167 - Playing Catchup

In today's episode of Kristy's Too Too Exciting Life, our heroine finds herself immersed in all kinds of stimulating activities.

Thus far in my day I have:

Midnight to 2 A.M. - Watched From Hell. Wiped drool from chin -- not from falling asleep, but from gazing upon the facade of one Mr. Johnny Depp. I need a moment...

2:01 A.M. to undetermined time - Watched silly Lifetime Movie, as LMN is one of the few stations that run all night without reverting to infomercials.

8:00 A.M. - Woke up to Demi Moore and Michael Douglas gettin' it on. Decided it wasn't a nightmare, but a movie. Decided that instead of attempting to go back to sleep, I should get out of bed. After days of hoping I would be chosen to participate in Extreme Makeover build, I begin to hope they won't contact me for the 9 P.M. to 3 A.M. shift this evening. I am already sleepy, and it's really cold, and I hear that for some warped reason they don't let you wear jackets. Whisky Tango Foxtrot? (I stole that from a friend, it was too clever)

Once my day truly began, I was off like a shot!

  • Put away clean dishes - Done.
  • Pluck eyebrows - Done
  • Install cheap-o plastic wine glass rack to free up valuable cabinet space - Done.
  • Curse because cheap-o plastic wine glass rack broke in two places - Done and done again.
  • Put wine glasses in rack anyway - Done.
  • Water cats and plants - Done.
  • Clip recipes from Martha Stewart's Living magazine that I will probably never make but feel compelled to have on hand. Discard remainder of magazine - Done.
  • Begin pre-grocery store ritual - sort through coupons to discard expiring coupons and select coupons I may use today - Done.
  • Order 30-Day Shred DVD (upon recommendation from friend and watching short clip on YouTube) - Done.
  • Overcome desire to purchase additional DVD's - Done.
  • Sort through/pay bills - Done.
  • Get free annual credit report to verify that those bastards at Bank of America * did indeed close my credit cards without telling me (not that it's a huge deal since I never used them, but a) it was part of my debt to credit ratio and b) Shouldn't they tell me? You know... in case I was intending to use them? - Done.
Now all I have left is the always unappealing task of scooping cat poop, as well as doing a load of laundry, stripping the bed and putting on fresh sheets, starting a load of dishes, and going to the grocery store.

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking I need to slow my roll, people's lives aren't meant to be this exciting. And you may feel a slight twinge of jealousy. I can't help who I am. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

* Yesterday I spent another unpleasant hour on the phone with these dumbshits. In total, I sent two (unanswered) emails and made four phone calls. Yesterday alone I told the automated system that yes - I did want to speak to a representative (it asked me three times before it would do it, and I got to go through that system three times, what did it think I was joking???). I re-told my story to seven representatives and sent one fax. It has been two months since I first began the dispute over an erroneous $6 fee they charged me, because there is no followup at Bank of Stupid. Once a customer service rep submits my claim, it's up to another department to take the next step, and apparently they keep dropping the ball. A supervisor agreed to check back on my account and if he saw no activity he would take action on it. We'll see. I have very little faith in this bank anymore. So the closing the credit accounts was adding insult to injury, and whenever I buy another house, I'm done with them.


  1. OOOHHHHHH Johnny Depp... he is my favorite flavor of man!
    haha I do not clean kitty poo anymore. When I was prego hubs did it and he just kinda kept on doing it. I clean enough poo from our kiddo so I'd say we're almost even. I mean at least cat poo is dried and less stinky but my kid's poo is abundant and sometimes twice a day and the bouquet on it is unique to say the least
    Have a great weekend darlin'

  2. Sounds like a good day to me! It always feels good to get all that stuff out of the way!

    Then you can relax more during the week :)

  3. LM - That's fair, after all, you're both dealing with poop. Speaking of which, I know my cat has to do it, but why does it always seem to happen while I'm eating dinner? ...sigh...

    Kato - Very true, trying to squeeze it in during the week isn't always doable and it does feel good

  4. I actually joined a month or two ago a group on Facebook called "Johnny Depp is sex"!

  5. Did the Free Credit Report thing work? Is it really free? I've started to try some of those before and stopped when it appeared to be a gimmick or there was some sort of hidden fee.

  6. Flora - I'm not sure if it's free in all states or just certain ones, or maybe it was a federally mandated thing. As far as I know, this one is absolutely free, no strings attached. You don't get your credit score, but you can see all of your accounts, payment history, inquiries, etc. And you can access it once a year for free.

  7. Sarah - LOL, and he so is... I need another moment...

  8. Hey Kristy!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have an award waiting for you over at my blog! :)