174 - Batting a hundred

Remember when I made that comforter? Yeah me neither. It's been... awhile. Well after lunch today, mom wanted to go to the fabric store, so I finally got around to buying batting to stuff into it. Managed to wiggle that in, which wasn't as easy as it sounds, and since it's in the cat litter room, I think the fabric has gotten dusty... because I'm getting really sneezy now (meet the new me... sneezy dwarf).

So now it is not just two pieces of fabric sewn together... nope -- it is a real comforter (Pinnochio reference).


I just have to close the top of it and probably sew some buttons in random spots to keep the batting in place (I'd try to make a pretty pattern, but I'm not a good sewer... seamstress... person who barely sews). Maybe at some point if I feel real fancy I'll buy some ribbon and sew it around the edges to trim it out and (also) keep the batting in place. I don't know when I'll ever feel that fancy though. Anyhoo, it looks pretty good.

Maybe when I get done I'll take a picture, then you can show it off to your friends -- 'Look! I KNOW the girl who did this!' you'll say proudly. And they'll look at you all funny, and begin to edge toward the door... but that's life in Kristy's World.  =))) (why doesn't blogger have emoticons? it would be so much easier if I could just use emoticons to tell you how you're supposed to feel when you're done reading a sentence... unfortunately I have to put the onus on you and hope you know what to do... it's like a little muscle we don't get to flex very often, independent thought... everyone tells us what to do these days... hold the handrail... stop at the red light or we'll take your photograph (which only punishes camera shy people)... this coffee is hot... door opens this side... what would we do without signs???)

Abrupt change in thought: Usually cottage cheese tastes like ass (or what I imagine ass to taste like anyway), but I'll be durn, half a packet of Truvia and some cinnamon, and it is actually palatable. I was a doubter, but now I believe... that's the power of actually trying something before you write it off (for the record, there are things you can go ahead and write off without trying... pretty obvious things like ass, chocolate covered roaches (or insects of any kind)... liver... sweet meats...). I ate some (cottage cheese) after my Day 4 workout (you may applaud me if you like). And I had half a pear (I love parentheses). And a handful of granola (Bear Naked... yummmmm... my favorite is the chocolate, but the apple cinnamon is awesome, and the vanilla almond isn't bad either... haven't tried the banana nut yet). For dessert I had a fish oil capsule, a coconut oil capsule and a multivitamin... sooooooooooooo decadent. (Let's overlook the cheesecake I had at lunch, shall we?)

By the way, mom and dad thought the gay waiter was flirting with me at lunch. Granted, he was making a lot of eye contact, but I'm pretty sure he was not only (unconfirmedly) gay, he was also about 13 years younger than me. You can't trust the attentions of a waitperson anyway, some of them flirt because they know if you like them, they get a bigger tip. They must be getting desperate. My parents, not the waitstaff... Gah! I'm hyper!

Made the mistake of telling my mom, the R.N., about my first day with Jillian... Why do I do things like that? I'm 36, I should know better by now. My point was supposed to be: first day sucked, I perservered (is that spelled right?), I like the workout, yea for me! *clap* *clap* I think she started hearing intermittent phrases, 'almost fainted... kaleidoscope of stars...' and she missed the 'getting easier... only a little pain...' because a look of horror began to cross her face... and stayed there. I suppose from her vantage point it did sound pretty bad... But I'm okay now... really. Maybe subconsciously I like to shock her.

Oh -- more about the batting... Wanna know something fun you can do with it? Hit people with it. It's all soft and cushy, but it comes rolled up and it's perfect for bopping people (like your dad) in the belly when he gets a little too sassy... gotta keep those old farts in line... (laughing emoticon goes here X)

Note to self: Tomorrow is a holiday -- DO NOT go to work.


  1. You've had too much coffee or I haven't had enough. I can't keep up with everything going on here today. I wish I had emoticons too because this is probably falling flat.

  2. LOL, I understand. I usually buffer it for the blogs, but this is what it's like in my head all the time...

  3. ooh I love the Bear Naked apple and cinnamon granola! I put it on greek style yogurt:) yummmmy
    Look at you all crafty makin' stuff, I sooooo want to see a pic of this comforter, girlie.
    Do you find all the supplements help you feel better? I take a daily women's and that is it. I am wondering if I should add more... hmmm

  4. I'd love to say yes, but I don't know if the supplements themselves make me feel better or not. I take the fish oil and the coconut oil because they're supposed to be good for metabolism. I do feel a little better, but I've been eating better and exercising, so I'd say that the combo is definitely making me feel better. I do feel more alert, have a little more energy, and my mood seems to be improving.

    As long as you research them, I don't think there's any harm in supplements, but you might not need them since you already eat as healthy as you do. Once my weight gets back on track I'll probably drop the coconut oil and just stick with the krill oil and multivitamin.

  5. I love that you are hyper. This might be me later on tonight on account of the 3 hours of sleep I got. So by tonight I will probably be a pile of gooey hyper.

    I want to see that comforter!

  6. I read all of that and for some reason I focused on the cheesecake (hmm). Oh and the fact that I can now smack my dad with batting :) .... He will appreciate that and so will the people at wal mart because I don't think there is any other way I would go down there to purchase something from the crafts isle (well maybe foam balls for holiday decorations). Remember do not go to work today...Wish it was a Holiday for me as well :(

  7. Isn't cottage cheese used in lasagna? If so,(I really don't cook and it's a really good thing) it tastes insane in there too!

    You do have a lot of stuff going on in that head of yours!!

  8. Kato - On three hours sleep I'd be a wreck!

    Bendigo - LOL, I know your dad will love you for it. Then again, his grandkids are your children, so you might want to be careful if he's the retaliatory type!

    Sarah - I use ricotta, but I have seen recipes with cottage cheese and I doubt you could go wrong