142 - Cereal Killah

Just finished reminding myself that I can not play Rachmaninoff's Prelude in c-Minor (There's a file with better sound quality but I think this is actually Sergei Rachmaninov himself... and I kind of like the old scratch of an LP, so I'm listening to the 3:49 file with the nps.gov URL... in case the link doesn't lead you to the song directly). Both hands are playing chords at the beginning, then triplets come at you like a runaway freight train... they sometimes sound like chords -- but they're not... and then the chords do return but this time in triplet form. After that... not one but two stanzas of mighty chords (that's where the picture comes in... I never get that far... it's always at this point that I give up). Good. God. Sometimes I forget and think I can actually play this piece, but the song has too many damn sharps. I can handle F#, I'm even friendly with C#... but G# and D# (ah the circle of fifths) don't come to the party very often. When they do, they are far more palatable as A-flat and E-flat... same damn thing but so, so different. Here they are masquerading as sharps and they confuse me; I can't sightread very well, and I have only superficially memorized the hand positions. But I love to play my piano (when no one is around), and I need to do it more often. Someday I will conquer this beast.
Anyone heard of Arvo Part? If you need a relaxing piece of music to listen to by candlelight you can't beat Te Deum. It's choral with strings and piano, sometimes very quiet, sometimes a cacophany of sound, and it was recorded in the crypt of an old stone church so the acoustics are amazing. Like Mozart said (in Amadeus anyway), when people are talking all at once, it's just noise. But when they're singing, you can understand them all, and it can be beautiful. Or something like that. I really need to watch it again... but it depresses me, I take his death very personally... so I have to watch it sparingly.

I started writing again last night. I've had this thought in my head for a while, but last night it burst into creative flame and I had to lean over to scrabble for the notebook I keep next to the bed or I wouldn't have been able to sleep. It's simple really... serial killers have friends, too. And this ones best friend is a priest. There's more to it, or at least there was last night, but that's the basic premise. Last night I had a bazillion ideas swarming my mind like fireflies, tonight I'm going to transcribe what I scribbled and bibbled (it's all right there... in my noodle) and see what happens.


  1. that idea could prove to be quite fruitful... me likey!
    Also I prefer all music on record. I like the scratchy sounds and original presses are esp. killer finds!

  2. I lucked across an old, old recording of Don Giovanni, pre-vinyl whatever that was. We were at an antique store and my friend said, 'hey isn't that the guy you're always talking about.' Sorta. But the BEST part is that the record came with a score to the opera... OMG it's the best thing ever...

  3. Isn't wonderful to unearth life's treasures!!!!? What a great find:) I'm a little jealous

  4. serial killer with a priest best friend..hmmmm...now that does sound intriguing... hope to see that in print with your name tagged on it someday :)

  5. I saw that title an immediately thought of that Snoop Dogg song. Just sayin ;)

  6. Oh my gosh: that piece looks so tough to play!!

    I'm still trying to do Pachelbel's Cannon in D, and at the pace I'm going, I'll probably be able to play the partition above at 87 years-old!

    Another idea for a book!!! That's so cool! If the ideas all come so easily, you'll be writing that manuscript in no time!! I just hope that you won't give up on your vampire story...I read your query on the openquery blog and it's really good. Did you start sending it to agents? I'm curious!!

    I started a new story too, not so long ago. It's turning out to become a literary story...again. I already dread writing the query on that one!

    Keep us posted!! (I really meant "me", but I didn't want to sound selfish)

  7. I put out queries and got rejections. I did get one agency to read the full manuscript but they said it was too internal and needed more action. Since the vampire market is so glutted at the moment I've decided to let it sit for a while and come back to it.

    It's amazing how in only a few short months of not reading it every single day, it seems so different to me now... I can see the flaws. I understand why they advise us to wait before querying now. But I'll try again, and maybe start on the second book after I see where this one goes.

  8. Wow! You and my boyfriend would get along very well! He is hugely into classical music and he also plays the piano. He is currently working towards being able to teach. He would definitely appreciate this post! Not that I don't, I am just maddeningly not a musical person nor do I understand the terminology, even though he tries to teach me, and I love him for it :)

    Keep playing! It makes me sad that more people don't go in a more classical direction so I am glad that you do.

    Also, congrats on the idea and scribbles! :) I had one of those myself not too long ago, it always feels great!