264 - An argumentative SOB

Today I was introduced (once again) to 'how not to argue if you want people to listen to a damn thing you're saying':

1) Take the meat of what the person you're arguing with says, slightly twist it into something you know they didn't mean, confront them with it an agressively argumentative manner.
2) Season with a thinly veiled insult
3) Sprinkle with rhetoric
4) Insult them again, but make it more obvious (because they're so stupid that they probably missed it the first time)
5) Refuse to accept defeat, even when you are 100% wrong
6) Make it personal
7) Make everything literal, even if it gets ridiculous
8) Keep going like a demonic Energizer bunny intent on getting the last word in - post, post, post!
9) Argue with EVERYONE (no one can accuse you of discrimination!)
10) Call the other person names and then accuse them of introducing emotion into the argument while you are 'merely stating facts'
11) Fail to recognize that you are a hypocrite

I'm sure there are several additional ways to do this (in)effectively, but I think that covers the basic of How to Debate Like An Ass Clown 101. We hope you've enjoyed our crash course. Stay tuned for future episodes.


  1. I'm looking forward to the post where you show us an example of said measures for being an "ass clown" (lol...love that saying)

  2. good lord! Sounds like somebody benefit from a healthy dose of shut the f*ck up

  3. ha ha, you guys crack me up.
    I think, what you are trying to say, Kristy, is that one should not discriminate, but everyone equally, regardless of race, color, or creed.

  4. Oh, goody... Kristy's on her bandwagon and I can't wait to hear more.

  5. Don't hide your feelings tell us how you really feel, I don't like the idea of you holding back when you actually brought up the subject of treating everyone equally regardless of race and all that other stuff Joe pointed out, now I am not sure if you realize that you actually called us ass clowns or not but I just wanted to bring it to your attention because you really shouldn't hide a fact like that about yourself. LOL

    Was this where we were going or did I take the wrong road again :)

  6. Bendigo - Eh. I would, but he'd probably do a google search, find me and continue the damn argument

    Lisa - YES!

    Joe - Ummmm... hmmm...

    Ms. A - ...and I'm about to pull out my soap box!

    Jimmy - LMAO, my apologies. You didn't actually sign up for the course, so you don't get a certificate... therefore... you aren't an Ass Clown.