188 - Ogres are like onions... hard on the digestion...

If Daphne were just a little bit bigger, she'd make an excellent pillow... but I'm afraid to crush her with my head, so I will have to suck it up and use a real pillow.

"An evil spirit returns from the dead... and innocent victims... face his revenge..." Have you ever heard anything so asinine? Innocent victims cannot 'face revenge', because revenge means these people would have had to have done something to warrant the actions taken against them, and then they wouldn't be innocent victims, they'd just be victims... They can face his wrath, his misplaced anger, his malevolence... but not his revenge. Who writes this crap? Oh yeah... SyFy...

While still not up to par, I am much improved today... as I said on my Facebook page... "Eh is better than bleh." Still mostly feel alright until I eat, and then it's me with my fingers crossed, hoping for the best. Today we went to the world's best barbecue restaurant... and I had a baked potato... not a barbecue baked potato... just a baked potato. It was almost painful to go there, smell it... almost taste it... but not be able to eat it. But I figured a potato would be easier on the digestive system than a potato with a ginormous scoop of greasy shredded pork on top of it... because to be honest, even when I'm not in gastrointestinal distress, it sometimes upsets my tum-tum. Normally I'd be all 'stomach upset be damned!' but I'm trying to be realistic here... I'm tired of feeling poorly... I want a good day...

We watched Julie & Julia this afternoon. It was really good. I'm a foodie, so I figured I would like it. Meryl Streep did an amaaaaaaaaaazing job... if I hadn't known it was her I would have thought it was Julia herself. Anyway, it made me hungry for Bouf Bourguignon, or as I like to call it (in a Mississippi drawl...) Beef Bur-gun-yun. I love to cook, and a dish like that is high payoff... not much prep... lots of flavor... I don't know why I don't cook more often... guess I just get hungry as soon as I get home and want the most expedient thing. That, and I would have a ton of leftovers.

I keep forgetting to mention the garbage men... When I woke up Friday it was raining sooooooooooo hard... it was like my house had been shrunk down so that it would fit under the faucet of the bathtub, and then the water was turned on full blast. And as I was talking to my boss on the phone, there was a crack of thunder so loud it had to have been directly above me...

But the garbage truck never stopped moving... those stupid *ahem* intrepid garbage men soldiered on.

I still don't like them. But I respect them -- they will do anything to get to my house before I put the garbage out, even weather a storm. A worthy adversary. Well played garbage men... well played.

So my parent's neighbor went to the emergency room this morning, suffering from symptoms very similar to the ones we had. Have to admit, a little part of me perked up to hear that BECAUSE they might tell him what he had and then we'd know what we had -- NOT because I want him to be sick or visit the ER. Long story short... he failed us... he has kidney stones. So we still don't have a name for it. Well... I do... I'm sticking with "The Jillian."

Speaking of Jillian, went back to level 2 tonight. What is this? Day 12? Or do I have to start over now? There were some modifications, but I made it all the way through (does it count as cheating if I skipped the stretches at the end?).

Also realized something... I said it before in a slightly different way, but the dots didn't connect. People tell me I analyze everything... that I think too much... I've already discussed how a billion thoughts explode in my head at the same time, but saying each one of them out loud to someone makes it seem as if I spent hours stewing over something... But what I am realizing is that the reason I think of all these different scenarios in the first place is because... I'm a writer... all I'm doing is coming up with my own choose your own adventure novel when I create these scenarios (I really liked those books...). When I am presented with a problem, it's like I'm standing in the middle of a junction of infinite possibilities... I finally realized it when I told my dad that when the shit hits the fan, I might set up camp in a graveyard... sometimes there's shelter (crypts), they're often near water, the older ones generally have trees, and not a lot of people will be thinking about a graveyard (well... maybe 51 other people will now), so it probably won't be ravaged and it might even be safe. Dad furrowed his brow and said not to get too concerned about it. I told him I'm not, but all these things I'm reading and learning have got me thinking about what I would do if I were faced with it, and that has got a story playing itself out in my head. That's when I really realized why I'm so analytical... as a writer, I have to be. If I weren't, there would be no story.

Oh, and P.S. the house next door finally sold.

P.P.S. Ian, it's 42F now. That's what is so irritating... all these 20-30 degree shifts play havoc with the immune system (and I never know what to wear). I know... cry me a river...


  1. Ah God, onions. I love 'em, but they DO NOT love me.

    Hang in there, Kristy. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Nothing sucks more than being sick. Nothing.

    And I hear you about those gazillion thoughts running around in your head. Me too. I think it's a necessary part of being a writer. I fear the day when I wake up and there's nothing there. Yikes.

  2. My problems isn't having the thoughts in my head, it's getting them to leave my fingertips when I hit "New Post" and end up getting a case of brain farts and total overwhelming panic!

  3. the thoughts in my head don't bother me, it's the dang voices that bother me...they never shut up and they are taunting sometimes...

    I feel your pain about the baked potato vs..REAL FOOD!!! I think a weaker person would have gone for the tum tum pain (like me)...

    As far as your workout, everybody and I mean everybody deserves a mulligan...We can call that one yours. Cause anybody who is determined enough to try and exercise through all the crap (literally) that you are going through deserves a break...

    I think you are safe with the graveyard idea, since the 51 that now know are spread around the country and beyond we could possibly set up base camps in the graveyards and each of us would know where to go for safety....

  4. That sucks about the potato! I hope your tummy returns to normal soon. Oh how I loved Julie and Julia. I did not really care about the Julie part but you're right, Meryl Streep was genius as Julia!!!
    Graveyards are so peaceful... quiet. I often find them to be calming.

  5. I can't believe you're still sick!

    Hopefully, the neighbour will be able to tell you what's wrong and you'll get an idea of what you have. Hope you'll get better soon.

    Oh, and doesn't everything in Julie&Julia looks so freaking amazingly good?!? I watched it before going to bed and ended up having another supper.

    And, never stop that head from thinking! Ever! :D

  6. TT - I feel your pain, unless they are completely cooked through to mush, or caramelized, onions are the enemy

    MA - You won't believe me, but I'm the same way most days. I have a million ideas until I'm faced with a blank page. Or I'll hit post and think of something else I want to say. So I started writing them and saving drafts!

    Bendigo - Now you're thinking like a character in The Stand! Right on! And yes, the voices in your head are annoying. tee hee

    LM - Today I feel good, not bloaty or anything. So tomorrow ought to be even better! I love graveyards sooooooo much... but you already knew that. =)

    Sarah - Everything did... I'm tempted to buy the dang cookbook now... not that I'll be making any aspics or anything, and I probably have a million copies of the same recipe... but hers looked especially good...

  7. Ok so I NEVER EVER get tired of reading your blog. I know that it is because you are an exceptional writer, but I also think it is because you write about what is in my own brain. I love it.

    Your analagy about the choose your won adventure brain, that is ME. And you made me also realize this as I was reading. So thank you! I am not crazy!

    :) xoxo

  8. Sorry, I meant write *own :)Typos make me crazy!

  9. Did I miss something? Who's this "we" you referred to. I'm probably an idiot and ADD is settling in and missed it.

    Speaking of food, you live near good BBQ places? Just saw an episode of Diners Drive Ins and Dives where Guy Fieri went to a few Texas BBQ places.