200 - is a nice round number

If you want to appreciate how good we've got it, read Army Hippie Chick's latest post. Every time I scrolled down and saw her blog I wondered how she was doing over there. Good to know that she's safe.

Watched Orphan today... hmph. ASBLACKASOBAMA was right... the ending... really? That's your twist? I didn't laugh... I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle that bitch. And the person who wrote the screenplay. And the studio who put it out. And the guy at the dvd store, for letting me buy it.

I had holiday fever today. Decided to take off at lunch. Guess lots of other people decided to take off early too, because when I went to get my wings, the parking lot for the grocery store next door was full. And there seems to be a run on gas. Doesn't anyone work on Fridays anymore? You can't go anywhere without encountering gazillions of people. It sucks. I just want some breathing room, and I want to be able to go the frickin' speed limit (so I lied... I want to be able to go 10 mph over the frickin' speed limit).

I've been browsing for houses again. I'm not ready to move, I just want to get an idea where I want to go when I am ready to move. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of land around around here, just houses on little 6,000 sq ft plots with baby trees on them, and neighbors within arm's reach, and people who park in front of your mailbox or behind your driveway. I'm having a difficult time finding what I want that I think I'll be able to afford in a couple of years. There are some houses south of here that might fit the bill, but with the hurricanes, I'm not sure I want to go further south.

So then I started looking for acreage... lots of nice looking plots, some with ponds, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaay west, or waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay north, and most are just land, no houses. One of these days I'm going to grow a pair, find a new job, and relocate to a less densely populated area. I mean, I like where I am, I feel safe where I am, but there's always a tradeoff... there are too many damn people, there's too little space, there are not enough trees.

I need to start playing the lottery, because my job is never going to get me where I want to be in life...


  1. WOOHOO 200th post!!!!!! :) :) :)

  2. Lottery? That's my retirement plan.

  3. You know if you can get a good settlement on a slip and fall in a grocery store chain, it would be just like winning the lottery...If you don't want the pain that comes with that, there's always the stock mark..... ummm go with the slip and fall...

    My town has become over populated for my taste as well, but at least the lots around here are usually around 9,500 ...and the trees are established...

    How's the exercise goin???? I'm sure you are still kickin' ass!!!

  4. 200 posts!!!! Can you believe it?!

    Are you talking about the horror movie "the orphan"? I thought it wasn't too bad :P I didn,t see the end coming!

    And hey, who knows about winning a whole lot of cash? Never say never! ;)

  5. Geez, when the home prices skyrocketed (because of the stupid real estate bubble) out here in Southern California, all of the home contractors started buying up all the spare land they could. They started packing as many houses as they could and tried to sell the overpriced houses as fast as they could.

    Unfortunately, most of the houses are right next to each other, and still overpriced.... And now it's harder than ever to get a loan! It would be nice to be able to walk five feet in any direction and not hit another house.

    It is funny to see half-built housing tracts that had to stop construction because the builder's couldn't sell the homes and ran out of money....

  6. Ian - Woot! If you count Myspace I'm probably close to 1,000... for someone who didn't think she had anything to blog about, I guess I have a lot to say! (none of it very meaningful... but that doesn't seem to stop me, lol)

    TS - If you wish upon a star...

    Brian - I looked... didn't see what I wanted.

    Bendigo - I'm not against a little pain, but I think a big settlement would be more pain than I'm willing to endure... Still at it, but I'm transitioning from Jillian to Gilad.

    Sarah - I didn't see the end coming either, but still... sheesh. And those teeth were nas-ty...

    ABAO - Gotta love the greedies of the world... How sad. My aunt had to move when her landlord went bankrupt. She now lives in Georgia and owns her own house for the first time ever. Cali is nice, but ex-pen-sive...

  7. I read Hippie chick's post. I often do think how lucky I am, especially tucked in my warm bed with my lovely bride at night, when it is cold outside. I am very blessed, and I try not to forget that.
    If you move out into the country, then let me know how it feels, that's what I plan to do someday.

  8. Hoorah for 200 posts!

    As for the job, I've been there. Feeling like you're at a dead end is never fun, but taking a risk in this job market doesn't always feel prudent either. What's your dream job? This sounds so Oprah, but there's got to be a way you can figure out how to make money doing something you love.

  9. I read your post three times and thought you were complaining about the ending of OPRAH! I have no idea how I mis-read Orphan as Oprah THREE FUCKING TIMES!

    I think I need glasses ... ;)

  10. Joe - If I ever do, I'll invite you and the fam over for a bbq. In my fantasies of living in the country I always think I'll be more sociable...

    L&L - I wish I knew... I like to read, I like to cook, I like to watch movies... not sure any of those translate well to a career. Oh - I like to destroy things, so maybe demolition?

    Terry - LOL, that is hilarious! I do that sometimes, too. It's a synaptic misfire... unfortunately glasses won't help...

  11. Start a book, get an advance from a publisher, find a quiet place to move, publish and make millions! Much better idea than the stock market, at this point. Slip and fall does have potential... but don't break an arm or your blog and book will suffer. By the way, my neighborhood had zero trees when we bought our house. They are all over 30 years old now! If you plant them, they will grow. (then a hurricane will take them out)

  12. Your last paragraph was plucked right out of my own mind. It's eery. I have been needing a BIG change in my life lately: a new job, a new home, the way I eat, exercise, etc.

    And like you said, I just need to grow a pair and do it. Sigh.

  13. Hold up, I'm coming back to this post. Lemme see these MySpace posts!