213 - Poor Poopy Person

In the work bathroom, there's no guarantee of privacy. You never know if someone is going to walk through the door and when they do, it's poopus interruptus. Today, that person was me (the door walker inner that is... not the PI). My keen sense of observation told me that there was someone already in the bathroom. It wasn't until I started doing my business that I realized I had interrupted something... they were being very quiet... waiting me out... I was trying to accomodate them by being expedient (I didn't want to get to the dreaded throat clearing stage), but as I was finishing up, someone else walked in the door, heading straight for the middle stall. Poor poopy person... they had to wait again, and now someone was seated (or hovering) next to them. *cringe*

Yesterday I was in the bathroom and the person who had just finished up literally turned the water on for 2 seconds, grabbed a paper towel and walked out the door... Really? Do you think you fooled me? You didn't wash your hands... I'm not here to judge, but why go to the effort of pretending? ...sigh... There's also a girl who washes her hands, lets the water run while she dries them off, then she uses the paper towel to turn the water off. I can't decide if she's being smart or if she wants a greenie to lecture her about water conservation. I think I would change it up a little, let the water run while you grab the paper towel, turn the water off with the towel then dry your hands... but then that transfers germs... so you grab the paper towel, turn the handle off, throw that towel away, get a new towel and dry your hands, but that kills trees... hmph. Can't win, can you? I will say, with the new paper towels they put in the bathroom, it takes two to dry your hands anyway.

Last night I clicked on Where's My Refund? at the irs.gov website... I get my refund on Friday... WOOT! and WOOT! again!!! So I'm out $60 in transfer fees for a balance transfer I didn't end up needing... oh well. I had peace of mind at a time when I was freaking out. It was one of those things I probably should have waited to do, but ya'll know how stressed I was... so it was sort of worth it (I'm really trying to sell myself on that, lol... $60... grrr...).

When July comes, and I've paid off the majority of my debts, it's going to feel like a ton of weight just got lifted from my shoulders... whee!!! Feeling sooooooooooo much better, everything is starting to turn around... everyone is getting better, and the money sitch is too.


  1. Being debt free is truly an amazing feeling. We have been debt free, thanks to Dave Ramsey, for over two years. It was really hard and is still a struggle to not open up new cards. The new card laws are great, though!
    Oh about the bathroom... that is why I use hand sanitizer. You clean your hands and then go and touch that disease ridden door handle, right? Ugh. germies!

  2. Lisa, I LOVE Dave Ramsey! We are debt free except for the house, and I give that 7 more years. Kristy, you go girl.
    (Get it, you 'go'?)
    All right, I am done.

  3. I've got the concepts down and I was putting it into practice, I just couldn't seem to catch a break. Maybe saving money with the coupons and the house pretty much having been rebuilt... maybe this is my break...

  4. Yes, poopus interruptus (hilarious term) is rather awkward.

  5. Poor Poopy Person..that made me laugh! And why do people fake a hand wash? Do they think other people can't tell? Geez.

  6. Ha Ha! Poopus interruptus! That's great!

    By the way, can't NASA install a hand blower? Don't you guys send people into space? Where's the technology?

  7. The poopus interruptus was so funny!! I'm really glad things are going well for you now and hopefully, it'll keep going that way! (forever and ever ;)

  8. Poopus Interruptus may be my swan song, lol

    ABAO - I'd say they were going green, but it's an electric version that is motion activated... Unless they insteall the hi-powered version of a hand blower like they have in Scotland, I don't want them... they never work... although they do make good heaters on a cold day.

  9. Hahaha. Oh bathroom etiquette. Want a little TMI? I practice the courtesy flush. It's just better for all those involved :) Thankfully where I work the washroom is only a one person affair.

    And yay about almost being debt free! I too, am doing it little by little, and each one that gets paid certainly feels like a milestone! So I understand! xoxoxo