211 - Ho Hum, Dum-dee-dum

At work time passes like frozen molasses (nice start to a poem, eh?). At home... where does my frickin' time go?

I came home. I made dinner... 5 pm'ish. I ate. I sat down at the computer, checked my email, checked Facebook, checked Southern Savers. Watched a couple of video tutorials on the Southern Savers website. Cleaned up a couple of piles of receipts and magazines, did some dishes. It's 7:15 pm at this point. Crap, I need to exercise... here I come, Gilad... wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeee! 7:47pm and here I sit, blogging (read your blogs at lunch). In another hour I'll be in the tub, reading (and shaving my legs with all the razors I bought this week), when I get out, it'll be 10 pm... watch Paranormal State, and if I'm still feeling peppy, The Bad Girls Club, then off to bed I go... wondering why I felt so calm after my bath, but now I feel paranoid and a little angry... (kidding about the paranoia...) (mostly)

How do people who work late and have kids do it??? Are you people from the planet Krypton???

Booked my condo for the shuttle launch and talked to my aunt about visiting her in Georgia at some point in the fall. Yea! Plans! My aunt said something funny, because it's what I always say... she said it's good to have something to look forward to. I don't know if I've said it here or not, but I think that's the secret to happiness... looking forward to things. If I had everything I could possibly want, never wanted for anything again, I think I would be bored. There's got to be something to strive for. She said she read it in a book. Somehow I managed to figure it out on my own.

My uncle is still in the hospital, but he is relying less and less on the respirator. By now Jose should be moved out of the ICU and into a private room. My cousin hasn't said anything about her daughter so I assume the meds are working and her seizures are a thing of the past. Things are looking up, thank you again for your prayers.

My friend, author Marc Schooley has graciously granted me an interview! I finished his book, The Dark Man, about a week ago... it was really good... It is kind of a 1984-esque take on religion. Because of my love/hate relationship with organized religion I didn't know if I would be open to it or not. He did a really good job of telling a compelling story without religious overkill. It is certainly in there, but I wasn't put off by it -- and for me, that's saying something! Anyway, unlike Ian, I'm not a fountain of questions... for all my creativity and zillion thoughts, I'm not a very inquisitive person. It's why I suck at small talk. So it's going to take me a little while to formulate my questions, and then I'll have to sync up with him to interroga-- I mean, interview him. I'm hoping to post late this week or early next week. So... something to look forward to! (see how I tied that all up in a nice bow? it's my special talent.)


  1. I like the bow at the end. I suck at small talk too. I'm sure once you get him talking, though, it'll go smoothly. I look forward to that post.

  2. RRGBW - I know... it's just nerves. I want to ask non-standard questions... putting pressure on myself.

    MA - We were going to get a hotel room, but there are three of us, and we can get a condo with one bed for each of us, and it costs less. They're all cheesy tropical pink 80's deco, but they have beach access and ocean views from the balcony. Woot!

  3. You are so right about having something to strive for...I think that is what keeps us all at some level of sanity....

    I'm happy for you because you have really stuck with the exercise...

    As far as small talk, that seems to be all I can do lately..Good luck with the interro...umm.yeah interview...

  4. Looking forward to the interview. I have no idea how people do it either. I feel like by the time I've cleaned up after dinner, it's 11. Okay, maybe by the time I've cleaned up and clicked aimlessly around on the computer. But you know what I mean.

  5. Yeah, I agree: looking forward to something (even if it's a small thing) is the key. It makes it look as though there's a tomorrow!

    I'm glad your uncle is getting better and better. Off the respirator is a good sign.

  6. So if Marc Schooley is going to grant you an interview, maybe he can put a good word in for you with his publisher???

  7. Ah, yes...something to look forward to. It's the key. The key to what, I don't know. Umm...the key to...ummmm...not being bored! Yeah, that's it. Because if we're bored, well then...we're bored. And that sucks.

    Can't wait to hear about your interview.

  8. You go to bed after watching Paranormal State? You must have some crazy dreams!

    The excitement and anxiety of knowing that there's a vacation approaching is one of the best feelings in the world! It puts me on pins and needles. It falls behind the adrenaline of waiting for the school bell to ring and being on stage for me though....

  9. Looking forward to something is what I do everyday! I always set small things everyday for myself to look forward to. Like, eating that apple after I finish this report. Or, reading in bed for an hour before sleep.

    Add that to the bigger things to look forward to and your life is set! Hahah. Or something like that.

    I liked the way you ended it, you are a talented woman :)

  10. I am visiting from Ian's blog...I am sorry to hear your uncle is in the ICU and your cousin is not well...my Dad was in the ICU (the cardio unit) after some really bad heart stuff...he was on a vent, too and it seemed like it took forever to wean him off of it. I will pray for your uncle and your cousin to have a complete recovery.

  11. Mo3iV - Glad your dad made a good recovery, thanks for your prayers =)