187 - Too lazy for a title

Last night I laid on the couch like a miserable beached whale, bloated past the point of comfort (seriously -- can a body explode?), and watched television because it didn't require me to move. Lying on my belly made me feel better, it seemed to stop the gurgling, or at least slow it down. I think the problem is that having ravaged my gut with the stomach flu, there is no longer any bacteria left... good or bad... so, not to put too fine a point on it, eating is a necessity that I quickly come to regret every time I do it, because the aftermath is very uncomfortable, and if I had a significant other, I would feel sorry for them and probably ask them to relocate for a day or two. And the cheese pizza was a very bad idea. But I am eating yogurt with the aim of rectifying that situation. Other than that, I'm much improved. Yesterday I cleaned the vomitorium (bathroom), did two loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher. Figured it's best to get rid of the germies and start anew. Made me feel better anyway, metaphorically speaking.

I had a sneaking suspicion... the cats didn't stop shitting while I was sick. So today I had to clean the kitty litter, because the house was beginning to smell. I really wish Daphne was smart enough to use the cat door so she could poop in the garage with Gracie... I love her... but I don't think she's very bright... Anyway, so much of my life this week has revolved around poop, why not one more day? As an aside, is it sad that I was excited with I finally had a solid poo? No? Alrighty, just me then. As an added bonus, Daphne, ever sympathetic to my plight, vomited yesterday... on the floor... in front of me... where I could see and hear it... and she never, ever misses a grout line. Nothing helps a fragile digestive system more than cleaning up warm cat puke... Good times.

I need to start back on Jillian. I may try level 2 tonight and see how far I get. I'm not going to push it. I may do one circuit, I may do two... hell, I might surprise myself and do all three. But don't bet on it.

So, to get back to my original point... as I lay there on the couch, I found myself in a zombie-like trance, fixated on a program called Operation Repo. It's about an extremely overweight repo team (and one huge body builder), and their adventures in repo...ing. As one would presume, repo people aren't very popular, and their activities are not very well tolerated (and that's putting it mildly). I find myself torn, I see them as I see tow truck drivers... people making a living off of the despair of others, necessary, but not necessarily noble... a lot of people are hurting these days, and the majority of those people are good, honest people who have fallen on hard times but would otherwise never, ever miss a payment... however... not everyone is good and honest, and some of these people do deserve to have their vehicles repo'd. Nothing is black and white in my world... everything is grey, grey, grey... maybe it's why I like rainy days. So Tru TV was apparently having a O.R. marathon last night, and I couldn't stop watching... it was so entertaining... but no repo... not one... came close to topping this very special repo of a Delorean. They're among us, people... they're among us...

Then I watched Dan in Real Life. I DVR'd it a long, long time ago... because I could... but every time I scrolled through my list I passed it by. I didn't remember good reviews, and (please put the tomatoes down) Steve Carrell isn't a big draw for me... I didn't find The 40-Year Old Virgin all that amusing and I don't watch The Office... But I was in the mood to try something different, and of all my reserves, it was the most appealing. I actually enjoyed it. It certainly wasn't a light-hearted romp, but it wasn't all dark and dreary. So there's that, for what it's worth.

Also, I'm excited, because on Wednesday, Bear (Man vs. Wild) is doing an urban survival episode. I started to realize that I've learned a lot about survival here lately, at least in theory... but I'm missing a pretty important piece of the puzzle... how to live after I survive. Eventually people have to settle down somewhere, resume their lives, and rebuild... most of us don't know how. 'Simple' things like planting crops, preserving foods, building houses... things a generation as recent as our grandparents would probably take for granted. And this part will be interesting... we have to learn how to interact again... there won't be any texting or blogging... we'll have to conduct conversations face to face... my oh my... Sorry to get back on the Apocalyptic kick, I watched After the Apocalypse this morning and it was very, very interesting. It tracks a fictional family through the initial pandemic and then through the ensuing weeks, showing likely scenarios they would endure. Sadly, the father endures the pandemic, evades looters, gets out of L.A., makes it through the desert, gets out of a sticky situation with a gang and finally gets his family to a new settlement... only to die of an infection from a small cut on his finger... so much for happy endings...

So tonight I'll settle in for more tv... then I'll take a bath and delve back into Circus of the Damned, book 3 in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K Hamilton... then back to the tv... and hopefully no beached whale tonight... If I can't wake up feeling better tomorrow I'd rather just spontaneously combust in my sleep... this is getting old.

Somewhere out there is a sitcom with Billy Zane in it... things are definitely on an upswing...


  1. We liked Dan in Real Life - cute. But Little Miss Sunshine! Have you seen it? FAB-U-LOUS! Hysterical! So NOT what I thought it was going to be about. I thought it was going to be a cutsie movie about a little girl and it definitely isn't. It's one we'll watch over and over.

  2. I agree "Little Miss Sunshine" was a wonderful film. Masterfully directed and the dialogue is really great.
    You are a trooper... sick and then right back into Jillian!!! Wow... I am amazed!!
    I am also looking forward to Bear's new episode:P and not just because he is hot

  3. Personally, I'm allergic to cats, but loved your descriptive commentary regarding yours! Girl, I love how your mind works! I'll bet you are the kind that can discuss all of this while out to eat, much to the chagrin of your fellow diners! I'm that way and get called out on it, quite regularly. Nothing is off-limits just because people are eating. How 'bout you?

  4. Billy Zane is awesome....I think your cat should get an extra treat for sharing in your discomfort....Very unusualy for cats to give 2 shits (literally) about anyone but themselves....They are so like humans sometimes...

    Here's hoping your exercise does more good than bad for ya!!

  5. Taking a bath after being sick is always a good idea...working out with Mistress Jill...maybe it is too soon. Speaking of poop, did you read Redhead Rantings Discourse on Squirrel Poop?

  6. Love Little Miss Sunshine too.

    By the way i am mildly outraged that your cats didn't stop shitting when you were ill - how inconsiderate of them!

    Hope you feel better soon and sending you cyber hugs

    Kate xx

  7. AA - *wince* I didn't really care for LMS... it had it's moments, but overall it didn't resonate with me.

    LM - Gonna have to fess up that that Jillian thing didn't happen. I had good intentions but when it came down to it decided to hold off until tonight.

    MA - lol, you're right, I'd probably talk about it at lunch. Although if we were eating chocolate pudding or something like that I'd probably hold off...

    Bendigo - Mmmm... Billy... This morning there was cat puke in the water bowl... that's just disgusting... there's supposed to be a boundary...

    Joe - I read Redhead Ranting pretty much everyday... that was amazing, no telling how much of my yard is pebbled with that shit...

    Kate - It was inconsiderate wasn't it? I'd do it for them if they had to clean up after me!

  8. You're probably getting tired of this by now, but I've passed an award your way here:


  9. Yippeeeeeee! I have given you an award... hope you are on the mend sweetie!


  10. Wow, thanks guys! (This isn't just cuz you feel sorry for the sick girl is it? lol)

  11. Ok I am going to apologize about this one up front, but HAHAHAHA on the cat barf! You know I understand all too well!

    And I hope you are back in tip top shape by now! Sorry I have taken so long to comment!