128 - Gobble-di-gook

What a treasure trove of bad word choices, creepiness and double entendres today!

(1) I was walking out the door and passed a television this afternoon. It said "Space Junk Headed Toward ISS." You know how my mind works by now. You can certainly figure out why it was funny without further prompting. Oh lord.

(2) I got online to find some new car smell air freshener, and Amazon has this new catchphrase feature where you can choose your own phrase and once you type it in, you go to express checkout. I was a little terrified to find that Amazon has been spying on me, because the phrase they suggested was "Kristy's Sardonic Retorts." Do they know me?

(3) And lastly, I checked my inbox and found this little beauty from YouTube:

"KatiePuckrikSmells sent you a message: I'm smelling better than ever!"

Well congratulations Katie, I'm happy (?) for you, and I'm glad that you've managed to overcome your odor issues...

And off that topic altogether, I'm absolutely gobsmacked because I never (and I'm telling you never) would have thought this would have done anything but created an acne farm on my face, but Kato posted something absolutely life changing last week and if you have acne issues, after reading it, she will be your new best friend. I haven't been completely faithful to the regimen, but the night time part of it seems to work for me. To my surprise I haven't broken out, and I swear to god my blackheads seem to be disappearing, too. I like the idea of using things you already have around the house and such for your skin and hair (as well as housecleaning, I'm weird that way). Sandy Gold also has a couple of good videos (part 1, part 2) if you like that kind of thing. It's good for you and saves money, too!

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  1. You are the sweetest girl imaginable! :)

    I am glad it's working. I noticed a difference too!