175 - It's Complicated

Day 5 and I woke up this morning with no pain in my legs or under my arms! Woot! I'm making progress!

Went to the movies this afternoon with a friend and saw It's Complicated. It was pretty good... a couple of really hilarious scenes, but all in all I felt it was a poor imitation of Something's Gotta Give (which I thought was a really good movie... meaning I can watch it multiple times without tiring of it). There was a GORGEOUS garden in the main character's backyard that I want! Ripe tomatoes... lettuce... all kinds of veggies... and it was so pretty... Hell, I'd take the whole house and be happy. Guess the garden is not meant to be though... at least not according to this. Damn Hollywood and the unrealistic expectations they create.

As I waited for my friend to get here, I watched an episode of Survivorman, and then I DVR'd a second one. It was interesting, and yet... a couple of times I found myself wondering if he actually knew what he was doing... He'd do something and then say you probably shouldn't do it, or in the second one he said he should have paid attention to where the sun was in the sky so he'd know east and west and therefore know which side of the water would be in the sun the longest. Now... I know that I wouldn't think of something like that, but he does this for a living... seems like he should have it down by now. Or he gutted a fish at his campsite and then said bears might smell the fish and come sniffing around... so shouldn't he have gutted the fish away from his campsite and then taken it back to cook? And once he was done eating, wash anything that smelled like fish, and dispose of the remains of the fish away from the campsite?


Last night I had a dream that McDonalds was giving away Halloween costumes. I wanted the red version of a flapper's outfit. My friend did, too. They tossed two packages on the counter, one was a bronzey-gold, the other was red. We asked for another red one. The girl behind the counter disappeared and came back with an entirely different costume. I told her I wanted another flapper costume and held the red one up. She came back again, with a flapper costume, in white. I told her I wanted a red flapper costume. She got an attitude and said there was another lady who'd been waiting for an hour while she was back there looking for my costume. I asked to talk to the manager. The manager (on the phone) agreed that it was ridiculous, but turned it around on me and said his employee shouldn't be wasting an hour looking for a free costume, so the promotion was off and now no one would get a costume. I told him it was his employee's fault, not mine, she spent 10 minutes back there each time, and if she'd paid attention to what I was asking, she wouldn't have wasted so much time. He said it was a freebie and I have to take what I get, no requests. I woke up tired of arguing...


  1. Hahaha!! Your dream is hilarious! I had messed up dreams all weekend, and I don't normally dream...

    Keep up the good exercising work!

  2. Love Survivorman!!!!!!
    Funny dream! I wonder what that's all about? Glad you aren't sore today!! WTG girlie:P

  3. Hmm...you have confrontations with customer 'service' people in real life, AND your dreams...sounds like I know someone who needs another vacation...or perhaps, secretly, you enjoy these little challenges???

  4. That sounds too close to real life (at least around this town). I could totally see the cashier at McDonalds doing that with the toy from the happy meal....

    I guess I will wait for It's Complicated to come out on dvd....Thanks for the heads up :)

    Oh yeah and congrats on the Progress!!!! Waking up without the workout pain is AWESOME!

  5. Keep going, I'm enjoying reading your progress thus far.

  6. Kato - I dream alllllllllllllll the time... and I remember most of them. When I have them, it's like living them, so I wake up tired a lot...

    LM - I've started DVR'ing it... like I need another show to watch, lol

    Joe - Agreed! I DO need another vacation! And yeah... I like to win... so in some ways I do enjoy it =)

    Bendigo - I feel your pain... it's what I've come to expect from customer service these days... sadly.

    Ian - Thanks! How are you coming?

    Thanks to all of you for the support on the exercise! I finished day 6... looking forward to day 7!

  7. I threw you a blog award today! I hope you love it, you deserve it and everything I said about you!