205 - The Pity Party

I have decided that I need to have a pity party. So I'm throwing one. This weekend. Hopefully it will pull me out of my funk, because the funk still lingers. If it stays cold I get to make more hot, spiced wine. I had some at the Renaissance Festival once and had to recreate it because it was so yummy.  Take a bottle of white zinfandel, a bottle of apple cider, some brown sugar, a couple of cinnamon sticks, a few cloves, simmer it, add rum, and voila! A tasty treat that warms you up nicely. If it's not cold, I shall make frozen margaritas... I would call this a win-win situation.

Today was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. Felt like work was never going to end. But eventually it did. Now I'm home, playing around with my budget. And no, that's not the name of a battery operated appliance... dirty person...

One of my favorite creditors sent me a letter yesterday. Seriously, I've been in a relationship with them since 1994, and I really do like them. They always had my back. They issued me ludicrous amounts of credit. I wish they hadn't turned out to be like all the other boys...

In the letter they inform me that they will henceforth be charging me an annual fee of $60. Apparently this is for my benefit. They say, and I quote, "The reason we are making this change is to maintain the quality of our service amid the rising cost of doing business. (I bet that means I get to talk to a customer service representative that I can actually understand!) However, because we value you as a customer (feeling loved), we wanted to give you an opportunity to have the annual fee credited back to your account (how sweet). Here's how it works. (Doesn't 'here's how it works' make it sound fun?) Each year, we'll credit the $60 fee back to your account once you have made $2,400 in purchases during that year. That comes to an average of $200 in spending a month (thank you for doing the math for me), an amount you can reach by using your card for purchases you already make, like gas, groceries, cell phone plans or your cable bill." (It's so easy!... And fun!)

I can also opt out, but if I do, they close my account. Futhermucker. I needed more problems to deal with.

Alas, I don't have much to say tonight. Six paragraphs will have to do... the funk clouds my brain.


  1. Lemme know what time the pity party is and I will happily join you. We can commiserate together!!

  2. Can I join you for that hot, spiced wine? Normally I'd opt for a margarita, but I'm SO tired of being cold. This shivering is exhausting. I feel sorry for people who are dealing with much more cold than we are. Ok, now I feel guilty even mentioning that I'm cold.

  3. That wine does sound pretty awesome..perhaps in a large quantity...Don't let that funk get to you...

    All credit companies are worthless futhermuckers!!!!

    Good luck on the exercise!!!!!! (you are still exercising right???)

  4. You deserve a pity party. I know how it feels sometimes. Today was a very long day for me at work too. I never get enough sleep. I almost fell asleep multiple times today at work.
    I can't wait to hit the sack tonight.
    It is nice to see you posting.

  5. MHM - 7 o'clock!

    Ms. A - Certainly! I have plenty of mugs to go 'round.

    TGNDGU - It is bliss... really... you should make some...

    Bendigo - Yes, still exercising. Every day. Two Gilad programs tonight... Total Body Sculpt, and Bodies in Motion... but reversed...

    Joe - Looking forward to sleep myself. I never can seem to get enough.

  6. Ok I see a lot of people going to this pity party. Where's my invite? I have lot to b**** about. Plus I make the greatest cheesecake in the world!

  7. Mmm, I will certainly contribute some form of chocolate. Kristy, I love your dialogue with the futhermuckers..thanking them for doing the math, yada yada. Between your humour and the drink options, you'll be just fine.
    Keep faith,

  8. Having worked for a CC company in the past, call their bluff and cancel on them. Tell them you are not willing to pay that and they'll lost your business. Chances are they'll remove the fee.

    Matter in fact, I don't have credit cards but when I did, I used to call my CC companies from time to time telling them I got offers for lower fixed rates. They would ask how low and I said something like 7.9%. So my 14% card got lowered to that and so forth. It got to the point where the three cards I had all lowered themselves from as high as 21% to all hitting 5.9% which is the going employee's rate.

    Why? Because when you threaten to leave, they will what it takes to keep you. I don't own CC's any longer having gotten into alot of trouble. But take advantage, call their bluff and tell them you've received lower offers. If they balk, then fuck em. Take your business elsewhere.

    Hope this helps to cheer you up some :)

  9. I am also, in a FUNK.

    And what the EFF is up with that place? Sigh.

    Invite me to your pity party!! PLEAEEEAASSEEE? Was that pathetic enough, because I FEEL pathetic these days!!


  10. Ah, the lovely credit companies. I have friend who had one of her credit cards canceled and two of her interest rates shoot through the roof.... Just because she had a high balance on the card that the credit card company canceled.

    I think it's awesome how they're allowed to set up booths on college campuses (at least they did on mine), where they can bait college students into getting $2,000.00 of free cash only for signing up for a shiny card.... Then they get the bill and are attacked with high interest rates and 'fees'. I don't want to say all college students don't understand the concept of credit cards, but I'm sure that they get a lot of students to sign up for a 27% interest rate....