254 - My cup runneth over

I keep finding old classmates on facebook. It's great for that. Occassionally though, I get friend requests from people I don't recognize. Many times, if they are friends with enough of my friends, I'll accept their friend request anyway. Otherwise, they languish in limbo forever. And if I recognize the name or the picture, I will accept them right away. Most of the time.

But not today.

Today I think I got a friend request from a complete jackass I once worked with at Wendy's. A guy who, months later when I had another job, thought it was okay to back me up against a record display when I happened to be alone in the store where I worked. I didn't know what he planned to do, but he wasn't backing off and I was telling him to... and I didn't like the look on his face. I absolutely want nothing to do with him. I can't believe he has the balls to even ask. I can't tell for sure it's him, because he has that creepy no-photo silhouette instead of a real photo, which honestly, is a gift to the rest of us, but how convenient. Still he lurks. But I'm pretty sure it's him, because he hit me up after I befriended one of our co-workers, and the first name is right.

It pisses me the hell off.

I used to be a size 7. Sometimes I think I subconsciously gained weight on purpose because of guys like him who think it's okay to harass women. Before I gained weight, guys bugged me a lot, and they took advantage of my laid back nature, the fact that I didn't like to make waves, that I was afraid of confrontation. They would say inappropriate things, they would try to touch me to see what they could get away with, they pushed the boundaries... and I'm not talking about boyfriends. I had one asshole put his hand in my back pocket and then he tried to make me seem like the asshole when I pulled it out and placed it on the table... three times. Mind you, I'd met him about 30 mins before he made his Cassanova move. When I was younger I let guys get away with it. I honestly did. I don't know what I was thinking. My bad. Thank God I found my backbone.

So to my wanna-be facebook buddy -- suck it, asshole. You're lucky you didn't try it now. I'd rip your fucking balls off. I have a memory like an elephant. Whenever you do something heinous enough, I never ever forget you -- and I never forget what you did. Friendship denied.


  1. I actually met a few of those in my (much) younger days.

  2. Wow. And here I thought about "friending" you on FB. Yikes. ;)

    In all seriousness, good for you. I hate assholes like that -- they give all guys a bad name. We're not *all* that way, you know.

  3. I've had my aunt in said limbo for about 6 months. I can't deny her request because she's my aunt, yet I can't bring myself to accept. I realize this is not the kindest of things, but... I just can't do it.

  4. Ms. A - I'm sorry.

    Terry - LOL, I know. There are good guys out there and I know a lot of them.

    Momma F - Thanks!

    TS - I would probably do the same with some of my family members... it's a fine line.

  5. Yeah, bad thing about Facebook is running into "friends" you don't want to have anything to do with. Congrats for having that backbone but I don't think I would really want you to rip someones balls off. That might land ya in the pokey. LOL

  6. Jerry - Okay, not literally, but maybe a good yank to let him know how close he came to becoming a eunuch?

  7. I hate when people I don't know try to be my 'friend'. I don't use FB much, but I know if you accept a request, then all these strangers that THEY know suddenly can see all about you.
    When I was pretty new in blogging I did a post about how how I don't 'get' facebook.

  8. Facebook is a good place to find people like old classmates but how dare some low life like this even think they can worm their way into your life. I too have not been on facebook much since I got my blog going a little better, I do enjoy this.

    I am proud of you for standing up for yourself and No you are not obligated to accept him as a friend, but it's not like I'm telling you something new.

    Women should never be treated like this, I am sad that more men don't see this because we don't need those who do this.

  9. Just remember Kristy...No witnesses..No harm No foul...F*@k that guy...He is the reason so many normal guys get the dirty looks and short replies when they try to introduce themselves to a girl...

    FB is a friend and the devil all at once..lol

  10. A quick and hard knee to the groin usually helps those assholes understand. Overall, facebook is good, but not always...

  11. I have two Facebook accounts. One (the boring one) that I have to use for work and I allow all the kids from my small hometown who never thought I was cool enough to hang out with in elementary, intermediate, or high schools to befriend me when they come across my very-uncommon name. I also add the occasional coworker or whatnot.

    Then I have the "obnoxious" one. The one I started under Flora Isadora (though presently Flower O'Malley- I change it often) that I thought I would allow all the random requests I received from people I didn't really know from the internet befriend me there. What I didn't realize was that most of the people I know casually would want to befriend me there rather than on my "real". I also didn't realize at the time that most of my acquaintances in "real life" don't know my real name. Oh well. I like keeping it that way. ;)

    BTW- Kristy- I keep using your follow blogs as a reading-when-bored list.

  12. I don't know how you find time to work, read and write blogs, and be active on facebook.... How do you find the time? lol