313 - A box

One of my co-workers mentioned that she has purloined a large box and is planning to modify it into a playpen for her granddaughter. I told her, "You go girl -- you can't prepare kids for the future too soon in this economy!"


312 - Dear Oven, I've missed you

I should stay away from HEB.

HEB is a grocery store; evil masquerading as good. It seems to have fresher produce, a better meat selection, a bulk aisle, and organic cleaning supplies / candles. This last is where I get into trouble. Today they were also selling herbs and arugula. So guess what I got (in addition to groceries)? Herbs and arugula... and candles... I spent way too damn much.

I love to cook, but I haven't bothered lately since it's just been me. Most nights I've had a baked potato, or a toasted sandwich for dinner, and I buy my lunches at the onsite cafeteria. Since Bob and I are pretty much living together now, until he deploys in February (if he does)... we've been cooking. It's nice, something fun we can do together, because he also loves to cook -- plus, it's healthier and there's more variety than if we ate out all the time (and cheaper... if I don't buy extraneous crap when I go to HEB...). Bob was in Cozumel with his sister and some other family members this week, but I get to pick him up at the airport tonight... *squee* he's been gone for a week, I miss him. But I digress... The house smells WONDERFUL because I have some chocolate bread pudding baking in the oven. Why oh why did I ever stop cooking??? I LOVE it, do you hear me? LOVE! IT!

So this weekend I've been organizing and cleaning. Got the cats some snazzy bowls on a small metal platform, looks nice and hopefully it'll make it even easier to keep the floor clean. I bought some risers for the pantry, so I can see all of my cans. I bought an airtight container for my flour, because as I was cleaning out said pantry I found two weevil-infested bags of flour that I had to throw out... gross, weevils are creepy and they make me sing "Weevils wobble but they don't fall down," which irritates me... Bought a compact spice rack so I could make space on the counter for the container I bought to put cat food in... after a few days the cats get all persnickety when the food gets stale... hoping to extend the life of the bag. Weeded out some recipes I cut out of magazines, the pile had become slightly unmanagable... it's back in line now. Got a decorative basket for the stuff that Bob throws on the bedside table. I've also been clearing out drawers and shelves so that Bob has space to put his stuff. Trying to make him feel at home. It's not easy. I've lived alone for over a decade AND I'm an only child... Don't get me wrong, the living with Bob part is easy, it's the making space for Bob that's been more difficult than I'd thought. I'm getting there.

I also scrubbed the grout in the kitchen. That floor was nasty. Never, ever, ever put white tile in your kitchen. Don't do it. I didn't do it -- it was the previous owners who did, in fact the whole house is white tile and grout that used to be white. I repeat -- never, ever. EVER.

This whole time change has got me messed up... since I've been in the kitchen I have been looking at the oven clock. The oven clock doesn't automatically adjust itself like my bedroom clock, the DVR, my computer and my phone do. Grrr. So I've changed it now.

This was kind of a boring blog. Oh well. Can't be exciting ALL the time, hahaha.


311 - It's just one of those days

There’s no audio, only words, but wow... what words they are (I give this an R rating):

So after I read it, I looked at the ‘tags’ at the bottom of the story and I could already hear the commercial in my head:

“If things have progressed beyond that ‘not-so-fresh’ stage… you may have a condition known as HVO.”


Also, my company is apparently trying to bribe us to do our performance appraisals by giving us a piece of bubble gum. So my admin goes, "Here's your gum." She pauses. "Oh, you can't chew gum." (because I have braces) Another pause. "Well... can you suck it?" (and somehow the words "suck it" seem emphasized)

My bad luck, a co-worker, with a mind every bit as diry as mine, is standing next to me and immediately looks over with his patented 'I can't wait to hear the answer to THIS one' smirk... So now I'm afraid to walk through the hi-bay because I have a pretty good idea what's in store for me there...


310 - A day of silliness and an update

Yesterday I wore this t-shirt. Even though it is pink.

And then I got a brilliant idea. Happened in the bathroom, from whence all my brilliant ideas seem to originate.

I walked into my co-workers office, made a magnet sound, and acted as if I couldn't control my legs as I made my way over toward him, attaching myself to his shoulder. He gave me a WTF? look, and I backed off, proudly displaying my t-shirt. He laughed.

Later he came into my office (drawn, no doubt, by the t-shirt) and asked if it took two dorks to make the magnet work. "Alas, no," I told him. "If I too were a dork, we would repel each other like two positive poles of a magnet." He seemed satisfied by my answer.

Proving indubitably that he is, in fact, a dork.

I tried this gag thrice more throughout the day and was quite pleased with the outcome. A good time was had by all.

Things with Bob are still wonderful. Don't get me wrong, they haven't been perfect, because no relationship is, but what I've found is that we have the ability to compromise and muddle our way through the rough patches. And the rough patches are pretty rare. Having been friends first has really helped a lot, because I knew who he was before we started dating... he's not for everyone, he's complicated. But I'm not for everyone either... I'm complicated. So we work.

I've met most of his family by now, and I love them, his son actually ran up and hugged me last time we visited (he just turned ten). Bob, Jr. is one cool kid, very easy to get along with, likes to read, smart as a whip. What I am really happy about, is that I really and truly like everyone, I don't just have to 'put up with' them, so makes life a hell of a lot easier. I always wanted a big family, and by God I am getting that! At some point in the near future we'll be introducing our families to each other. AND my friends Brian and Laura are coming here for Thanksgiving, so I'm excited that we'll all get to hang out, because they're family to me too and I am glad they'll get to meet each other.

Mom cracked me up because she said she had this image of the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the guy's parents walk into this house full of gregarious Greeks and feel a little overwhelmed. She even put her hands in her lap and made that face. I told her 'no, no, no... you'll be fine...' But on the inside I was laughing, because I know how my parents are, and it's very likely that they will feel a little overwhelmed. I get my social anxiety from my mom, but I think she'll be fine if we start small.

Anyway, Bob and I have spent enough time together that most of the warts have shown themselves by now, on both sides, and I am still batshit crazy in love with this man. :)