212 - Wordless Wednesday

I like the concept of Wordless Wednesday... it's a timesaver, and I don't have squat to blog about at the moment.

Kato, you can sew... make me this dress!!!


  1. I don't know where you would actually WEAR this, Kristy, but I bet you would look fabulous in it.

  2. Two words... Renaissance Festival!

    Or my wedding. If I ever get married again, and don't die a lonely old hag, I've thought about getting married around Halloween, and letting everyone dress up and just have fun. And I get to dress as a bride. (I suppose my future hubs would get to veto this... but...)

  3. You've planned the dress and date, just not the groom. The power of positive thinking! You need to meet my son, he would be so into the Halloween wedding idea!

  4. That is by far the wordiest wordless Wednesday I've ever encountered....


    For said wedding would you be inviting your blogging friends along for this festive occassion? I'm quite sure that many of us would make that trip with costume in tow :)

  5. "If I ever get married again, and don't die a lonely old hag"

    HAHAHA get real Kristy. That is never going to happen. The dying a lonely hag part :) You are too much of a great person for dudes in your area not to realize it

  6. Kato can sew! Wow, I didn't know that. How wonderful. I wish I could sew. I love the dress. (And the jewelry!) I'd totally wear it out.

  7. That's beautiful! I really, really like the necklace with it. Beautiful!!

  8. That is a beautiful dress! Very Victorian....

  9. That is such a nice dress!! And like Bendigo said, when you'll get married again, are we going to be invited??? :D

  10. MA - LOL, yes and no. Just think it would be fun. Most people hate dressing up for formal occassions, but people LOVE to dress up for Halloween. My first wedding was a typical wedding, I want the next one to be fun!

    Bendigo - Certainly! I think that would be fun (of course with your costume on, I may not recognize you... except Ian, I figure he'll pull out those fishnets again, lol)

    Ian - I think the dudes in my area are clueless. Sometimes I watch Holidate and think 'that's exactly what I need to do... get set up on dates in another city'

    Lesinfin - I bought a sewing machine and a whole bunch of fabric, convinced that one day I would sew my own dresses... ha. I sewed a curtain, I hemmed a curtain, I made a comforter (all basically boxes) and I made half a pair of pantaloons. Done.

    Ashley - I know... I wish I could figure out where the heck I found it... it's been sitting in a folder for over a year. I saw it, loved it, and archived it. Probably eBay.

    ABAO - It's funny, I don't like dressing up in normal dresses, but beautiful dresses like that one... I'm all over it.

    Sarah - Definitely invited! Come one, come all!

  11. Oh honey, I'll make you this dress. And then I will make myself one and we will be medieval sexy twins.