241 - Theoretical Thursday

Theoretically, someday I'm going to get this tattoo, only instead of a gun, Harley will have a giant wooden mallet slung over her shoulder... let the head bonking begin... Puddin'.


  1. P.S. Thanks Ian! It's awesome! Just try to right click! Do it!

  2. That is a most cool tat :) Some day I'll post mine (yeah i was a rebel)....

  3. ASS CLOWN FTW!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, the other code works great just as long as you don't need people to copy and paste anything if you ever put up a button or code...etc.

  4. I LOVE Harley Quinn, she was kind of an obession a few years back. I love Alex Ross's artwork and he has done some spectacular Harley and Joker pieces.

  5. If you get this tat, where will it be? It looks like it will be pretty big, the place on your body where you will enough real estate might be on your back...then you can't see it...

  6. Bendigo - Was it supposed to be a secret???

    Ms. A - You right clicked, didn't you? Bwahaha it cracks me up...

    Ian - I ain't that fancy

    LM - I love Harley too! She's my fave.

    Joe - Don't know yet, but the tats really only as big as I want it to be. I haven't decided if I want her on my upper back, the outside of my upper arm, or my calf. That, and justifying the money, have held me back for a couple of years now. If I got her really small I could get her on the back of my neck...

    What do you guys think?

  7. ASS CLOWN!!!! HA HA!!!! I love it!

    Do you have any other tattoos? Could Harley complement another tattoo you have?

  8. It depends on the size, obviously, but I think that your choices are pretty good!! It would be really cool at the back of your neck, though! I did mine on the thigh, but I don't think it's as big as that one would have to be..!