137 - These are a few of my favorite things

I love holiday music, and one of my favorite 'holiday' songs has provided fodder for this evening's blog. I've actually been thinking of doing it earlier, but usually forget until I've hit 'Publish Post.'

So without further ado... here are a few of my favorite things (now that Kato has shared the great blogger picture dragging secret with me, things might be a little more orderly around here):

Okay... one more bit of ado -- this is in no particular order:

My car


Singin' in the Rain - This movie is wonderful. I am sad that it came to me so late in life, for I could have been enjoying Gene Kelly's tapping much earlier (I used to get Gene Kelly confused with Fred Astaire and wonder why all the women ooh'd and aah'd... baby, baby, baby do I ever get it now!). There's singing and dancing, but on top of all that there's HUMOR! Lots of well done humor. Two of my favorite clips -- 1) Donald O'Connor's Make 'Em Laugh, and 2) Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor doing Moses Supposes.

Gilmore girls - I miss it so. Here's one reason why. Here's another. I could go on, but I'll leave it at this and two more words: Sebastian Bach.

Cougar Town

Free Shipping - This website is for US shipments, this website is for our Canadaian neighbors. It tells you which sites offer free shipping (I just heard about this the other day).

Eleanor Powell - Crap can this girl tap (guess I'm in a musical mood), but in general she can dance.... I love to watch people tap. I wish I could do it. I tried and gave up. This is a hula routine, look at the end... her turns are so precise! You can fast forward to 2:25 if you want to just see the tapping part. This is an amazing rope dance routine... wow (I recommend fast forwarding to 1:28... if you don't... don't say I didn't warn you).

Hot chocolate. Specifically this kind, in this mug, with 6 oz of milk microwaved on high for 1:30 or thereabouts.

These cats (but not the trail of hair they leave in their wake... or cleaning their litter boxes)

Daphne, aka Daphodil, aka Daphy, aka Pretty Girl

Gracie, aka Grace-Grace, aka Poopsie, aka Bootiful, aka My Baby Girl (I watched her come out of her mother's va-jay-jay (yeah... ew, but also pretty cool), so I've literally known her all her life...)

This yummy smelling stuff.

The Raging Dose of Domesticated Writers that got Derailed by Pandorah (and Confessed) Tribe, lol.

My camera, because it captures this kind of silly nit-wittery:

Yes. They left a delivery notice. On the box that they delivered. To let me know that they delivered a box.

This stuff. I have IBS and it makes my tummy feel better. And if I don't drink soda within 30 minutes of drinking milk, I can even drink milk now (I think that big foamy mass of bubbles that form when you pour soda over ice cream also happens in my tummy). Wowsa!

This guy. Look at that pipe...

...and listen to those pipes...

This pillow says it all

And these tiles... no truer words were ever spoken...

And many more... but that's it for now.


  1. I love it!! I feel like I have gotten to know you even better!

    Makes me want to do a 'favorite things' post of my own with fun accompanying pictures...

    By the way, I received my package and I LOVE ALL OF IT!! It makes me so excited to begin and I have you to thank for it, so thank you again, times a million!


  2. Yea! I'm glad you liked everything. Can't wait to see your favorites post. =)

  3. Gimore Girls FTW! I am not in the least afraid to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed that show. The wife and I got every season on DVD for like $15 from Target. We blasted through the entire thing over last summer. One of the best shows ever and happy that the mother chick is on that Parenthood show coming up soon.

    Alright, I stopped there...off to read the rest of the post and probably comment some more.

    I am hereby stealing this idea for a future post. Be forewarned!

  4. The Raging Dose of Domesticated Writers that got Derailed by Pandorah (and Confessed) Tribe.

    PURE WIN!!!!

  5. Singin in the Rain..One of my all time Fav's!!!!
    My dad is/was a musician and used to sing that song to me when i was a younster :)...ah good times...good times

  6. Gilmore Girls! it's ok, we all have our dark secrets lol.Loved the post and I am totally with Ian about doing a list! Thanks for the fun post and letting get to know you some more:)

  7. Great, now I'm in the mood for Singing in the Rain. All I had to do was see the 'Make em' Laugh title and it's in my head.

  8. Ian - Steal away, anything for a fellow GG fan... I have all the episodes on dvd, too, and I think this is the year I resurrect them. I actually got to visit the set once (they were on hiatus so I didn't meet anyone, but I was in the Independence Inn and Chilton)... If you go to the Warner Bros studio they have a tour, you get to go around in small groups on a golf cart and see sets and the props... so much better than Universal Studios.

    Bendigo - It's such a clever film. The only part I didn't exactly get was that 'modern' number with Gene Kelly and Syn Charise... seemed so arbitrary. Other than that... PERFECTION

    Lisa Marie - Secret? What secret? I'm out and I'm proud! lol

  9. TS - I know... it's insidious isn't it?