158 - Sometimes I don't get it...

I don't get this. It's the same kind of deconstruction that's happening to everything around us. Words, music, food, morals, tv... sometimes it feels like everything is devolving. Thank you Wal-Mart, I blame you for starting this. And the Urban Dictionary. You're not really a dictionary, now are you? So we accept this decline little by little, and it's so slight that we don't notice it's happened until we realize that we (and by 'we' I mean 'me') own Britney Spears albums (guilty) and, when we finally hit bottom, end up watching The Bad Girls Club (also guilty, and I'm ready for Natalie to go home... she annoys me, and she can have L.A., lol). If only I understood why I do what I do. I'll end up wanting one of these damn things when I'm rich. I know I will... (note the optimism -- I'm going to be rich someday!)

Well... the New Year is just around the corner... do you feel it? It's coming for you! Step by step, inch by inch... now it's on the first step, it's coming for you... it's on the second... Oh bother.

Well I think 2009 was quite a year with a lot of moments that will assuredly go down in history, but I think it will be most remembered as the year we proved that spontaneous dancing doesn't just happen in Disney movies. I dare you to watch this and not end up with a smile on your face, come on cranky pants... And apparently people are breaking out in spontaneous dance all over the place... I'm not that coordinated... I'm sure it's not as spontaneous as it looks unless there's some kind of Vulcan mind-meld going on...

Hope everyone has an awesome NYE whether you go out and party, or simply sit on your ass and watch movies (like me). Here's to keeping your resolutions (if you made them), and having a prosperous and happy 2010! See you on the flip side! Cheers!


  1. I don't pay much attention to Oprah but that looks like a lot of fun!!!
    WalMart ugh... don't even get me started on them. When I was in high school there were no Ipods, Iphones, cell phones of any kind! We had no notebooks, netbooks, laptops. We had gigantic beepers, banks of pay phones, Apple DOS programs, Nintendo and Walkmans. I mean no CDs, no texting, no plastic surgery on kids and tweens dressing like whores on a night out. Times they have changed and it freaks me out how disconnected we are all becomming as a result of the new tech age. I see families out at dinner and the kids are on their cells playing games or texting, Dad is on a cell call with his BlueTooth and Mom is sitting there on her phone. No eye contact, no conversation. Creepy and sad.
    Ok I'm done...
    Happy New Year girlie:)

  2. It's true. Now conversation consists of LMAO, LOL, TTYL, etc. and all of these false intimacies are created between people who waste their life one sentence fragment and acronym at a time, talking to people who might not be who they claim to be. Then again... I spend an awful lot of time on my computer... emailing... blogging... shopping... and I appreciate the ability to do that. There's certainly no perfect answer...

  3. Lmao. But really WTF is up wit peeps these days? OMG Oprah?!?! LOL!!!

    I have a theory that states that we're a generation away from this language officially becoming a creole.

    Have a Happy New Year! TTYL

  4. Okay... to clarify... I haven't watched Oprah in eons, but someone sent me an email and it was cool... sheesh! ;)

    TS - However unfortunate, I believe your theory has merit. Seems like the dictionary should have stopped growing at some point... new words don't come about in the same way that new species do... a word is a word is a word is a word... slang is fun to say, but it's not a word...

  5. Happy New Years my dear! I stayed home and stuffed my face! Must get the last little pound on before I have to take them off again!

    What? Is that a bad way to think?

    I hope you had a lovely evening and I am excited for what you have to say in 2010!

  6. Kato - I had to laugh -- that was my same thought process... might as well eat all the crap since I won't be eating it for a while once the new year starts in earnest... and I'm going to be losing weight anyway... one last hurrah

    Happy new year!