206 - Idiots.

Guy crashed a stolen plane into a federal building in Austin after burning his house down (with a wife and daughter inside). I'm glad he's dead. I wish the other people weren't injured though.

Sometimes it's hard to believe people like him exist in this world.


  1. We talked at length about this already so I'll summarize. I am glad you were not in the building. I am glad you are feeling somewhat better. I am glad that fucker's going to hell for it. Seriously you turd, why would you do something like this?

    I am so mad at this cloud of dust for doing something so stupid.

  2. I was JUST talking to my hubby about things like this the other day, if you are going to be a dick and die, why don't you just kill yourself first? Save everyone else the heartache and pain. Not like I support suicide BUT in situations like this, I say go for it!

  3. TK - Well put. =)

    Guess this gets to me even more than usual because it's in my home state... very close to home (not literally).

    What made it worse is that as I'm watching this story, I hear 'federal building', I look at the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen and see the word 'pentagon', and the next story is how a flight in Denver has been grounded for a bomb threat. So I'm thinking 'holy fuck, it's 9/11 all over again... but why Austin???' It was scary.

    Million Reasons - I agree. Suicide is bad, but why the hell take other people with you?

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  5. I saw that earlier. Couldn't believe it. I do believe there is a special place in hell for people who would kill themselves in such a manner as to harm others.

  6. NB - Thanks, I shall collect it forthwith

    TS - You mean they don't all get virgins?

    Addendum to Post:

    P.S. On top of all the other damage you did, you probably just delayed my tax return even further you worthless piece of shit.

  7. He tried to kill his wife and daughter too?