186 - A series of random thoughts...

As a kid I used to imagine living in an upside down house. I don't know what fascinated me about it, but I would lie on the floor, looking up at the ceiling and imagine life turned upside down. The ceiling fan would become a sit-n-spin, the doorframes were seating, the lights like little fire pits to sit around and warm yourself. It was a source of endless fascination for me.

Yesterday's television programming seemed to be all about how the Earth was formed (first part of the day), and how the Earth will end (latter part of the day), primarily the deterioration of the polar ice caps. It's interesting to hear scientists admit that this global warming thing is actually part of a natural cycle... so while I will admit that we are abusing the Earth, it's not solely our deeds that are causing these calamities, but a natural, though undesirable, series of events. All that, to say this: Why does the stereotype have to be true??? About 3/4 of the scientists they profiled were shaggy-bearded, bohemian-looking geek men (this isn't from the show, but it's one of the scientists they profiled)! It is truly astounding! (does that make me shallow?)

I know it goes against all rational thought, but I figured that as miserably bloated as I was (like a mylar balloon about to bust at the seams), maybe a little exercise might relieve some of that pressure. So I did the first circuit of level one. I didn't push it any further than that. I'm not sure it helped. Not sure it hurt anything either. Then I ordered a cheese and mushroom pizza, with extra cheese and extra shrooms. It was yummy, but I'm not sure it was smart. I've never heard so much gurgling. I think I need to eat yogurt to restore my balance or something... right now nothing makes my tummy happy. Nuh-thing. Sure tasted good though.

If I feel up to it this weekend I'm going to start my garden. I bought a bunch of seeds and am excited to start growing my own fresh veggies. I didn't do it last year, but I did the year before. I didn't take it too seriously, just threw stuff into the ground and watched what happened. Literally. I can't remember what all I tossed into the ground that year. I was just having fun with it. This year I want to see if I can grow enough lettuce that I don't have to buy any at the store. I know that in the grand scheme of things, $1.79 a head isn't much, but this way I know it wasn't doused in pesticides, and if I run out, I can just head out back and pick more. It will always be fresh. I also bought peas and spinach and beets and tomatoes and peppers... hell, I don't remember everything I bought... I went a little crazy...

Was watching Man vs. Wild last night, and found myself thinking -- 'no way in hell...' It wasn't because he was eating something nasty, it wasn't because he slept in a bivouac hanging from a tree so a jaguar wouldn't get at him... nope, it was the cave he went into. Going into a dark cave, crawling around in tight spaces, not knowing if you're heading for a way out or wedging yourself into a spot that you can't get out of. It's my version of a nightmare. I can't imagine people who enjoy it. I once watched a show where these two divers were following a city water route to see what all fed into it, and they were going through these incredibly narrow passages where sometimes they had to remove a backpack or push and pull each other through. It made me incredibly nervous. Maybe I'm just claustrophobic... it's the same reason I don't think I'd do well on a submarine or a space shuttle... I need to know I'll be able to breathe... in that cave there was water... and I don't have gills... It got really scary after the torch went out, if they hadn't had night vision on the camera they wouldn't have been able to see a thing... that's bad... and he didn't freak out... at least not visibly. Bear is a machine!


  1. I hear you on that. I have a hard time with watching things underwater. My breath actually quickens. I think it is because I thought I was drowning when I was 4, and all I needed to do was put my feet on the bottom of the pool and stand up!

    Titanic, The Poseiden Adventure (original) I have a hard time watching.

    I would love to grow vegetables, but we have too many rabbits. Good luck and Have fun!!

  2. Ok I am officially jealous. What's the temp where you live? It's friggin 15 degrees out today!! ARRGGGGHHH

    Glad you are feeling better, that's fo sho!

  3. I've watched people go through caves on tv both on land and underwater where they have no idea what is on the other side. Just watching it scares the crap out of me since I'm totally afraid of becoming stuck in there. Dying in some strange cave underwater seems like a total waste to me, so I'll take my chances and see how fate determines my destiny otherwise.

    Hope to see you at work Monday. 8-)

  4. The pizza sounds good...well except for the mushroom part, but my italian side says MORE CHEESE!!!!

    I agree with you..i don't have any need to get into a cramped little cave full of water..I'm quite sure there won't be a Starbucks or Pizza Hut anywhere in there so I will just watch some schmuck on tv go instead..(I bet he got scared too)

  5. Love the idea of living upside down. Whole lot less cluttered up there! But, I would be forced to battle the demon dust bunnies that seem to thrive in high places, beyond the reaches of the vacuum cleaner, without a tall ladder. Then again, if everything was turned upside down, that task might not be so daunting and I would surely have it just as cluttered as right side up.

  6. I love Man vs Wild. But why is it every time he finds a cave he feels the need to explore it? More times than not it's a bad idea.

  7. Love your blog! You switch thoughts/subjects like my daughter switches clothes lol Good Stuff Good Stuff :D


  8. No way, K! I used to imagine the same thing! Upside down...and the ceiling was the floor!
    Wow, this is spooky...

  9. @Ian: I don't know what 15 F is, but it's -20 Celsius here, so I got the same reaction as you!

    Is it really possible to grow something in winter? Even though it's hotter where you live? I can't even imagine it!

    And about the caves...ughhhh shudder! I wouldn't be able to do that either and thinking about it gives me the creeps!

  10. 15 f means its fucking cold! Haha...32F is freezing (0c) put it that way!

  11. LOL.. ok Kristy my daughter asked my what the heck I was "rambling" about after I read your blog lol.. so I went and wrote a little story about you on my "new" blog :)



  12. Wow, look at all the comments! I love comments! It's the best part of writing a blog!

    TGNDGU - Happens to me too, not sure it's good for my stress level. I've spent all day watching Storm Chasers and my adrenaline is pumping!

    Ian - It's supposed to be cold this weekend... right now it's... um... 52F. Donthitme!

    Greg - I kind of thought the same, there were other ways through that jungle. But it's meant to be extreme I suppose.

    Bendigo - You know, come to think of it, there weren't any Starbucks in that cave!

    MA - Dust bunnies. Bane of my existence. Was just talking to Lisa Marie about them the other day... I keep a clean house, but no matter what... dust bunnies...

    TS - Because he's Bear, and bears live in caves?

    Aion - LOL, welcome to my nightmare

    Joe - Way! Must say something about how we perceive things...

    Sarah - LMAO, I'm sorry girl, you need to move! 15F means you win, it's colder where you are... you're at -4F, which means Ian can quit the bitchin'. Planting times for my zone say that I can indeed garden... we don't get much below 40 for long. But visit us in the summertime and you'll experience a different kind of hot and humid hell... Joe can probably vouch, even though he's north of me.

    Ian - Quit the bitchin, lol, Sarah wins ;)

  13. Aion - That's awesome, I absolutely love your blog. What a great, and unique, idea you've got going. And a great way to bond with your daughter, too.

  14. You're hilarious, Kristy! Keep 'em coming.

  15. I agree about the water and caves thing. The worst was that movie with Kate Hudson and Matthew McCaughney (SP) can't even remember the name because it was kind of stupid. But she is holding her breath underwater and going through all these narrow passages. As I watched, I sat squirming in my seat. It was awful.

    I'm glad you feel better too. Good riddance to crappy weeks!

  16. Oh no. Oh no no no. I am DREADFULLY claustrophobic so you even talking about tight spaces had me feeling funny. I can't even go and sit in a movie theatre because I feel like I am trapped. It's a bog room, but there are too many people.

    Yikes! Watching that would have made me nervous as well!