135 - Untitled

This was so cool that I had to take a picture of it

You'll understand this later. As usual, my pictures don't end up where they're supposed to.

That's right. This blog is entitled, 'Untitled.' Feel the yin and the yang of it pulling at you... 'but Kristy... if you called it Untitled, then that's... the title.' Yes grasshopper, I know that. It's incongruent. It's duplicitous. It's multi-faceted... It's wisdom I learned from Rush who spake unto the masses, 'when you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.' Or perhaps the great Nirvana, who claimed that, 'just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you.' And then they screamed gibberish, just to make their point.
Yes friends, it's one of those nights.

I keep seeing a commercial that really irks me (of course now that I want to see it so I can tell you what they're advertising, the damn thing won't come on. typical.) It starts out, and you think it's about some kind of WWII reunion. Picture it (Sicily... 1915...): An old man, packing a suitcase, wistful. He waxes nostalgic about how it felt when he and his friends stormed the beaches. And then... the fun music starts, and the commercial morphs into a mockery of something not meant to be mocked. The man is actually going on vacation. Well sir, I don't think WWII was a vacation...

I'm making my first loaf of bread in my new Wolfgang Puck bread machine ($40'ish refurbed on Overstock.com... I'm sure it was about quintuple that when it was new, but if it wasn't, please don't burst my bubble... I'm happy believing I got a deal). I didn't use bread flour. I don't have kosher salt. I used sea salt... the chunky kind. Breaking these rules are going to be detrimental to the end product, but it's all I had. Smells good though.

Randomness: Wow. I just got an email from Edward Cullen. He sent me something a DVD pack. He's amazing, isn't he? Sometimes I wonder what the world was like before Twilight... Now everything is named after Twilight. Sarah Jessica Parker has a Twilight perfume. There's a Twilight Woods shower gel at Bath & Body Works... even the night succumbs to Twilight...

My bread is ready. How good does THAT look?... To be honest... not that good... but I'm gonna eat it anyway.

Well that just doesn't make sense now... I hate uploading a damn picture and having it go to the top of the damn post. Damn. Perhaps what we just experienced is a lateral time warp due to whatever crystals they used in Land of the Lost. 'Twas a silly movie. Two hours I'd like to warp back from and recapture.

Also silly is this Carrie Underwood special I'm watchin'. She's trying to be Jessica Simpson, but the silliness just isn't working for her. It's too over the top. Does anyone really appreciate it? I like the music, but the skits are really making me gag. Thank God for Dolly. I'm sticking it out because of Dolly. I'm not a country music fan, by the way. I'm open-minded, and I love Dolly, but my genre is metal. Geez I just wanna hug her... she's so tiny and adorable! I had a dream several years ago that a friend of mine fan-attacked Dolly in an airport (meaning like a fan, not to harm her, although he did)... she wasn't happy. He's probably not much bigger than her, but he knocked her to the ground in his zeal.
Oh well. Off to eat bread.


  1. This post made me chuckle heartily!

    Also, how was the bread?

    Also, you can drag your pictures to where you want them to be!

  2. lol...that is the perfect post to read before bedtime... Dolly is awesome...Hope the bread was tasty )

  3. Just reading the words incongruent mixed with chuckle two comments above made my head spin.

    Where's my coffee again? lol...have a good day

  4. This post cracked me up... the bread... the poor bread. Was it atleast yummy? As a baker I must encourage you to bake old school. It is so much fun to knead and shape the loaf by hand.
    LOL Dolly... I still think "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" is an awesome movie and Dolly rocks bc her foundation gives my kiddo a free book every month!

  5. The bread looks...um...nice :P I hope it turned out to taste good though!

    @ Ian: Your new pic with the santa hat cracked me up! It's so cool!!

  6. Kato - ...NOW you tell me... lol

    Ian - Love the hat!

    Lisa Marie - You and I have different definitions of fun! Cranking out pasta, now THAT's fun!

    All - The bread was edible. A little salty. A little denser than I would have wanted. Not as bad as it looked, but I think I'm done with that loaf and I'll try again with the right kind of flour. Note to self... make a note of ingredients before going to the store and THEN buy the stuff...