160 - Nine hours

I've only been awake for nine hours and I'm already sleepy. I slept until noon, had another weird life-like dream that I can't remember, woke up, and felt like I'd wasted a day. I hate waking up, but I especially hate waking up and feeling like that.

So I got my butt out of bed, had breakfast, and went to the grocery store (with a list I'd written out the night before... keeping those resolutions!). Bought a lot of produce, and some sale items (including (5) 12-packs of Wild Cherry Pepsi... so if I stick to my resolution and only drink one a day, that should last me for 2 months... they were (4) 12-packs/$12 + get one free if you had the store card... I couldn't help myself, it was too good a deal... if I were Catholic I'd say some 'hail Mary's' and move on with my life, instead I'm typing excuses because I feel guilty... it must be the Irish in me).

I also bought some tea because I'm ever hopeful that I'll find one that doesn't activate my gag reflex... I just don't like it, but I figure I'll want some kind of variety if I'm going to be drinking so much water, and tea is a low-cal, good for you type of beverage. Well... the Yogi Ginger-Lemon was alright, I might be able to drink that because I don't think there's any actual tea in there... the Tazo Apple-Cinnamon-Caramel may not fare so well, it's got Rooibis tea in it and I can smell it... haven't even sampled it yet and I'm making the yuck face. Oops, just sampled it... GAG. I also bought some Stash Vanilla Chai Tea, because I like the cold Chai tea lattes from Starbucks, so maybe I'll like Chai tea... fingers crossed. Maybe if I put some milk in my tea (do I like milk?)? And honey? lol, it won't be so healthy when I'm through making it drinkable! Worst case scenario, I'll take it to work and it will be a $7 reminder that I am not a tea drinker.

But I'm most excited about my cornish hens, I bought two twin-packs for $4.99/ea -- and that in and of itself is pretty darned exciting, but mostly it means that once one of those puppies thaws, I can use my new rotisserie oven (tomorrow?)! I'm looking forward to breaking that in. =) Mmmm... rotisserie chicken. And later in the week... Jerk chicken (or ex-boyfriend chicken as I prefer to call it).

Wonder if grocery stores stock up more on produce and health foods at the beginning of the year, since everyone goes on a health kick?

Anyway, I set up my system of envelopes, so when I got home I took out 'cash' in the amount of my purchase. It was higher than I'd wanted, but I bought a lot of pantry type stuff (almost forgot that 'r'... that would have been embarassing) that should last for a while. I try not to go to the store more than twice a month. I hate the grocery store...

Got my Your Shape software this afternoon... took about ten tries to load the damn thing, it kept getting hung up... which was annoying. The camera is a little tricky. I have to stand waaaaaaaaaaaaaay far away to get my whole body on the screen (and I look like a gargantuan fat blob by the way... or an apple... all I need is a hat and a red body suit and I could be in a Fruit of the Loom commercial... that's not motivating, it's depressing). Also means I can't read anything on the screen. Probably going to have to invest in cables so I can hook my laptop up to my television set. I dunno... it's not quite what I was expecting, it'll take some getting used to. I didn't see where you can input your goals other than picking which body parts you want to work, and only one goal for each... I would kind of like to tone and strengthen some of those body parts but I can only tone or strengthen... Anyway, I don't have great hopes for this one, and it wasn't fun... but I will perservere.

Last night I ordered some coconut oil capsules, and some coconut oil to cook with. I read that it is actually supposed to help you lose weight, and lower your bad cholesterol, as well as helping your thyroid function properly. You can use it whenever you'd use another oil (for cooking, since it's solid at room temp it's not good for salad dressings or anything cold). I also ordered some of that krill oil because I was going to order more fish oil, but this was buy one, get one free at Walgreens (saved $30 and now have a 120 day supply, woo-hoo!). I don't eat a lot of fish, so I'm probably low in Omega-3, which is why I have a brain fog all the time, and my mood is not as good. I suffer from depression, but most of the time I can manage it without taking medication, Omega 3 is supposed to be good for that... as is exercise... I just hate exercise SO MUCH, but I hate being fat and depressed even more, so I'm going to get off my butt, and if Your Shape doesn't work I'll just get back on the treadmill (even if YS does work I'm going to use the treadmill).

Wish my book would have come today, it would have been the perfect time because I'd have all day tomorrow to devour it. But no such luck. UPS lets me down again...

I know, I know... but it's early in the year, so I have to talk about all this exercise and health stuff to stay motivated.


  1. Gah. We are in the same boat right now friend. I wish you all the luck!

  2. Tooo funny my hubs has requested jerk chicken this week! Let me know how "Your Shape" works out. I was thinking of Wii Active Trainer so we'll see. I do not take vitamins as well as I should... sounds like you do a good job of that.I was thinking of starting SAM-E I saw in store. Looks like good stuff for ladies in my age group (since I am now in the 35+ group) I loathe exercise as well and whine and make excuses...
    Do you work out at gym or own your treadmill?
    Good luck girlie:)

  3. Hi, we're all on the health kicks and new projects for the new year. I'm starting at the gym next week and starting my second novel tomorrow. I have a facebook group called Writers Talk, if you would like to talk about anything writing related. It's new so not many people yet!

  4. Kato - Excellent! We can swap off rowing everyone once in a while so I don't have to row in circles all the time!

    LM - Jerk chicken is the most delicious thing in the universe (okay... one of them). I'm actually better at buying vitamins than I am at remembering to take them. But I try... And if there's a chance I might lose weight, I'll try harder, lol

    Tina - Hi! Wow a second novel, that's exciting! I finished my first and know where the second one is going, but haven't gotten started on it yet. I'll check out the group, sounds fun.