170B - Hey Lookey! I'm Blogging!

I'm typing this blog from my semi-functional, slightly bi-polar computer. I still have to take it back to work tomorrow for it to be put back mostly the way it was, but as you can see, I can access the internet and...

HURRAY MY FILES WERE RECOVERED (!) and are now safely copied to my external hard drive and a thumb drive. I'm now redundantly redundant. This is a good reminder for me to become more fastidious about making backup copies of my most important-est files... and to make that recovery disk I kept putting off.

As to the bi-polar part... oddly, my 320 GB hard drive is really two 160 GB hard drives. I think I do remember having two drives when I first got the computer, but somewhere along the way one of them disappeared and I slowly forgot that it ever existed... Good thing I don't have children, huh? So my C drive is probably fried, but I can use my second drive as a primary drive, and I'm good to go, and Bob's my uncle (he really is... I have an uncle Bob).

So I'm back among the living, able to search for answers to my most pressing questions, and best of all, my budget was saved so I don't have to spend hours sorting through bank statements to recreate my check register... all is right with the world again. Or as right as it ever was... ;)


  1. Well that is outstanding news....Don't worry about the forgetting part..I forget my kids names all the time...(they tend to remind me)

    As far as the bipolar pc..maybe lithium???

  2. Yay! Glad that your files were saved you must have been jumping :)

    Kate xx

  3. YESSSSSSS!! Now that's some really good news! I hope it won't happen again !

  4. Bendigo - The battery has lithium in it, maybe the dosage needs to be increased, lol

    Yes, I was VERY happy... so this is a lesson for all of us to BACK UP OUR FILES... just in case the unthinkable happens...

  5. WOOHOO! Most newer computers with larger HDs like that have dual HDs or it's partitioned like that in case something crashes. Like in your case, it really worked out for the best :)

  6. I always forget the names of Bendigo's kids too.

  7. Joe....Lol....Lol...Lol...my kids thought that was a pretty good response...

  8. Yay! I am glad you are back and I am glad that your budget was saved!

    You can officially call this a good day, for me and for you!