250 - I wonder...

I wonder…

I wonder what the world would do if it ever turns out Snopes.com is total bullshit? I go there to verify any email that doesn't sound right. I put my faith in Snopes. My world would come crumbling down if they too were an urban legend...

I wonder if real estate agents or model home attendants ever feel vulnerable? This weekend mom and I got bored so we decided to tour a couple of model homes, she likes to look at the decorations, and I always drool over the big house I like but will never be able to afford (500k, wtf?). Funny sidestory, my friend Melody and I used to go into model homes when we were teenagers, open the freezer and eat the ice. Weird adjunct to funny sidestory, there was always a dot of glue at the bottom of the cub..icle… I know... gross all the way around. But I'm not dead, so it's all good. So back to what I was saying, mom and I went in and looked at this gorgeous, light-filled, wonderfully decorated 3,500 square foot home that backs up to a golf course and has a Kristy-approved sized lot, and there was one guy in the house. I assume guys don’t worry (as much) about things like rape, but someone could easily rob them and ransack the house. So, say the model home has a security camera… so what? That doesn’t help in the heat of the moment.

Now, at the model home, I assume people drop by randomly, so the risk is reduced. But he also took us to a finished one story home that was on the market. It was kind of out there by itself as far as population goes. It was surrounded by other houses under construction, but nobody lived in them yet. So it was him, my mom, and I. If I were him, I’d be a little worried. He doesn’t know that my mom aren’t Thelma and Louise. And he wasn’t a big guy. But imagine it if you were a woman, and it was a guy, or even two guys. No way would I feel comfortable. So, I’ve crossed real estate agent and model home attendant off my list of potential careers.

I wonder if my cat would recognize her own mother if Sammy found her way back home? Sammy was abducted, either intentionally or unintentionally, by a neighbor who moved out of the neighborhood. I like to think it was intentional, because at least that means they wanted her and are taking care of her. That said, I don't like that she's gone. I love Sammy, she is an incredible cat... fearless, sweet, beautiful, I hope she has a good life. It's been almost a year, and I still look out my back door, hoping to see her in my yard... But I do wonder, if Sammy and Gracie were reunited, would they even know each other? I would think since they are mom and daughter, they would, but I don’t know. Cats are funny about that kind of thing.

Yesterday I had a great shopping day. Sixty-five cents out of pocket with $5 in register rewards at Walgreens (for $60 worth of stuff). $23 out of pocket at CVS and $20.50 in ECBs (for $99 worth of stuff). And today I got two Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Cleans ($7.99 each), two refills ($5.99 each), and two Gillette Fusion razors (on sale for $6.99 each), used two $5 coupons for the Extend-a-Cleans, two buy the Extend-a-Cleans get the refill frees, two $4 off the Gillette Fusions, total out of pocket $12.12 with $10 in gift cards back. Not bad eh? Yep, I'm addicted. If I hadn't already submitted the $5 SC Johnson rebate (when you buy 3 of their products), I would have made money... sigh... (again, that's southernsavers.com and/or any of the others on my sidebar... they update all the time).
On the exercise front, this is my newly implemented "rest week." It's a concept provided to me by my P90X fanatical friend. He says they have a "rest week" and that's when he saw the most change in his body. The rest week isn't a week of me sitting on my butt. Instead I'm resting my muscles, no more squats or lifts or anything like that, this week I am using my treadmill and walking until I burn 250 calories, however long it takes. If I run or use a higher incline, it takes less time.
I also bought lavendar at Home Depot. I love lavendar. It's about time I had some in my garden.


  1. 1. I had no idea Sammy was gone. If Sammy and Gracie were reunited, you better believe they would remember each other.

    2. I hear you on the real estate agent thing...that was one of my many, many gigs in my life...and yes, it is dangerous to do an open house. Around here in DFW, you hear news stories about them being killed.

    3. I love how you post all you little coupon thingys you do. You do it to save money, but you also do it for fun. You would do it if you were rich, I know you would.

  2. I'll bet people got absolutely sick of me checking out all the forwarded email stuff on snopes. I'd always send the link back to them and tell them to check it out. I'm not nearly as gullible as I used to be. If snopes ended up being an urban legend, I'd be crushed.

  3. I agree with Joe... you would clip coupons even if you were rich..

    I don't think guys worry so much about rape or robbery as women...Don't really know why that is, since many guys I know are wimps and would be easily robbed (hell maybe raped too).

    I think they would know each other as well...My dog "ran" away once(he was abducted). He came back many months later and fell right back into the routine with his brothers...

  4. I would be so embarrased if snopes was phoney. I've made some people look silly based on that website.

  5. This post was a great mix of good stuff, minus the weird guy in the home, and the glue at the bottom of your shoe, and your suspicion of snopes. At the end of the day, lavender is the best. I agree!

  6. I think the world would turn on its axis if snopes was bullshit. Happy 250 posts!

  7. Can you do my shopping for me?

    That's sad that your cat got stolen. I love cats, I live with 8.

  8. Wait a minute! So that Nigerian prince really didn't have $1.8 trillion for me? But he inherited it from his father!?!?!

    Are we going to see a Thelma and Louise remake starring Kristy and her mother?

    Whenever our cat escapes.... He always finds his way home.... Anything is possible....