130 - Tom Tom

My GPS arrived this afternoon. I haven't used it yet, just played around with it. I uploaded a Hannibal Lecter voice... muahahahaha. I haven't decided where to put it in my car... windshield is an option except that I like to be able to see the whole view so much that my oil change reminder ends up on the vanity mirror and my inspection sticker and registration sticker are side by side instead of stacked, plus I don't know whether it should be on the left or right... top of the dash is also an option, but I'm not ready to put it in a permanent place. Right now it's in my sunglass holder... hopefully it won't fall out.

Also got my slow cooker, and a couple of Christmas movies, and my bubble bath. Too late for a bubble bath tonight though... I wasted too much time fooling around with Tom Tom... sigh... if only he were a real boy...

Semi-watching Ms. Scrooge on the Hallmark Channel... Cicely Tyson has a really annoying speaking voice... it's not my favorite version of A Christmas Carol; I feel like I've watched almost every version there is. It's probably my favorite story given that I've seen it probably a thousand times in various forms and keep going back for more. And I do love the dickens out of Dickens.

I saw a commercial with Rudolph in it and realized that watching Rudolph is very much tied to how Christmas-y I feel. I haven't seen it in a few years, but it always signalled the start of the Christmas season to me. As I grew older though... Santa seemed like a discriminatory jerk, and I realized Herme was gay (which isn't a problem, it was just something I realized as I grew older), and Yukon Cornelius was sort of annoying because he reminded me of several people I had to put up with at work... it sucks to grow up. Now Charlie in a Box reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song about Charlie's cousin Richard.

Last night I put up my Christmas tree and put out a few decorations. So far the cats have behaved. I'm so proud.


  1. I sure wish I was organized enough to worry about where the stickers on my windshield went. Tom Tom is a good choice (except the continual "turn right turn right turn right" at a stop light. It is indeed time for the tree though, thanks for the reminder...

  2. Middle of the windshield towards the bottom. That's the best place. Yup, that's the best. Did I mention that's the best place?