159 - Day 1

So it's 2010. Does it feel any different? Not really... not yet. Went to mom and dad's for lunch, we had salt pork, cabbage, black-eyed peas, fried okra, and corn bread. We had steak one year, and it was the worst year ever, so now we stick with tradition (I'm not sure that the fried okra is traditional, but it sure is yummy... and I don't normally like okra, but covering it in cornmeal and frying it up seems to reduce the gooeyness, and I think the slime is the issue that prevents me from liking it... then again I love pickled okra... and now I'm just rambling...).

We watched G.I. Joe... which seemed awfully long... and I hated the ending even more than I hated the rest of it. Was a little scary since it went into nanobot territory, and I'd just read that terrifying article about nanobots. Then we watched An American in China... a little beauty that must have been direct to DVD... bor-ring. Last night, as we awaited the new year, we watched All About Steve, which was hilarious, Sandra Bullock did a great job portraying the offbeat character of Mary and DJ Qualls was in it (remember The New Guy? one of my all-time favorites). Then we watched Northern Lights, a Nora Roberts novel cum Lifetime Movie. It was alright. I guessed who the killer was pretty early on... I've learned that anyone they spend a lot of time building up as the bad guy... is never the killer. So I looked for someone a little less obvious and my psychic movie abilities proved accurate once again. After that we watched a movie that couldn't even be saved by my unhealthy obsession with Billy Zane... I think it was another direct to DVD, and I think it was called Love 'n Dancing. Billy was, of course, the best part of the whole movie, but he wasn't in it enough to make it worth watching. Sorry Billy... I still want to practice having your baby though. Call me. ;)

Random thought: Was reading a magazine and there was an article on Dakota Fanning. Poor thing... she said she's just now able to wear a size 0 without having to have the clothing taken in, like, 5-inches. I really feel for her predicament. =(

Afterward, I came home and took down the tree and put away all the vestiges of Christmas, and now my nose is all stuffy... apparently some of those things were dusty. Or maybe it's just something else floating around in the air... every time the weather changes it seems like there's a different allergen floating around. Today it was 64 degress. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

I got a myspace friend request today, and I didn't recognize the name, but it said we had one friend in common. The friend turned out to be one of my cousin's children, and the friend sending me the request was a 15-year old boy. I looked at his profile to see if he was one of those people who just sends out a bunch of requests, but he only had 5 friends, so it strikes me as odd that he would send one to a complete stranger. I guess I should add that I don't really have much contact with my cousin's little girl, so... but maybe I'm overthinking it. Social networking is strange little beastie. I always feel obligated to accept friend requests, but in this case I think it would be weird. I'm trying to only stick to people I know. And, um, closer to my own age.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice day! And haha to the boy adding you on MySpace. Maybe it's a compliment? Boys that young can only see the attractive person in front of them :)

  2. Can I drop kick Dakota Fanning?

    I am not sure I would be comfortable friending a child on Myspace...