177 - The Apocalypse Continues...

Day 7. Used the weights for about 80% of the workout. My left knee was bothering me today, so I put that nylon brace on it and perservered. Endurance is DEFINITELY improving.

So I forgot to mention that one of the reasons the Apocalypse was so on my mind yesterday was the dream I had the night before. The end had come, now it was survival of the fittest (and like you TS, I figure I'll be one of the schmucks who makes it off pure dumb luck or the superb work ethic of my guardian angel). Apparently I had prepared ahead of time, but I was about to leave the house to go forage for supplies. I was clean, and one of the people in my dreams stopped me before I left and said that I smelled good, and I shouldn't smell good... smelling good could be dangerous -- people might notice, because they probably smelled bad. If I smelled good, it would alert them to the fact that I had been prepared, and had supplies, and they might jump me or follow me back to the house. Then I realized I should probably do my best to also make myself appear as masculine as possible so I didn't put myself at potential risk of a sexual assault. So that's what got me thinking about all the things I hadn't been thinking about previously. Things that could get you killed.

Guess what was on tv last night? Apocalypse Man. This guy (Rudy Reyes) had it set up as if Armageddon had come, and he gives tips to survive... sort of. Of course he never encounters anyone (even though he constantly tells you the only person you can trust is yourself, beware of other people), he is way more physically fit than most people are, and has enough communications knowledge to build a transmitter in the hopes of contacting other people... I think he as a Marine... so he's not your average Joe. Aside from that, there were some interesting tidbits. If you have steel wool and a battery, you can make a fire. Apparently when you frazzle the steel wool, contact with a battery is enough to heat the wool enough to catch it on fire. He took a bicycle pump and a garden hose and was able to siphon some gas at an abandoned station. He got a map of the sewer system from the library and used it to travel into the city so he could conceal himself... not too sure about that strategy... rats, snakes, cockroaches and alligators come to mind... not to mention sewage... (okay... I admit, cockroaches are the lesser threat in this scenario, but they still gross me out).

Instead of responding to the plethora of yesterday's comments on yesterday's blog I decided to answer them here, since I was continuing the Apocalypse theme:

TS said... Me to the apocalypse, "bring it." What's really funny is I've already been prepping material for next week on my blog. The theme next week? The end of the world. Course I always felt that when the end come I'd be one of the poor suckers who survives. *sigh* Rebuilding just sounds like work.

Kristy responds... I don't know about the "bring it" part, but I'm not going to take it lying down. I always wonder if I have it in me to survive, but I'm pretty sure I do if it comes to that. Rebuilding sounds good to me, as long as I find people who don't want to kill me to take what I have... the hardest part of this scenario, to me, would be trusting people.

Bendigo said... The Stand....my all time favorite....Movie and book...just remember rifle and handgun and might wanna learn to load your own :) also remember charcoal can be crushed and put into a towel or perforated bag and it will filter your water if you don't have fire..(marine corps taught me a few things.) Yeah the whole Mad Max scenario has come into my mind more than once. I don't sweat the whole global warming (oops climate change) thing too much, but I do wonder about a breakdown in society sometimes (I"m crazy too I guess). Oh yeah back to The Stand...I would be a scout (which means I would die for a noble cause..right? right?) Good to see the exercise is making a difference for you..Keep it going!!!!

Kristy responds... Nice tip on the charcoal! Hopefully you wouldn't have to die... My dad used to make bullets, I don't know how to do that... I can load and shoot a gun, but I think in this scenario I'd want a different gun than the one I have... something with more more potent... I think a .38 would just piss someone off... But... maybe I could shoot a squirrel or something.
Kate said... Haven't read or seen the Stand although I really want to now. Kind of hoping to not find out what happens though! I read somewhere supermarket plastic bags will survive longest which i thought was weird.

Kristy responds... It's a great book, even if you're not a huge Stephen King fan. I think we all hope to not experience it! Gah... plastic and cockroaches will outlive us all...

Joe Cap said... I'm with you...I have always thought that if civilization collapses, it's time to just abandon the house and all the crap and head out to the wilderness with my family. Love the cats, but my family is more important. I would rather fight nature and wilderness than crazy humans.

Kristy responds... The hardest part is getting to the wilderness from where I am. Right now I can't imagine leaving my cats behind, but I guess they could manage on their own if they had to. I know Gracie could... and hopefully she'd share her kills with Daphne... If I can though, I'd take them with me.
Ian said... This was a great post. This type of topic always fascinates me and I hope I'm long gone before I have to even think about it. Titling after sitcoms is great. For an entire year I used to pick a song title that was along the lines of what the subject matter was going to be. For example, this one would have been titled "It's the End of the World" (REM)

Kristy responds... Me too, but my spidey senses are starting to tingle, and it's better to be prepared than to find yourself in the middle of it and think 'well shit... guess I wasn't paranoid after all...'. That song thing is a great idea! Love the title you picked!
Lisa Marie said... Oh No! The 2012 shows are getting to you! They are everywhere aren't they? I am not sure I could survive a fallout or Apocalyptic event. I feel I may be too reliant on modern technology. I am no Bear Grylls or Survivorman, I mean who am I kidding? Love this post... very thought provoking indeed :)

Kristy responds... Yeah they are! I think you're selling yourself short. If not for yourself, I think you'd do everything you could for your son. You'd find strength you never knew you had. Or you'd find someone who had survival skills and ally yourself with them. Either way, I doubt you'd just throw your hands up.
Flora Isadora said... The cats will be fine in the Apocalypse. Don't worry about them. ;)

Kristy responds... You're right, but I can't help worrying... they're my babies...

Sarah said... Wooooww! To be honest, I don't really think about that. I figure that if it happens, it happens. That's it. :P Since I won't be prepared, I'll come over to your house when the Apocalypse starts! :D

Kristy responds... You're welcome to do that, but you live in Canada and I live in southern Texas... so you have a loooooooooooooooong way to go!  Maybe we should meet in the middle. =)

Lisa and Laura said... Ooh The Stand still creeps me out. I can't drive through the tunnels in NYC without thinking about that scene. And congrats on the exercise. It feels so good to get back into it. I'm working on it!

Kristy responds... I want to go to NYC someday! Exercise hurts, but in only 7 days I can tell a MAJOR difference. Good luck with your routine!


  1. Well as long as we are still in the apocolyptic mood...The .38 will be plenty good against people. :) BUT you might want to consider a .308 or 30/30 for the food issues...(plus i'm pretty sure you can kill zombies with a rifle if you get em in the head)

  2. Zombies... ugh. I hate zombies (except for Rob Zombie). Maybe I need to take a chainsaw with me...

  3. I watched that Armageddon Man show. I thought he was an idiot. Some of things he showed were handy, but he just gave so many impractical tips that just run against common sense. Not to mention that without specifying which kind of apocalypse you've encountered, you can't really define which strategy is right.

    At any rate if the end comes in our lifetime Armageddon Man will be the first to die, as anyone who follows his advice will find him along the way and eliminate the competition. Since after all, people cannot be trusted.

  4. That's certainly a creative way to respond to comments...I likey

  5. WOW!!!! I like how you formatted the Q/A... you clever girl!
    You continue to surprise me and make me smile
    Ahhhh Kristy:P my breath of fresh air

  6. TS - I don't know about the idiot part, but I think you pointed out the biggest flaw in the show - You don't know what kind of Apocalypse. I kept wondering where he kept those gas cans... they weren't in that backpack of his...

    Ian - I do too, but I think it would become cumbersome on every blog so I don't know if it'll work... plus right after I did it L&L wrote a comment so I went in and edited really quickly, but anything after that won't show up on the blog. So... it's a work in progress.

    LM - Aw shucks ma'am... (that breath of fresh air thing - it's cuz I smell good isn't it? lol)

  7. Great post! You really are a breath of fresh air!