131 - Snow (exclamation point)

Apparently I can't use exclamation points in my title (or label apparently). I got a 'These characters are not allowed in a post label: !.' admonishment when I tried to post... I'm not allowed to be enthused? Well... anyway, it was supposed to be Snow! So there. I did it anyway, blog nazi. Hmph.

It's snowing! I can be excited about it now that I'm safetly ensconced in my warm home. This is what it looked like at work this morning. It was about 37 degrees out (I took one of the temperature gauges outside to check since I couldn't find a thermometer). I can hear Sarah and Kato laughing now... and probably the rest of you... I know... but for here it's FREEZING and SCARY! It normally snows about once every five years, I can't ever remember it snowing during the day, usually it happens at night when the temperature drops. People (myself included) just don't know how to handle ice on the roads so it's best to stay off them.

Speaking of weather... What's with the weather in Ireland and the UK??? Geez! Enough with the rain already!

On the way home I stopped by Auto Zone and checked out their selection of 'new car smell' air fresheners... WTF... they don't smell like a new car at all... they smell like fake pine trees and cheap cologne. I sniffed no less than 5 and decided not to bother. Blech.

Oh yeah, and on the way to work this morning, I was going to let Tom Tom guide me... We need to have a serious discussion, Tom Tom and I... The road I take isn't even in the database... according to Tom Tom, I went off-roading this morning (I knew my car was awesome, but...). Then when I'm on an overpass, it tells me, 'in 18 yards.... turn left....' No thanks... there's a concrete barrier to my left... best not go left. I got to the road to turn to go to my office... my office is on the left... Tom Tom (apparently sensing my level of enthusiasm) advises me to 'turn right'. Sigh. My confidence in Tom Tom is not very high at the moment...

I just made my best shopping haul ever. Sephora sent me a $15 gift certificate, so I bought some $16 Philosophy Gingerbread bubble bath, I used my gift certificate, I picked my three free samples, I used a coupon for free shipping, and after I get my 10% rebate from Mr. Rebates, I paid all of sixty-eight cents. Whee!

Tonight I might make soup. Hot, yummy, soup. I bought some bread mix for the bread machine because warm bread sounds deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious right now. And I'm doing laundry. I came home full of ideas about cleaning out closets and cabinets, but now... I just want to snuggle up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. Time to get my butt off the couch and make myself do something productive.


  1. Hahaha, no fair!

    You stole our snow!! (It'S raining over here) I had a shock when I read that it was 37 degrees, before realizing that it was in Farenheit :P

    How come your exclamation mark doesn't work in your title?!? That's so weird...I'll have to try it out and see if it does the same thing on mine..!

  2. Hey now -- you complained about the cold, I was just being helpful!

    You're welcome ;)

  3. Well, I WOULD be laughing if we had any snow. But we don't. It would be pompous and rude of me to plant my hands on my hips and laugh a good chuckle when I can't point out that we have already had 3000 feet of snow already! But wait, weather forecast is calling for a huge storm coming in from Colorado on Wednesday. I will keep you posted. And maybe laugh a little ;)