210B - Mo' Money

Ha! Walgreens was another mecca of savings. My krill oil was buy one, get one free and I had a $4 coupon, effective price per bottle (normally $29.99) was $13. Hunt's Tomato Sauce... $0.19 per can ($0.99 per can before coupon, Walgreens coupon reduced them to $0.39 each, Mfg coupon $1 off 3... score!). Cost before coupons... $175.77... cost after coupons... $80.26... total savings... $95.51, and $11 toward my next shopping trip. And I don't need anymore razors for a while... Seriously. I had a BOGO coupon for disposable razors, I bought some more at CVS to get the free Secret Clinical, I had a coupon for a free Shick Quattro with rebate, and today I bought a Venus to get free Olay Body Wash. I have no excuse not to shave my legs...

Also completed all of the errands I set out to do... unheard of! After Walgreens, I swung by the bank and made my deposits... was going to blow it off, but I remembered that there is a branch on the way home if I took a slightly different route... I hate going out of my way to do something, have I mentioned that? Or maybe I'm just lazy. Then I came home, grabbed the butternut squash and went to Kroger to get my money back... the cashier charged me by the pound for zucchini, so my butternut squash rang up at $9.65... If it weren't for the coupon project (starting a database with prices so I'll know what's a good price and what isn't), I would have missed the error. That's a good day. I got $7.65 back. Woot! Couponing is a good thing... saves you money in ways you don't even realize!

I came home, ate, and took a nap. A long nap. I never caught up on the sleep I missed Saturday... I slept for a couple of hours. Now I'm all groggy and don't want to work out... but I will... it's 8:24 pm... just ten more minutes... *whine*

Saw a ridiculous ad for a new show called Jersey-licious. I admitted already that I watched Jersey Shore, but really? Do we need a knock-off?

I think not.


  1. Jersey-licious? That's just... ew. I know Jersey, it's not licious.

    Way to kick @$$ on the savings. I always give myself a pat on the back when I do good. The other day I got a 26 dollar product free at the vitamin shoppe cause they charged me the wrong price. I'm still jazzed about it.

  2. My wife does coupons. I hate it. When we go shopping, she gives me some coupons, and sends me on a mission. But I guess is saves money.
    You go on the nap! My favorite thing to do on a weekend!

  3. I can always find an excuse not to shave my legs!

  4. If my wife had her way, the top two drawers would be full of coupons. As it is, my mom and sister are constantly deciding where we will meet for a light dinner based upon said coupons. I have to admit that is a HUGE savings...If I knew that I could do that regularly I think I might jump on the coupon clipper bandwagon...

    Good Luck with the exercise !!!

  5. My mom is a coupon-a-maniac, especially when it comes to grocery shopping! (A nap would feel pretty good right now...thanks for the idea:P)

  6. I swear I commented earlier...ok...anyhow it said something like congrats on saving all that cash - that's awesome. I'm always finding new ways of saving $$$ at the store. It adds up!

  7. I know what it was...its this capcha whatever bullcrap. Sometimes I type in the thing wrong and close out the page before it confirms posting. Damn you cap whatever the hell you are called cha!

  8. TS - Yup... Jersey-licious... Maybe 'licious' means something different than I thought...

    Joe - I used to scoff, too... but this weekend I saved $170!

    Everyone by Ms. Anthropy needs to look away -- I don't shave my legs very often in the winter, but summer's coming, and Kristy needs to wear shorts... you live here... you know...


    Bendigo - I don't use them very much at restaurants, for some reason the stigma remains in my head... and usually they're based on two entrees -- they discriminate against single people -- I'll sue!!!

    Sarah - I used to cut them out and never use them... I just like cutting them out, lol. But now it's like a game to see how much I can save.

    Ian - Mmm-hmmm... going senile are we? Blaming it on the poor, innocent little captcha... for shame Ian... for shame... ;p

  9. Kristy... girl, leave that leg hair! Don't you know it's going to be cold for a few days. Use it! Summer ain't here yet.

  10. You deleted my original comments, c'mon you can admit it now ;)

  11. MA - Done and done.

    Ian - You're too damn smart for your own good... you must be dealt with...

  12. You should teach my wife how to use coupons! Where can I find this Jersey-licious?

  13. Sweet!! You are a rockstar of coupons. Now if only I could get into the habit. I think I am going to try it for my next shopping trip and see what happens...

    Good for you for getting everything done!