173 - I'm so twisted

I was watching a commercial for The Biggest Loser and it suddenly occurred to me that Jillian must be one scary lady in the bedroom:

Don't quit on me! Get up, keep going, DON'T STOP! Do you want this? DO. YOU. WANT THIS? Answer me! Don't look at the floor, look at ME! I asked you a question - do you want this?!? Yeah? You want this? Then SHOW me how much you want it. I don't want to hear 'I can't'! You CAN, and you WILL! Push through the pain, if it hurts that means you're doing it right. That's it! Keep going -- let me hear you scream! Good, now one more big push aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand done... Wait, are you... are those tears? Are you crying? Why are you crying?

LOL, wouldn't that give you ED if you had a woo-woo? (I only ask it that way because I don't personally have that kind of woo-woo)

So day 3... gonna wait until the time I would normally come home from work so my muscles get at least some rest, but I'm ready to go! Right now I'm walking like a cross between Frankenstein and an old woman but that isn't going to stop me... I actually tried to walk normally but I literally couldn't...

This morning I recorded a Bollywood dance workout so I can try that, because they look fun (but I also know that they're physically taxing). I know -- I'm crazy! It's probably something I'll do later once I've done my 30 days and start to do the Shred every other day instead of every day. Depends on the ratio of fun to exercise in the routine... if I feel like I'm working out it'll definitely wait. If it's fun, then what the hell! What I really love about this 30-day Shred is that in 20 minutes I'm done, and I don't get bored... there's no time to get bored because you're constantly moving. And the exercises get changed up so it doesn't feel like 20 minutes (odd to say that since sometimes, when my muscles feel like they're on fire, it actually feels like eternity to the nth degree).

I should take my measurements so I can see how much I'm losing. I'm probably imagining it, but I think I already see a small change in my body. I can post measurements as an incentive to myself... a picture would be too embarassing, but measurements are alright. So yeah... enough talk -- here goes, I'll update it once a week on Saturdays (good intentions anyway... I only have a metal tape measure, not one of the more flexible plastic ones... so this may be a little skewed):

Weight - 172 (unfortunately, that's not a negative 172... it's just a dash)
Bust - 39-1/2"
Chest - 34-1/2"
Waist - 36-1/2"
Hips - 43-1/2"
Thighs - 24"
Arms - 14"

So there you have it... my waist is currently 3-ft around... good gravy... Hopefully I'll start to see these numbers go down (and feel it in the way my clothes fit).

So... didn't do much last night that's worthy of writing about, and all I plan to do today is some organizational stuff (that's right Joe... I do have a problem with relaxation... every time I try to sit and watch a movie, I end up off the couch washing dishes or putting stuff away... I need to learn to chill out) and go to the grocery store. Oh -- and I should also make a backup disc while my computer is running like it's supposed to... just in case someday it doesn't... yep... I should definitely do that.

Also, to give myself a sense of accomplishment, I should (notice I didn't say 'will'?) finally take care of what seems like such a simple thing that I keep putting off -- I should paint those two small spots I've been ignoring for about a year now. The one in the kitchen, anyway. The one outside should probably wait, since it's raining and all... They're literally spots. I can take a paintbrush and dab once and be done... well... except for the cleanup... I'm such a procrastinator... Gah!


  1. That opening imagery was all at once funny and disturbing.

  2. Oh man, do I feel your pain! I've been hitting the gym regularly for years, with a few lapses now and then. But lately, wow, have I sucked! ;)

    So this week, I got there four times (I was shooting for five. See?), and holy shit does my back and legs hurt!

    But I'll make you a deal: I'll keep at it if you will. And we can complain about how bad it hurts. And then, when we're REALLY buff, we can laugh at others ... ;)

  3. Girl you are brave! Jillian scares the crap outta me... She is really weird looking too. Like, look close up at her she's oddly put together in the facial region...

  4. TS - Awesome! That's exactly what I was going for =)

    TT - Deal. I just finished today's workout, even though my underarms felt like they were made of scar tissue... I have a feeling when I sit down for a few minutes my calves are going to knot up... it's great...

    LM - She's not so scary (and I can say that because she's not in my face yelling at me, lol). I think she's pretty, depending on how they fix her up, but she does have masculine features... Come to think of it, her face is actually shaped a lot like Robin Wright's face (post-Princess Bride).

  5. Kristy- You are a brave, and awesome girl! I am so happy to be on this journey with you, and you are totally inspiring me right now!

    Thanks for being honest and lovely :)

  6. I figure if I posted all that stuff it would sort of shame me into having to do what I said I'd do. Makes it harder to quit when other people are watching!

    Besides, with comments like that, you guys are definitely motivating me to keep it up. It really does help on days like today when I wanted to skip a day (but I didn't!).

  7. This post cracks me up! Absolutely hilarious. I had to read a few times before I realized what you meant by 'woo-woo'.
    Too funny!

  8. I applaud you for having the courage to post all those stats on here. I saw a bunch of your pics *somewhere else* and think that you'll be well on your way in no time. If you saw mine, now you know why I don't post any on here. Don't want to scare away the customers lol

  9. Whatever... I've seen your pics *somewhere else* too, and you're just being silly. We always have different perceptions of ourselves that other people have of us. (see how irrational I can be when it comes to taking my own advice?)

  10. There is no way I will ever be able to watch Jillian again without thinking about this post!