198 - Sleet! Sweet!

Anyone else watch Bad Girls Club? Man I'm so glad Flo's gone... her outbursts were really getting on my damn nerves!

As I left work today there was sleet falling from the sky. Totally unexpected. I know Ian's crying me a river right now (more likely he's forming a massive snowball to hurl at me). I liked the sound it made as it hit the leaves of the big oak tree just outside our building. Comparable to rain, but not... I'm rambling...

Sometimes I feel like a big fake. People sometimes say things to me that are so over my head they make my eyes cross and my head spin. But somehow I pull it off, I say something just vague enough to sound like I know what I'm talking about, or at least not give away how confused I am. Either that, or people are very forgiving. I'm not as smart as people seem to think I am, I just have common sense and a good gut!

So... I got a couple of awards, and that makes this blog a little easier... which is good, because today I feel like one big brain-fart... too much staring at numbers on a computer screen... makes me zombie-like and uninteresting.

So I received the Honest Scrap award from both Lisa Marie and Terry Towery. This is what it looks like:

This reward requires that I display it proudly (done) and tell you ten truths about myself... which is hard! I'm sure I will have a million things to say as soon as I post this... Some of these I'm sure you already know:

Truth 1 - When I saw the name of this award, I giggled because I read it as "Honest Crap"

Truth 2 - I love the smell of butter as it cooks. And I love the taste of a good European butter. I don't care if it's bad for me, because I think margarine is worse for me, and it doesn't taste like butter.

Truth 3 - All too often I become almost obsessive about a new hobby, and then in a matter of days, I'm done. No more interest. It's kind of sad. That's why I have to exercise every day, and blog every day, because if I skip one too many days, I'm probably not coming back to it.

Truth 4 - I love to clip coupons. It's a sickness. My Saturday routine involves a trip to the supermarket where I buy the Sunday newspaper just so I can clip the coupons... the rest goes into the recycle bin. It's actually how I motivate myself to do the grocery shopping... And I clip them all so I can give away the ones I don't use.

Truth 5 - Assuming that the programs I usually watch are on haitus, when I browse the tv guide I will almost always watch shows about: the end of the world, obesity, addiction, the paranormal, reality shows about romance (especially involving celebrities -- even celebrities I'm unfamiliar with), and the Dog Whisperer.

Truth 6 - I wrap my bacon individually before I freeze it. It's easier that way.

Truth 7 - I tried to read my way through the entire Bible, but only got halfway through Exodus... or whichever book it was where the two girls seduced their own dad. That was gross.

Truth 8 - I wish I were more skilled at the grill. I do alright, but some of my friends (pardon the pun) smoke me... I have never tried to moderate the heat by stacking coals off to the side, or drawing the air across the meat by putting the vent on the opposite side... half the time I can't even get the charcoal lit without using half a bottle of lighter fluid (stupid store brand charcoal). I even watch Grill It religiously, but I feel inadequate...

Truth 9 - I'm a procrastinator. Once I get started I'm good, but getting started is my downfall. I have about a thousand things I want to do... but can't get started. (Still haven't painted those two spots in the kitchen and just outside the front door...)

Truth 10 - I read fast, but my retention sucks. When people try to be specific about some aspect of a book they read... I don't remember it. Sometimes that's even the case with my favorite books. It's getting worse as I get older. I remember general concepts now... top level stuff...

That's a good segue...

I realized today that the higher up in the heirarchy a person goes, the less they have to say. It's like the charts excutives read: top level information, no detail. Most of what they say is also top level. Right back to my original statement... they're faking it, too. They say something so vague as to sound knowledgable, but they never really say anything of substance. Maybe that's why people think I'm smart...


  1. Number 2...I like you love the smell of cooking butter.
    Number 7...you got through half of Genesis, this is where Lot's daughters seduce him. But they thought it was the end of all mankind, they figured this was the only way to re-populate the earth. But I hear ya on it being 'gross'.

    We are going to get 2 inches of snow tomorrow (so they say). Congrats on yet ANOTHER award!

  2. LOL, so I never got through chapter one... I'm a miserable failure!!!

    Wow... I need to watch the weather channel... I never know what to expect. But if you're getting snow, we're probably going to be c-c-cold, too...

  3. Totally with you on 3. As far as 9 goes, I just picture the Nike Swoop and their logo; Just Do It!
    And Number 10? It's okay. It's not like it's rocket science...oh wait...well, I guess for you it is. Shit woman! Do something about that! ;)

  4. G - Sometimes Just Do It works, but more often than not my procrastination wins out

  5. 3,4,8,9 and 10 I can completely relate to except I clip the coupons and never use them.

    I don't understand the bacon thing. Why?

    Congrats on the award!

  6. You're getting snow, and we're actually getting the sunniest winter ever!! (It's cold, though, but I'm not complaining!)

    Procrastinating...I hear ya!

  7. Congrats on the award! I loved reading your truths, especially about the bacon!

    With the way I revere bacon I am surprised I don't do the same thing...

  8. Jen - I'm cooking for one, so I don't typically use a whole package of bacon. It's easier for me to wrap each piece individually so I don't waste the rest of the package, and freezing it all in one lump just makes it useless...

    Sarah - Luckily we're not getting snow, but it is in the 40's and raining. I kind of like it though, for some reason this year I have adapted to the cold and haven't even worn my heavy coat much.

    Kato - Bacon makes almost anything taste good. Bacon and butter... butter and bacon...

  9. I threw you another award on my blog my friend!

    Enjoy! xoxo