265 - A good week

Haven't lost any of you guys this week, still at 74 'followers'! Hopefully this doesn't run anyone off...

It's another short one. Gotta have balance in your life, right?

A name to add to the list of 'names not to stick my children with'... Sparkles. I got a call from Sparkles at Staples to let me know that my order had arrived. I wonder if she's a vampire... now that they sparkle in the sunlight and all...

Oh... can't pass this up since I'm alluding to Twilight... this has to be the best People of WalMart creature of all time... not necessarily the creature per se, but the comment that the person who submitted it made. I love Twilight (the books), but...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sparkles isn't too bad...
    We have a guy at work here named Tad Dickey.
    Imagine going around one day and saying to people "I am feeling just a tad dicky today..."

  2. I'm going to have to start shopping at Wal-Mart *just* to watch the creatures. I generally avoid the place like the plague. :)

  3. Joe - LOL, worst I've seen is Lesbiana

    Terry - Be careful out there... they look skeery...

    Ms. A - No Kool-Aid left... I drank it all.

  4. Really Sparkles??? Poor girl. Pretty much don't see her as a Presidential Candidate, do ya?!

  5. Sparkles. Hilarious! I was thinking about naming my daughter Delicious but I think I will now pass.

    That picture is hilarious but the comment under it just puts it over the top! LMAO

  6. Sparkles? I know a guy named Richard Seaman, he goes by the name of Dick.

  7. Was that YOU in front of the Kool-Aid display, in the Wal-Mart picture?

  8. Sparkles!
    No... no one would do that to their kid. No one could look a baby in the eyes and name it Sparkles.

  9. Lesbiana??? Are you SERIOUS??

  10. Apparently if you're named Sparkles you're destined for one of two jobs.... Who would have thought that one of them would be Staples....

    I heard a woman in the store yell at her daughter.... Her name was Sha'Purple.