190 - Wackadoo

So I was walking past the television last night and caught just a snippet, but sometimes a snippet is all you need... The guy yapping his trap was Nevada's first legal male prostitute, and he said (and I quote): "I'm basically doing what Rosa Parks did when she decided to sit at the front of the bus instead of the back, or what Gandhi did when he had a sit-down protest against the British Embassy. I'm basically trying to reset social norms."

So here's the deal -- I want to rent him for an hour... so I can cut his damn balls off. What a frickin' idiot. You sir, are nothing like Rosa Parks or Gandhi... you a man whore, plain and simple. You are not changing the world for the better, you don't even deserve 15 minutes of fame unless it is film of you getting stoned (by other people). I am disgusted that you exist.

Random observation: When you peel the wax off a Babybel cheese, it looks like Pac Man (wacca wacca)... and the cheese... the cheese is Pac Man's insides. And I eat his insides. And they taste good. And I feel like a mighty predator for eviscerating Pac Man. And now I understand why the ghosts are always chasing him... because Pac Man is a tasty treat!

I couldn't help myself. I had to watch one episode. The show? Seducing Cindy. But before I go into that... what is up with everyone's faces lately?!? Look at these people, they are becoming ridiculous! Heidi Fleiss, Cindy Margolis (not as obvious if you hadn't seen her before... and it doesn't matter that she's starting to look like a tranny... the guys are still going 'wacca wacca'), Fergie, Jenna Jameson... God! They were all very pretty and now they're just plastic! It's like watching Judge Dredd in the real world... so sad.

So Cindy Margolis. Poor woman. She's actually got a great personality and I really do like her... so why did she put herself in this situation? Instead of 20 realistically attractive men for her to choose from, Cindy got 25 fans to choose from... ranging in age from 18 to 72, and some of them pretty repulsive. And the nice little old 72 year old British man, who was polite as can be when he met her, was just a dirty old horndog! In his private commentary he says (paraphrased): Cindy is a beautiful girl. I happen to have the Playboy issue with Cindy in it and she's absolutely stunning. The most beautiful part of Cindy... is her vagina." Oh. my. god. He said vagina. I'm tempted to hunt that picture down, because if that's the most beautiful part of Cindy, I am intrigued because I've never seen one that would put a beautiful face to shame. It must be something to behold... Oh bloody hell, I'm gonna find it.

Well, okay, I'm back after a brief Google search (Cindy Margolis Playboy)... I admit. It is an attractive vajayjay. Not gonna sit around gaping at it or anything, but I do see his point. I stand corrected. But dirty old man, you still creep me out.


  1. You're hilariously crazy, in a good way of course.

    And I am trying NOT to Google Cindy's vajayjay. Really. I'm not going to do it.

    I ... Oh hell....

  2. I've never heard of this show, but I guess I can give I a watch once. Cindy looks like a tranny now? No!!!!!!

  3. This is rare... I'm speechless! *blush

  4. TT - Ha! Made you look!

    Geof - (Dang, I misspelled your name in my last comment... it's a pet peeve, it won't happen again...) - Yeah... a little. If the eyebrows chill back out maybe she won't, but eyebrows that arched always look a little tranny-ish, because that's how they draw them on.

    MA - That IS rare, lol! Mark this day!

  5. Kristy, it is amazing how much we think alike. I, too have had the Pacman thought when opening those cheeses.
    Now...vajayjay??? Where do you come up with this stuff? You must stay awake all night composing ways to amuse us.

  6. OMG you are killin me over here!!!!! And that douche bag that thinks being a hooker is like being Rosa Parks can go f himself.. that comment makes me sick. WTF is wrong with people. Seriously.

  7. Joe - Can't take credit for the vajayjay... I think that was Taylor on the first season of Tough Love, or maybe a movie. But I stole it and now 'tis my preferred word!

    LM - LOL, seems I'm having a good day. People are stupid, that's what's wrong! Every day they get... stoopider...

  8. ... ... ... um... ... So PacMan huh? that's funny. lol

  9. The fountain of youth is filled with botox!

    So can we call you Blinky, Inky, Pinky or Clyde?

  10. TS - Did I make you blush? lol

    ABAO - I think Inky will do

  11. They are all starting to look alike.

    After all of the plastic surgeries they take on a likeness to Jay Leno.

    I don't understand how they can look at someone who has had fifty-seven and a half plastic surgeries and say, "Oooo yeah, I want to look JUST like THAT!" WTF?!

  12. Hahaha! How much do I LOVE the fact that you went and looked up her VJ? I would do the same thing!

    You make me laugh!