262 - Free is the new black

Some cool free stuff I found by perusing the various money-saving blogs (see sidebar... I didn't link the names):

From MyDallasMommy --

Sign up with Energy Efficient Now to participate in The Free Lightbulb Initiative and receive two free Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lightbulbs!

Click on over to get a Free Emeril’s 20th Anniversary Cookbook It’s an exclusive collection of many of the best-loved recipes from Emeril’s, from Barbecued Shrimp to Banana Cream Pie to Sazaracs – there’s something in this cookbook for everyone in there…and best of all, it’s FREE!

Become a fan of NeilMed Neti Pots on Facebook, and you'll be able to fill out a form for a FREE NeilMed Neti Pot with mixture packets. (how timely, lol!)

From SavingMoneyWisely:

Head over to Wal-Mart’s site to get a FREE sample of U by Kotex! (ladies -- these are awesome)

From TheKrazyCouponLady:

At Vista Print right now you can score yourself 140 FREE Return Address Labels! Just pay to have them shipped (shipping starts at $2.75)

Einstein Bagels is giving away a FREE Bagel and Schmear to their facebook fans! Go HERE to become a fan, then use the Offers tab to get your coupon. (this link didn't work for me, but maybe they'll fix it soon)

How to get free Duracell batteries at Staples.

From SouthernSavers.com:

Right now Redbox is offering a rental free when you place your first online rental. Go here to reserve you movie and then simply swing by the Redbox to pick it up! This basically makes it a B1G1 deal.

Not free, but very inexpensive, (2) boxes of Hammermill paper for around $5 from Staples.

Free song (from VocalPoint)

From PassionforSavings:

Kodak Gallery is offering a Free 5×7 Greeting Card for Mother’s Day. Just Use the Code: 4MOM at Checkout after you create your Card (and if it's your first rodeo at KG, you can score 50 free prints)

I'm sure there are more out there, but this is what was easy to find. Many of these blogs post the same deals, but there's enough variety to keep me coming back to find the gem of a deal I might have otherwise missed. Have fun!


  1. Oh! And it's Tuesday, so you can score free songs, tv episodes or 'behind the scenes' docs on newer movies on iTunes.

  2. Sorry, no time for that... gotta figure out this new laptop and I'm not liking it!

  3. I dig the free stuff on iTunes. I always log on my phone to get whatever's new. =)

  4. This is good stuff, except those energy-saving lightbulbs...I don't dig them. They are not nearly bright enough.
    Who would have thought that Netipot would have a Facebook page? I wonder who their 'friends' might be...other products that inject liquids into bodily orifices...like the enema-king super kit?

  5. I had to quickly minimize this page before my wife saw it, and I would then be told we were going to the store AFTER checking out all the deals on websites...Sorry just couldn't do it...I too like checking out the itunes deals though :)

  6. There are deals on iTunes?!? Are you serious? I didn't know that! Checking this out right NOW lol:P

  7. Ms. A - Don't be so down on whitey, lol. Seriously, have you given it a nickname yet?

    Jerry - I know, right? They're usually good songs! And they're FREE!

    Joe - Wow... I had no idea you'd go there... but okay, funny. =) I figure free is good. If I don't like them, I can always donate them.

    Bendigo - FUN SPOILER! But okay.

    ABAO / Sarah - YEP! On the homepage, if you scroll down-down-down, there's a "Free on iTunes" section with two free songs that change every Tuesday, one music video, one song in espanol, and various tidbits that I don't give a crap about. But the songs are actually good. I usually end up hearing them on the radio later. They're not crap songs like the freebies on Amazon usually are.

  8. Seems white may not be the biggest problem after all. The bigger problem might be not having a mouse. Just got the white beast up and running last night and it took me at least twice as long to do anything. But, I get to sit in my comfy chair while I struggle.