201B - Constellation Lives

I know... a second post. I couldn't help myself, I love a good public smackdown:

Letter From House of Representatives to NASA Administrator Bolden regarding Constellation contract Cancellation 

*dance of joy*


  1. WOW! Unbelievable!! Go Texas! Out of the 27 Signers 12 were from Texas!
    Unrelated.. Nicole had a BAD A dbl S Vampire Dream last night.. WICKED lol (I saw that you liked to dream 'em up :)


  2. I know, it's awesome! Our representatives actually listened...

    LOL, well maybe Nicole can write a book about it! Twilight started out as a dream, too, and look what happened!

  3. Golly, Miss Prolific Blogger.
    Congrats on 200+ posts.
    One can only hope that Congress is smart enough to over-ride Mr. President.
    I hope you gig is not in danger...that is a road I have been down more times than I can count.

  4. I'm not directly involved with Constellation, but any time someone arbitrarily decides to shut part of NASA down, it sort of ends up having a domino effect... and I have friends that are directly tied to Constellation. So it was good news. Hopefully the rest of the House feels the same as the reps who wrote that awesome letter!