244 - Rock Lobster

Welp, went boating Saturday. This time I slathered the SPF 75 on... three times... and I still got fried in some places (I'm officially a redneck). Should have worn the tank top because now I have a really fucked up burn... sigh... Caught two fish, forgot the name of the first, the other was a decent sized red fish. I might post a pic tomorrow, I haven't gotten organized yet.

It was really weird, here at home there was mist in the morning, and it burned off and was a really pretty day. I got to the park at noon, and there's a huge skyscraper (ugly as sin because there are no other tall buildings around it... and btw, I learned that Matthew McCauna... whatever... owns the whole top floor), and all you could see was the very top of it. Mist was everywhere. I called my friend and told her if she hadn't hooked the boat up, she might want to leave it. But she had, and was already on her way. By the time we got ready to put it into the water it was clearing up.

And at the end of the day, as we loaded the boat onto the trailer, there was this creepy guy standing there watching us. My friend's mom said he looked like a serial killer. *shiver* He did. He just watched, didn't offer to help, didn't move away, didn't speak.

And what does it mean if there is one of those programmable construction signs at the front of my neighborhood warning you to lock your car and take out your valuables? What does it mean if there's also one at the back? Is there something going on in my neighborhood that I should know about??? I always keep Trixie in the garage, but if someone's breaking into cars, houses aren't that big a leap... At least at my house they'll have to get past the copperheads first. Gracie found another one, and she did bring this one into the house... it was smaller than the last one, but still... If Daphne hadn't gotten upset over it, I might not have known it was there at all... I think Gracie is trying to kill her mama (perhaps she's related to Stuey... it's not that I want her dead... it's just that... I don't want her to be alive...).

So tonight they showed the Extreme Home Makeover that they filmed in Kemah. If I had advanced warning I would have let you know so you could watch if you were interested, but alas... So I'm watching that now, because I DVR it every week... otherwise I would have missed it. They're showing pictures of Ike damage... it's surreal, a lot of us were really lucky... some people weren't.

So anyway, I'm going to sign off and watch EHM. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I don't watch EHM, but if anybody deserved a new house, those people did. (at least if it's the family I'm thinking about) Didn't they just lose the little girl?

  2. Sorry about the red lobster effect and the serial killer guy and the warning signs in your neighborhood. Otherwise, sounds like you're doing great.
    Hope your skin heals smoothly.

  3. Weekend was great, but as usual, they never last long enough.
    Congrats on getting another shuttle into the air this morning! It's always so awesome to watch those sparkler things ignite the engines...

  4. Serial killer or no serial killer, that's no excuse for rudeness. He should have at the least offered to help if he was going to be staring.

  5. Yes...another redneck to the ranks!!!

    Should have told creepy guy to put his eyes back in sockets and at least help put the boat on the trailer.

    Glad you managed a couple fish...As far as the sign...Maybe you should put up your own sign in the front yard..."I MIGHT have a gun, but I DO have a pitbull".

  6. Hmmm those signs really give me pause...
    Sucks about the burn! Aloe and Vitamin E are your friends now:)
    I saw a few minutes of EHM and it was cool knowing you were there... somewhere!

  7. You were there? I'm going to go look for you!

    By the way, since you're a EHM expert.... I remember, I was doing an inspection in Texas, and I was too tired to go out to eat after my flight. So I stayed in the hotel room and watched EHM. It was a father, of I think two boys, who had lost his wife to cancer. When they made the play room for the boys, the ceiling was a night sky with fiber optic starts, and the shooting star symbolized their mother.... Do you have any idea what episode this was?

    I don't want to take a notch down on the manliness scale, but I remember sitting on the edge of the hotel bed, sobbing, while watching EHM.... It was so sad....

  8. Ms. A - That's the family. So sad that they lost their little girl.

    Robyn - The part I don't look forward to is my scalp peeling. It's going to look like dandruff...

    Joe - I know! How do they make the weekends shorter??? Argh! Yea for launching! I get to see the next one!

    TS - You do have a point!

    Bendigo - I think my friend said it best... he was probably sizing you up (it puts the lotion on its skin)

    Lisa Marie / ABAO - I wasn't there. They didn't choose me as a volunteer. I was there in spirit though. It was so cool to see my stomping grounds through the camera lens though. And I'm really glad they went to NASA.

    ABAO - I'll look for that episode, but off the top of my head I don't remember.

  9. ABAO - Here you go


  10. I've seen that link.... That's not the one I'm talking about.... This one was with a widowed father.... It made me so sad.... I'll try and find it to send to you. In my opinion, Ty and his crew haven't been able to top it yet....