190B - Damn Facebook...

Sorry for a second post two days in a row, but I had to share one last thing...

On Facebook there's another stupid gimmick going around (isn't there always... post an old picture... post your celebrity doppleganger... keep this going...). Well today's gimmick is to go to UrbanDictionary.com, type your name in, and see what comes up. I couldn't resist the pull of this one (and you know that when you're done reading this you will too... where are you going? I said AFTER you read this post. Damn.).

So I did it.

Then I laughed my ass off.

And I cried a little. Here it is:

Kristy - Dangerously attractive and intelligent. A real femefatale and master of seducing men. All men want her and all men get eaten by her.

Dude, that chic is so hott, she must be a Kristy.


  1. Now if that does not boost the self confidence...I don't know what possibly could... Hall and Oates were singing about you!!!!

  2. Yours is cool as hell, Kristy! I spell my name all f'd up so of course I got something lame. But if I type it in the other way it says:

    Jeff - someone who is skilled. He just has it.

    dude, it's jeff
    ...whoa nice

  3. Bendigo - Yep. My head is so big I'm not sure I can fit through the door to leave the house!

    Jeff, I mean, Geoff - You got skills! Awesome! You're the Geoff!

  4. Can't do it, not going to do it, not, not, not, no way. Plus, if my real first name was in there, I'd probably croak!

  5. I did not do the doppleganger thing, mostly bc I don't think I look like anyone but me! I have to try the Urban Dictionary. You got such a cool one!!! Wow very alluring!

  6. Kristy, it sounds like they described you perfectly, no? I tend to not do any of those facebook apps, they are just more garbage to install on my PC. But then again, I may not 'get' facebook (I guess I am not hip enough)
    I use it, but only to see pictures of all the high school people I haven't seen in like 35 years.

  7. MA - Come now... you did it when no one was looking, didn't you?

    LM - I know, I was expecting something goofy, but it's all so true! (j/k)

    Joe - Flatterer... I don't actually like FB very much, I do it for pretty much the same reason as you. And gads no... no apps! That farmville thing drives me nuts! 'Johnny found this lost black sheep wandering on his farm, can you give it a home?'... 'Johnny just planted his crops on Farmville.' WHO GIVES A FLYING CRAP??? And I don't want virtual drinks or virtual hugs or... hmmm... stopping here before I go full-out rant...

  8. Nope, honest Injun, I didn't. Have to admit though, it's tempting. Like I said, my first name isn't likely to be there anyway.

  9. That's awesome. With the exception of 'porn star' mine was pretty dead on. They also included one of the actual definitions. Darn fun all around.

  10. I fucking hate Facebook. Screw the rules.

    Oh hey, you like my profile pic on there? That's me at 16, going for the Kramer look :)

  11. Wow! We are completely different! I am the boring safe one you bring home to your mother!

    Haha! Maneater!

  12. You probably know already, but I gave you another award! xoxo