206C - Throw us under a bus why don't you?

Yep, a third post -- Ian, remember to create a category for most posts in one day so I can win it at the end of the year! lol

This is mind boggling.

I suppose I have to preface the following rant with the disclaimer that I don't speak for NASA and these are my own views...

First of all, we don't have enough resources to fund our own damn space program (or fix our fucking facilities with anything but duct tape and buckets), so why the fuck do we have to 'reach out' to other countries? Why do we have to hand them the benefit of our years of research for gratis? If Obama wants to do this, let him fund it out of his own damn pocket! I don't want my tax dollars going there. (post has been edited... I didn't like the rest of the paragraph because it didn't really have to do with the point I was trying to make)

Secondly, why the fuck are we marketing space to a religion? He's not talking about reaching out to other countries, he's talking about specifically muslim countries. Why specifically muslim countries? He denies that he's muslim, but he seems to have all these muslim ties, and now he's trying to reach out to muslim countries. I'm not calling him a liar, but... he looks like a duck and he quacks like a duck.

Thirdly, this is another fine example of Bolden's mouth running away from him again. I would almost bet you he wasn't supposed to say that. I would almost bet you that, par for the course, he just wasn't thinking and it slipped out. Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's finally had enough of Obama's hand up his ass telling him what to do and this was his cry for help... a freudian slip of sorts. Or an Urkel... 'did I say thaaaaaaaaaaaaat?' I don't know. I'm not sure how he got the job, but this is one of the many times I find myself wondering if there are incriminating pictures of somebody with a camel lurking around somewhere...

Rant over. Feel free to state your case.


  1. Whew! Feel better? When I come over for the hot wine thingy, I'm bringing a bar of soap. (Oh, my aching eyes!) You now have permission to call me Mother, just not the other mother variety, please!

  2. I don't like the taste of soap... Mother... ;)

  3. Ditto ditto ditto to the comments on this post and your previous one. There is nothing I can add...it is a funny world we live in.

  4. Ahhh, but some of it does smell good enough to eat!

  5. I must agree with you on this. I do not follow their "logic" at all.

  6. I don't know enough cuss words to properly convey my feelings... NASA first Military will be the next cutback for funding elsewhere...just watch...My friends are still enlisted and I'm scared for them..The writing's on the wall, when are we gonna start reading it...

  7. I have to say that unfortunately it's not just Obama.... It's all politicians. I can't speak for all of them, but we've developed this political system where everything has to be black or white, or D or R, and things are decided for us based on what party the politician serves....

    There's a civil war in congress right now, and nobody cares about what the American people want, these politicians are just out to help themselves and their interests.

    The saddest thing about it all, is that most people all follow the government like sheep, and the people who do have an individual 'worthy of listening to' opinion don't have a voice in the system.

    I wrote something a while ago about the government in California (The Governator) coming out and telling Californians that he's going to sell some of the state-owned landmarks. You can read it here if you want.... http://asblackasobama.blogspot.com/2009/05/orange-county.html). Anyway, everyone in the state is up in arms.... 'No, you can't sell those! They're so special!' Then he's going to tell us all that he wants to cut funding for education and police and fire. Then we'll all scream again 'No! Not our kids! Not our protection!' Then he'll say, 'Well, you've left me no other choice.... I have to raise your taxes.'

    So now most people in the state are thinking.... Hey, we have to pay more taxes, but at least we're safer, and our kids will get the same education and we'll still get to go to the fair!

    Why can't he just go cut all the ridiculous programs that the state has or just raise our taxes! Our state government has been making stupid decisions for a long time now, and now they're looking at each other and saying 'What do we do now?'

    It's unfortunate, but until politics changes, we're going to be in this boat for a long long long long time.

    BTW I hope that comment made any sense at all.... Maybe I should have written a post. lol

  8. Get your own blog! LOL

    Government is all kinds of fucked up. We're too big, we don't know our reps. Sometimes I think we should split the US into smaller countries and become a union like the EU (well, not exactly like that, but it's the concept). I don't know if that would help or not. I'm not sure what would.