179 - I'm so embarassed...

Holy crap, I went to bed with 43 followers and woke up with 46! Wait... that doesn't sound right... I didn't mean... Oh well, the rumor mill will do what it'll do... ;)

On top of that I got two more awards! The first from Chuck Norris (via Ian at Daily Dose of Reality). I like Chuck Norris. I hope he likes me too. Little known fact -- the opening scene of the movie "Saving Private Ryan" is loosely based on games of dodgeball Chuck Norris played in the second grade. Mmm-hmmm. And the second award, the I Love Your Blog award, from Miss Lisa Marie at The Domestication of a Party Girl. I'm on top of the world! Whee! (and hyper -- it's Friday and payday)

On to the blog --->

Fair warning... I fear that you are going to lose a couple of ounces (possibly a full pound) of respect for me, because I am about to reveal to you the following... embarassing, and completely nonsensical reality television shows I am currently addicted to... Why I involve myself in the lives of these shallow, callous, aggravating, aggressive, immature people... well... I will never be able to explain it... even to myself. And yet... I'm sucked in... I actually DVR these shows... I'm going to go hide now...

Now in my defense, I'm usually blogging, doing housework, cooking, or other things as I listen to these shows in the background... but pitiful excuses aside, I'm still watching... so... yeah... here it is in black and white (depending on your monitor settings). This list is in order of their appearance on my DVR's 'To Do' list:

-- Jersey Shore - A group of college aged kids who call themselves Guidos and Guidettes. They are spray tanned to within an inch of their lives. The guys are ripped, in a scary way, like their flesh is so taut that it looks like a garbage bag about to split open. There is so much hairspray and gel on their person that I'm afraid my television screen will get clogged with it. Almost every episode usually ends with someone getting punched. It's frustrating. And after I watch, I realize I'm no fun.

-- Taking the Stage - This show takes place at a high school for the performing arts... and in this school, drama's not just for the drama department. I'm pretty sure some of these kids actually exceed FDA safety guidelines for shallowness and self-absorption. There were two kids last year that actually activated my gag reflexes. And yet... I'm going to watch season 2 because there's a talented musician and I want to see what's happening with her. And I'm a loser.

-- Secrets of Aspen - This is my version of Hell. I truly hope I never run into this crowd. Backstabbing, gossip, valley girl accents... If I were to judge Aspen on the basis of this show... please God let me never find my within a 100 mile radius! I don't have enough silicone in my body, or crystal gel on my nails...  I would surely perish.

-- Hoarders - These poor people... they make my grandmother look like a neat freak. There was a lady last week, who had to go through the garbage before she'd let the crew dump it... think about it -- it's stuff she'd already thrown away once. That's some serious shit! One minute they're pleasant enough, perhaps even a little timid, but the minute someone attempts to throw something away they turn into Rottweilers. I'm surprised no one's been bitten.

-- Teen Mom - Kind of interesting, but as you would expect, immaturity abounds. I can abide most of the couples on the show, but there is one girl who (along with her family) really annoys the crap out of me. I guess I think, no matter your age, once you have a child, you have to grow up to some extent. It's time to stop partying and going goo-goo gaa-gaa over guys while you leave your daughter with your parents yet again, and then get pissed at them for daring to grouse. When even your friends are telling you to stay home with the kid, maybe you should listen.

-- The Bad Girls Club - This is the one I really can't explain to myself. These girls are bat shit crazy. If I was in that house I would either gnaw my arm off to get away, or go find a place to hide until it was all over. There are at least two clinically insane girls in this house. Seriously. Flo is a nutjob. I want to like her, but she's c-r-a-z-y. Natalie make Narcissus look humble. The whole show raises my blood pressure. But I watch. Every Week. Mostly I think I'm waiting for Flo to kill Natalie...

Yesterday was day 8. I advanced to level 2 of the Shred. Suprisingly I liked it. I couldn't do it all without modifications (there are a lot of moves that are based in plank position) but I gave it my best shot, and saw it through to the end. Without vomiting. Or fainting. I'm already feeling it in my arms, so I know tonight is not going to be a cake walk (mmmm... cake...), but I'll live. She incorporated some different arm muscles this time. My arms are getting pretty buff... ask Greg, yesterday I invited him to the gun show... now if my stomach will just flatten and my thighs and butt will shrink... two more days and I measure myself. Fingers crossed.


  1. oh yes! It was a gun show to admire! definite firepower there. And I am very proud of you for sticking with it because I know it is difficult. This has motivated me to get off my butt and exercise also, so keep it up!

  2. It's all about sending more and more people to each others sites. You know...sharing the lurv...and you're the one who won the Blog of The Year, and you barely mention that fact.

    Heck, I'd put that mess up in lights!!!


  3. I watch Hoarders. It's oddly compelling.
    The one I'm really addicted to is Pawn Stars. I love looking at all the weird things that come through the shop.

  4. lamo I can not bear to watch Hoarders. I saw an episode and it totally scarred me. I am such an OCD neat freak I think my mind snapped!
    I admit I like Teen Mom. There I have said it.
    Hey congrats on your new "guns" hahahaha!!!

  5. Greg - I'll pay you Monday

    Ian - Mention it? I blogged about it! lol

    TS - I watched Pawn Stars once and got totally pissed off at the way they rip those poor, stupid people off. I couldn't take it anymore...

    LM - I'm a neat freak too, but oddly it affects me in the same way Clean House does - it makes me want to clean! I could never be one of those poor organizers or counselors... I'd snap... I'm not that patient!

  6. Of that list the only one I have watched is Hoarders...It's a pretty sad ting, so I can't watch too much of it...

    It's great to hear that your exercise regime is continuing...I'm sure that you are going to get where you want modifications be damned :)

    Keep it up..you are my motivation to do this crap they call "healthy living" (you know that exercise thing)....

    Oh yeah congrats on the awards...you are most deserving of any recognition you receive :)

  7. Make that 47 followers by my math, Kristy.
    I guess I am getting old, I have not even HEARD of any of those shows!

  8. Bendigo - Want me to yell at you? I'd do that for you... you know... OFF THE COUCH AND ON YOUR FEET! and all that, lol

    Joe - You are correct sir - 47! Woot! And no, that doesn't make you old, it makes you smarter than me!

  9. I love Jersey Shore and am also addicted to hoarders, along with the intervention. My husband thinks it's odd that I watch both but hey to each his own. Congrats on the awards!

  10. I love Intervention, but I'm not ashamed of that one so it didn't make the list. When we were visiting my grandma last year my family was asking me why I watch it and giving me the stink eye...

  11. I love you list and your blog Kristy :) and will be coming back to visit often along w/everyone else.. congrats on your awards! You deserve them!!


  12. Congrats on the awards! You know I think you more than deserve them :)

    Also, god, I watch those shows too! I am ashamed to say it, but I do! I try to hide it from Dave too. He will come in the room and I will quickly change the channel and pretend I am engrossed in the Discovery program about mean machines, or whatnot. Sigh.

    Awesome job on the exercising! I start my journey tomorrow! xo