242 - It's Friday. That's good.

Ever since I got the code from Ian to prevent right clicking, I've been right clicking on my blog like a fool. It amuses me to no end when that little message pops up.

It's the little things.

Today seemed longedy-long-long. I know it's not technically a holiday weekend (in that we get an extra day off), but most people took the last half of the day, and that means it was ghost town USA. Boring.

This morning I got a new computer. At work, not at home. They call the process "getting a refresh," or "being refreshed." I don't find it refreshing. As great a job as those guys do at transferring data over, there's always something that irritates me about the new computer... having to reorganize my desktop icons... having to get my resolution back to normal... bundling the thousands of cords projecting out the back of the computer. Yes, it's a hard life I have. And I noticed that the computer case was wider, and the keyboard was bulkier... only the speakers got smaller. My new mouse has a scroll wheel like the old one, but this one is annoyingly loud.

Me no likey.

So the guy was done with my refresh, and he made a call to the call center to close the ticket. He said he needed to 'recycle a name... Hutchison... H... O... oh wait, H as in home, U as in...' But when he said it, it sounded like this, 'I need to recycle a name... Hutchison... H... O... oh wait, H as in ho, U as in...' What??? You're calling me a ho? You don't even know me! (Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!)

Last night I was awakened at 11:33 pm by the one thing (for storytelling purposes) in life that I cannot abide. Bass. Loud and thumpy. It. Drives. Me. Nuts. My bloodpressure immediately shoots up and I want to rip something apart -- I can't take it.

I jumped out of bed, flipped on the porch light and looked out the front window. No cars, nothing obvious. 'Calm down,' I told myself. 'Even though I can't see it, it's probably just a car dropping someone off, they'll be gone in a minute.' Got back into bed, breathing hard, wanting to hit something and scream. I restrained myself.

Could still hear it. Was getting increasingly aggravated (hell I'm aggravated now, just typing about it). I managd to restrain myself for another minute or so before hopping out of bed and opening a window to gauge where it was coming from. Strange. I didn't hear it at the front of my house.

I went to the back of the house. Ah... there it was. Some moron on the street behind me. I even thought I could pinpoint the house by the fact that their garage door was up and the light was on. I'm all for being neighborly and asking nicely, but it's after 11:30 pm, and I'm not about to go tromping around the block to ask some strange someone to turn their music down (not that I expect it would have done any good, it probably just would have turned into a confrontation). Time to call the coppers.

So I called.

And I waited.

Licking my lips with naked anticipation.

The moment came about 5 minutes later. Sudden silence. Glorious, wonderful silence. I giggled a little.

Assclowns. What the fuck are they doing with their stereo full blast at that hour on a school night? So loud that I could hear it through my double-paned windows with the television on! I was so wound up that it took me another hour to go back to sleep. Grrr. I hate people.


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  2. I hate trading out computers. I keep my own running smoothly till they fall apart. Even then if I can tape it together I will.

    Heh heh, "assclowns" that's a funny word.

  3. I hate people as well!! And i love assclowns as well! lol CRACKS me up! I totally agree with you on changing computers as well you have redo your settings & such... so that really sucks... Hopefully things got better & it is quite nice to get stupid people in trouble! lol

  4. Ha. I actually used the word "assclown" in my novel. My editor flagged it, asking me if it was a real word!

    I left it in, of course.

  5. Whoa, there Girl! Easy now!
    I feel your pain, I HATE that loud thump thump bass garbage too. I mean, I like deep bass in a song, but not if that is only thing you hear...and NOT when I am trying to sleep.
    We call it 'refresh' at our work too, must be a techie term. I know it is hard to get everything set up the way you like it, but still, getting a new PC is cool..
    My home PC is 5 years old, time for a 'refresh'. I like doing that, I get to undo all the garbage and start fresh.
    But that is just me.

  6. I just fell for the right-click assclown trick. I can't stop laughing.
    Computer terminology is frickin' bizarre(e.g., refresh). What assclowns made that stuff up?
    Thanks for making me laugh, Kristy.

  7. TS - Wish I could take credit, but that was also Ian's idea, I just ran with it

    Kimberly - I was only sad that I couldn't see the lights flashing or hear the cop telling them to turn it down

    Terry - LOL, that seals it... I knew it was going to be a good book, but with the addition of assclown it's destined for greatness

    Joe - Breathing in the calm... I like getting new stuff, so the fact that it's shiny and new outweighs the minor nitpicky stuff...

    Robyn - LOL, and you'll do it again and again! It's FUN!

  8. U should of went over there with some firecrackers. People suck and everybody is rude. Fight!

  9. Bet your new, refreshed computer isn't white! I'm still having to figure out the new stuff on the old one! Everything looks so different, even the icon display, on the desktop.

    We get the earth shattering bass during the night hours, too! I'm usually awake for it. (Noise makers are great at muffling the outside noises. I can't sleep without mine.)

  10. You would die if you lived in my apartment. I have a neighbor that will play loud, wall shaking bass music which is uncensored rap music. Then he and his baby mama will yell at each other some times at the top of their lungs all night long. JEEZ, I hate it. I just want to keep to myself and live a nice normal life but PEOPLE won't let me. LOL

  11. I feel you on this one...
    I'm telling you my neighbor is from hell. Literally.

  12. Hahaha I really found it funny that you finished your post with "I hate people" and tagged the post with "Sharing the lurv" :P And oh you made me laugh with that guy who said "H" as in ho..there are so many other words starting with "h"..Seriously!!

  13. I hate changing computers.... Even though mine is super slow, I know where everything is.... lol

    By the way, the whole neighbor situation is why I want to take my family to live on our own private island.... Johnny Depp is sooooo lucky.