170 - Day 2...

So this is what the Apocalypse feels like... no computer... no internet... no way to communicate with people or share my thoughts... how could the human race possibly be expected to survive such a catastrophe (the real catastrophe being that no one can share my thoughts, lol)??? I tried sending smoke signals last night, but no one smoked back so I guess my messages sort of blended in with the smoke coming from people's fireplaces. I may have to start writing letters soon. If I go that route, this will have to become a paid subscription to cover the costs of writing materials and postage...

As I type, my beloved computer is sitting behind me (hopefully) being repaired by the office computer genius. So far the program has found 18 bad sectors, and 18 bad sectors have been recovered. It sounds promising. I will be sooooooooooooo happy if everything is repaired and recovered. So happy.

So yesterday I went to the orthodontist. He said I could correct my teeth with regular braces, clear braces, or Invisalign without having my wisdom teeth removed. I think maybe it just takes longer or something. He did ask why I didn't want my wisdom teeth pulled.... a question I momentarily couldn't answer because it was such a silly question -- I don't think anyone actually wants them pulled. I went with, 'because it'll hurt...' Seemed like a pretty solid answer, and one he couldn't argue with. So now I have to wait for my insurance to review the paperwork and agree to the charges, and then I would take molds of my teeth, have those molds sent to the lab that creates the plastic braces, and in a month or so I can start my treatment. Ironically he said with Invisalign it would take 24 months to straighten my teeth versus 18 with regular braces... but regular braces will still allow me to bite my fingernails and the insides of my cheeks, which is one of the reasons my front teeth are so crooked. And regular braces seem like they'd be hell to keep clean.

Also, Tom Tom took me on a strange route that I wouldn't have ever come up with in a million years, but it got me there in 15 minutes when Tom Tom and I were estimating more like 30, so I was pleased and will continue to use that route on future visits. Irish Tom Tom and I are getting along wonderfully. Hannibal Lecter didn't last long, couldn't hear him, and the schtick got old pretty quickly.

Last thought before I go... I hate when there are big trucks, SUV's or sedans in front of me and they slow down to 2 mph to go over a speed bump or railroad tracks... My car is so much lower to the ground than they are, and my shocks are designed so that I feel the road, which means it's not as smooth a ride, but I don't slow down... Wusses.


  1. Good luck with the cpu issues, I have faith all will be well in the world again for your cpu.

    Ouch, by all means don't get your wisdom teeth pulled if you can. That mess put me outta commission for a good week after mine were pulled. And man did it hurt like hell afterwards!

  2. I f*in' HATE the dentist office. They can suck it.
    I hope you can get by with as little pain and invasive shit as possible.

    Trust in the force. Your PC shall return to you.

  3. I'm the guy in the big truck that slows down to two mph to go over speed bumps or railroad tracks.... But that's only because my wife is sitting next to me yelling 'SLOW DOWN!!!! THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT A SPEED BUMP!!!!'

  4. LOL at asblackasobama, My husband loves to speed up over those and make me die laughing because I of course wasn't expecting it at all.

    Best of luck on the braces, my sister recently had hers taken off and she was so unhappy everytime they tightened them. She'd be eating soup for weeks.

  5. Ian - Exactly why I don't want them pulled!

    LM - I'm terrified of dentists. I think it's from watching Rudolph as a child...

    ABAO - LOL, at least it's under duress

    TFW - I hope Invisalign lessens the pain, but if not, what a great way to kickstart that weight loss goal of mine! (kidding... sort of...)

  6. I had regular braces for six years. They sucked.

    I think it's exciting you are doing this for yourself! Good for you girlfriend!