263 - Blah-g

Not in a very upbeat mood today for some reason. Spent most of the afternoon feeling sorry for myself and doing that thing where you're already miserable, so you reach back into the archives to find things that made you miserable 20 years ago just so you can add those to the pile-o-misery... Anyone else do that? Anyone? No? Just me then. Well anyway... there's no plausible explanation for it, so I'm assuming it's a latent 'case of the Mondays' and will pass soon. All I wanna do is sleep. In a fetal position.

So I'll leave you with the best freebie of all... one I can't believe I frickin' forgot... but I did, until I mentioned Amazon in an answer to a comment (I do respond to my comments, eventually). Okay, they offer a ton of free music, but I'll be honest, most of it isn't that great. Once in a while there's a gem, but it's rare. That's not the freebie I'm talking about, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

I know I've railed about e-books before... I am firmly pro-book, real books, books with pages. That's just me though. It's what I like. If you don't feel that way, we can still be acquaintances. (I kid) But... *cough* did you know that you can download Kindle for PC for free? But no, that's not the best part. The best part -- and the part that makes it okay for me to be hypocritical in this one instance... are ALL THE FREE JANE AUSTEN BOOKS!!! There are oodles and scads of them! And Jane doesn't care if they're free because she's dead, so she doesn't get any royalties anyway. That assauges my author-guilt (buying second hand books is great for the reader, but authors don't get royalties; as a wannabe author that pains me). So before you think I'm any more weird than you already think I am, or maybe realize I really am weird (that's enough from you Joe), here's the link.

I haven't looked, there may be free Dickens and Dostoyevsky for all I know. And if that's the case, I'll melt into a happy puddle. I love me some D&D!


  1. I didn't know you could get Kindle for PC.... And for free? I'm going to go get it!

  2. I did not know u could dl Kindle on PC either!
    Hmmm, I do like the feel, the smell of real books though. Not sure if I can transition. I get a lot of great promos and rewards from Amazon. I am sorry you're bummed... it happens the highs and lows of chemical production in our noggins.

  3. I'll be honest, I didn't know about Kindle for PC until I found it on another blog. I don't know if I'll use it much or not, but Jane Austen? I'm there!

  4. I like 'real' books as well, they will never go away. There is nothing like flipping through the pages, hearing sound of flapping paper, smelling the ink...
    I too often re-hash bad experiences from many years ago, so you are not alone. But keep in mind you can also re-hash the good experiences as well.
    Hang in there, kid, because I know what it is like to feel blue sometimes. I can empathize.

  5. Though you'd never be able to tell it by my posts, Jane Austen is my 7th cousin. Also related to George Orwell, Alfred Tennyson and Elizabeth Browning. Can you say... faded genes!

  6. I'm with you, I'd rather have a real book in hand and as Joe said there are also good experiences to go over rather than re hash bad ones, but we all do it try to think positive and get over feeling down soon.

  7. I kind of view e-books like I do flying cars. When I see one zipping over my house, I'll get one. Same with a Kindle. Once I'm convinced it's a BETTER way of reading, I'll buy one. Not until.

    Hope you feel better, Kristy. :)

  8. Have you ever heard of Project Gutenberg? They have thousands of free ebooks. And if you need cheering up, might I suggest Stephen Leacock's Nonsense Novels? I Know for a fact it's there for free, and it's some of the funniest stuff.

    Also I'm guilty of regularly trolling the amazon free bins. Lot of garbage, but it's worth it for the the odd song.

  9. I'm convince we are related somewhere down the line Kristy...I love to drag crap back from my high school days that went wrong and pile it on my current bad day to make it seem even that much worse.

    Kindle? don't know what that is...I guess I could google it..(nah) I'd be willing to be somebody will mention what it is...and I will check back :) I too am a real pages in hand kind of reader myself. I read blogs online and that is as close to e-books as I'm getting...

    As far as used books...I would love the fact that somebody read my book (if I ever write it) and can honestly say that I wouldn't care about the money..Can you imagine what a compliment it is for somebody to like your book enough to want to pass it on instead of letting it gather dust on the bookshelf..Awesome!

  10. Hmm, Kindle for free. Might have to check it out.

  11. Joe - I could... but that wouldn't play into the whole misery thing I had going!

    Ms. A - Wow, that's pretty cool! Some day I want to do a family tree. All I know is that some butthead in my family sold our castle, and the other rich guy donated all his money to charity so his family would have to work for a living (I think that's a quote). I want to hunt their graves down and spit on them!

    Jimmy - Feeling better today. Thanks for the good wishes

    Terry - I'm not buying one either. I may someday, but I would rather have a book in hand.

    TS - I actually have heard of it, but also forgot about it. I'll have to check it out (and the book). Last funny book I read was Christopher Moore... the one about Jesus' best friend (can't remember the name). It was hilarious, the second one I tried to read was not so hilarious... some lust lizard crap I guess I have to get high to appreciate.

    Bendigo - We're all God's children, lol. I would love for people to read and like my novel, but I also want money! I'll give it to people close to me, but strangers? Nah. Strangers can fork the money over!

    Jerry - Kindle for PC for free, not a Kindle itself. But it's still cool if there's something on there that you want to read. You don't even have to leave the house! That makes me happy!

  12. I LOVE buying used books at the public library, when they have sales..I always get out of there with about a dozen books! I also prefer the real thing to the electronic gadget :P