193 - Oopsie.

Shame: the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another: She was overcome with shame.

Funny, I didn't feel ashamed yesterday...

This afternoon I received an email from a company telling me that my bill pay privileges have been suspended because of a $6.00 transaction that had been reversed, and a second attempt that had been refused. They gave me a number to call, and since I want to continue to pay my Wank bills electronically... I called. I figured this was about to get complicated... but I wasn't about to have my privileges suspended because of an error on the bank's part.

When I called, they looked up my name and couldn't find any details... here we go again. I briefly explained what I thought this was about, and then the lady said something that brought on a painful Aha! moment... This wasn't a service fee erroneously charged by the bank, it was a credit card payment for the $6 bloody mary I bought on the plane while on vacation... (United doesn't take cash). It just so happens that it posted on the same day as the only Wank bill I think about... and I assumed it was a fee on that account. Add to that that when I first called about this charge, the first representative agreed to reverse it, so over time it became part of the legend -- I believed with all my heart that this was a late fee I had been charged in error.

I guess if Wank hadn't closed my credit cards without telling me, where they consequently disappeared from the screen when I accessed my accounts, I might have been able to look at my accounts and figure out that at one time I had a credit card and that's what this charge was... Could have saved everyone a lot of headache.

So now I have a conundrum. I feel like an ass. The department I was talking to said they couldn't see the fee, and by gum, they were actually telling the truth. Thankfully I wasn't actually rude to the customer service representatives, but I did get a few barbs in, and sent some nasty-grams... But... I owe this money, and I'm going to have to find a way to pay it... but I'm not going to pay it out of my bank account because I don't want my bank thinking I'm an idiot! When I submitted that paperwork I was full of conviction that I had been wronged, and they backed me up... Now that I realize what happened, I'm a little embarassed, and I don't want to be accused of fraud when it was an honest mistake.

So maybe I'll go down to the local Wank office and see if I can straighten it out. And pay in cash. I do owe the money... (little imp says they deserve this for closing my cards without telling me... but the angel punched him and reminded him that not only are we good people, but the legal system would not see it imp's way).


I leave you with another glimpse inside Kristy's head:

At work, I have been asked to provide reports to more and more people. Until I get into the habit, I need a list to remind me to do it. As I was writing the list I decided to expand it to include everything I do on a regular basis, so I can see it as it occurs in the cycle. I decided to call this list "Kristy's Monthly Cycle."

Ba-dum-dum-psshhh! (the psshhh is the cymbal)

P.S. Technically, I still won...

P.P.S. Does anyone know if crow tastes good?


  1. it had to happen..they were bound to be right sooner or later...

    BTW...crow indeed tastes mighty poor...but it's an acquired taste...I've been forced to eat it so many times now that I don't really notice the horrible aftertaste...

    Hope the exercise is still goin strong for ya!!

  2. Crow tastes like chicken. Trust me.

  3. Oh, Lard... Don't you just hate when that happens? As to eating crow, I guess it's better than eating sh!t, which is what I've been told to eat on occasion. Crow is a main dish around my here. How would you like that cooked? May I offer you a nice, red wine, to go with that? Or, perhaps you'd prefer a Bloody Mary.

  4. Ya know, if you would go first class, drinks are on the house.
    When I fly, Bloody Mary's are my poison of choice. I seem to only have Bloody Marys when I am on vacation, so when I have one at home, that's what it reminds me of.
    You know, it really is kind of spooky how some of your thoughts mirror mine.
    I mean, seriously...how many OTHER people in this world turn upside down and imagine the ceiling is the floor?

  5. "Damn the man!" I say!!!
    Man that really does blow... I know how little you feel but seriously they have not been the most cooperative in the first place...
    I have a couple great crow recipes... it is a delicacy 'round here. I often suffer from "open mouth insert foot" disease and the only remedy is a healthy serving of blackened crow.

  6. Crow tastes terrible, but serving the delicacy to others as often as possible is extremely satisfying.

  7. Oh Kristy, this has happened to me more times than I can account for. Ugh. But, it's not your fault. If the system worked all the time, we wouldn't ever second guess it.

    And CROW? CROW?!