild cuz I know a thing or two about chocolate. And I'm a star pupil. ;p

I don't know how she managed to get her hands on a picture of me in a bikini... lol.

So yesterday I read Samantha's post on couponing... I'm always excited to learn how other people manage to take it to another level. I dream of one day being that person who walks out of the store with a cart full of groceries and only paying $20 for it. Sounds like a pipe dream, I know... but there are people who do it.

I already cut coupons out of the Sunday paper, and ever since I started making a list and remembering to bring my coupons with me, I have been racking up between $20-30 worth of savings (also due in part to my Kroger card). After reading Samantha's post I'm taking it up a notch. She introduced me to the Southern Savers website, and now I've seen the light. These people are serious! They have introduced me to an entirely new thought process. Now I have a spreadsheet with all the coupons, values and their expiry date so that when the Sunday circulars come out, I can see how to maximize my savings. And I'll be checking the SS website just to make sure I'm taking full advantage.

Yesterday I did my research, and this morning I put it to the test by going to CVS. Normally I don't buy much from CVS because they're a little pricey. This is because I've been doing it wrong! My total bill before coupons and sale prices was $123.58. When all was said and done I paid $63.47 and walked away with $17 Extra Care Bucks to spend on a future shopping trip, so my effective cost is $43.11. I saved $80.47 and I feel pretty good about that! I didn't have to go out of my way, there's a CVS close to my house, so it's very convenient.

Tomorrow I'm going to Walgreens to get more stuff. They have Mega Red Krill Oil tablets BOGO and I have a $3 coupon, so for 26.99 I get six months of Omega 3... nice. Won't be going out of my way to shop there either, since one is conveniently located on my way home from work... I kinda factor that in when I'm calculating savings... time and gas sort of matter...

Now I can add this tool to my toolbox, and I can save when I shop offline. For tips about how to save when doing your online shopping, you can check out one of my previous posts where I talk about rebate sites and other nuggets.

Last night's Pity Party was fun. I made buffalo chicken dip, onion dip and put out some cinnamon coated almonds... thankfully we ate it all up so I don't have to fight temptation today. I love that frickin' buffalo dip... God it's good... We sat around and chatted until close to midnight. Then after most people left, a couple of us watched Boat Trip, Eurotrip and Moulin Rouge. I was up until probably 5 am. Kristy's a tired girl today.

I haven't seen Moulin Rouge in a couple of years now... I am seriously addicted to it... Kind of like I get addicted to Amadeus, only it doesn't depress me to watch Moulin Rouge. When I first got the dvd, I probably watched it once a month... or more. I've seen in at least 20 times. Watching it last night reminded me of how great a movie it is. I sang along, I laughed, I cried... Sure, it's silly sometimes, but I like silly... you may have noticed that I'm a little silly...

And an update on my uncle: They're weaning him off his respirator and he should go home in a couple of days. I think the problem is that he was actually getting too much oxygen. Apparently whenever he would get up to go to the bathroom, he'd come back winded, and he would ask my aunt to increase the oxygen for a little while. Sometimes they would forget to turn it back down.

Thanks for your prayers.  =)


  1. Glad things are going better for you! Maybe our prayers helped?

  2. Oh how I adore Amadeus!!!
    Oh yeah Sounthern Savers and CouponMama are kickass!!!
    congrats on the award!! woohoooo:)

  3. I simply adore a young person with saving sense! Care to instruct my kids? Glad the pity party worked to your benefit and your uncle is doing better. Congrats!

  4. Kristy, you are an awesome woman with an amazing Choco-IQ. Thanks for posting the Nun Better Award! I'm glad the sisters helped your spirits. Nothing like a good dose of chocolate and silliness.
    Keep faith and a stash of chocolate,

  5. PS - You didn't know you were pictured in a pop/trashy Magazine walking along the beach? Cool little tatoo you have going on the right upper hip.

  6. I still haven't made it all the way through Boat Trip. But I have with Euro a few times.

    Yeah CVS jacks their prices up on standard things like toothpaste and gel for example. You had cost effectiveness in your favor with the Extra Bucks. I only ever get $5 or something and never go back in enough time to use them.

  7. Wow your award looks hot!:P Congrats!!
    Amadeus ROCKS!! (and I,ve actually never seen Moulin Rouge..maybe I should rent it, since you say it's that good!)
    I hope your uncle continues to get better!

  8. The whole coupon thing facinates me! I am going to see if I can try it myself, and see how much I save.

    I am glad your pity party went so well. I had a bit of one myself this weekend so in a way, we were partying together?

    I am so glad about your uncle. So glad. I will still pray that he gets home soon and is as healthy as can be. xoxox

  9. Glad to hear things are getting better with your uncle!

    Moulin Rouge was great! I get laughed at all the time because my car was broken into, and my radio was stolen. The policemen who showed up were no help and told me that basically nothing could be done to retrieve the stolen goods.... So I'm in the parking lot of a sushi restaurant yelling 'So there's no way to get my 'Moulin Rouge' soundtrack back?!?!?!'

    BTW.... I watched Paranormal Activity.... I don't think you give the last five minutes credit.... I think the other hour and a half was a bit boring, but the end made me jump a bit....