146 - Get down girl, go on get down

Tonight I'm having friends over. House is clean, decorations are out, I'm freshly showered, and I'm just waiting on a friend to come over and help me with food. It's always nice to be able to spend extra time with Sue Beth, to catch up with each other before everyone else arrives. So my playlist has been carefully composed... I've deleted genres that are not conducive to a party atmosphere (take that (!) easy listening)... I took out my personal compositions because they are dreary... I removed highly offensive material that makes me giggle but might not go over well with other people (Bounce... like yo ass has the hiccups)... it's a rather complex thing to make a playlist when you have 14,059 songs, but I've proven that I'm up to the task.

I even did my hair. It's been about two weeks since anyone's seen me in anything other than a ponytail... it's quick, and quick is good on a workday (remember that I'm not a morning person... not that I will complain about having to get out of bed anymore after reading Kato's post... sheesh!).

So anyhoo... not much to report today. Oh! Nanobots! I almost forgot.

So one of my friends has this thing about either zombies or Skynet taking over the world someday. I think he's kinda kidding... but I'm not sure he's totally kidding. Well... maybe about the zombies. The Skynet thing I think he's very serious about. I told him that if the world is overrun with zombies I'm checking myself out before they disembowel me, but if it comes down to us verus Skynet, I'll stand and fight with him. Of course I say this now, when my only reference for fighting Skynet is a video arcade game that I used to enjoy 20 years ago... If I ever get filthy stinking rich I'm going to buy one. You can quote me on that. Rupert Grint may have an ice cream truck, but I'm going to have a Terminator 2 video arcade game. We'll be so happy living our Peter Pannish life together... *shaking it off* Anyhoo... when the machines take over I'm sure they've already marked me for assassination -- I took out a lot of Terminators back in the day (assassination... that's some double ass right there... I don't know why I said that I just... SQUIRREL!).

Remember where this was going? Good. You're doing better than I am.

Yesterday my friend hands me a copy of Popular Mechanics and points to an article, telling me that I have to read it. As part of the Resistance I did as I was told, this guy is, after all, my commanding officer. After you read said article you may return and I will reveal to you four things I'm not particularly fond of regarding this idea (go on... I'll wait... I'll just amuse myself with a jazzed up version of the theme to Jeopardy do-dit-n-da-da doodly-doo-dah-de-dah):

1) It's called The Singularity, I think that sounds rather offputting
2) Israel is ahead of us, wtf?
3) Big Brother potential in a world where I'm already watching history being rewritten, where language is being bastardized by acronyms and slang, and you aren't free to speak... not really...
4) Nanobot brains = Assembly line of people who are all the same, no one is any smarter or dumber than the next person. None wittier or more clever. Time to reference Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron again... I really wish 1984 and Harrison Bergeron felt more like works of fiction... but they stopped feeling that way a couple of decades ago. Think Nostradamus made the most accurate predictions? Nope. It was Orwell, Rand and Vonnegut...

I hope to be dead long before this shit take place, I really do. I'm all for technology, but I don't want little robots swimming around in my bloodstream, doing God knows what to me. I'm already a little freaked out by the whole cloning thing. There are some things I'm not sure we're meant to do. I'm convinced that a good portion of our economic crisis stems from the fact that people live longer than they were meant to... so they don't retire. That's only one piece of the puzzle, but with people living longer, they need more money to live, which means they retire later in life... and since technology and outsourcing are reducing the number of jobs, it's a bad situation that's only going to get worse.

Stepping off the soapbox and putting it back in its drawer.

So... I'm hearing a firetruck siren wailing in the distance. Not to worry though -- it's a special firetruck... this firetruck siren means that Santa's on his way. It used to freak me the fuck out when I'd be home and all of sudden hear that wail moving closer and closer to my humble abode... after all, I don't want fire anywhere near my house, and firetrucks usually do mean fire. This is the only time of year when they don't. For some reason around these here parts, they decided to put Santa on a firetruck and ferry him through the neighborhood for the kiddos to see... he waves and throws candy (to the kids, not at the kids). I don't know if it's as big a deal as it used to be when I grew up, but I like it, and I'm glad they do it. I'm sure it's a lot of fun for the firemen, who yeah... probably get to feel pretty good about what they do as a general rule of thumb... but this good doesn't come from tragedy, this is just pure fun. Everybody needs that.

Besides... you know... firemen... meow. Not just fun for the kiddos if you know what I mean. ;)


  1. I read (and followed) that post and the first thing that jumped into my itty bitty brain was all the conspiracy theories I've accumulated over the last 15 years...Funny thing is half of them seem to dip into machines and technology...hmmm maybe there is something to them. I'm putting back on my aluminum foil cap cause it's better safe than sorry...

    ps..fireman?? sorry just not doin it for me ..lol

  2. LOL, I'm glad you were able to follow it... those Skynet nanobots haven't gotten to you yet! I think I'm going to go make an aluminum foil cap... it keeps the nanobots out, too? Right?... RIGHT?!?!?

  3. Have fun with your friends tonight! Make sure to have dip:)

  4. lol, I had onion and queso and hummus and buffalo... yummmmmmmmm...

  5. Rupert Grint has an ice cream truck??? How did I miss this?

    Also? Have you seen the movie Idiocracy and do you think that film (I say "film", not "movie" because it has some scary merit in my opinion) portends what is to come?

  6. LOL, I think the more appropriate question is 'why does Kristy know this?'

    I saw it, but I don't remember much about it. It was one of those 'pretend to watch a movie, but makeout instead' moments. The beauty is, if it comes on cable I can watch it and it will be a completely new experience.

  7. Uh yeah, firemen? They put out fires, and that's all they do for me


  8. LMAO, honestly I have rarely seen an attractive fireman outside of a calendar, but I still have the fantasy