240 - Toys!

Went to Toys R Us at lunch to grab some games. There are quite a few on sale, and you can combine the sale price with printable coupons, and a Toys R Us / Hasbro rebate to get some pretty inexpensive board games. Awesome.

I get in the checkout lane behind this lady who is telling the clerk she didn't get her 50% off. He asks if she got the Star Wars version of the Legos, she said yes, he consults a sign that says Star Wars is excluded from the sale. He asks if she needs a refund. She gets huffy and says yes but she doesn't have the time right now, and then stomps away, scowling.

Now... when I was perusing the games aisle, there were signs everywhere, and they told you what was on sale, what was excluded, and any associated rebates. If you pay attention to the signs, you don't buy the wrong thing. Pretty sure there would have been a sign by the Legos too. But I didn't much care. She was out of my way and I was moving through the line. I paid $21 for Clue, Twister and Battleship, I will get $6 in rebates from Hasbro, and I got a $5 gift card. So basically $3.33 a game. Me likey.

Also, if you like Crocs, you can get 25% off and free shipping. I've always wanted to try them out, so I grabbed a pair for $11. Worst case scenario I have gardening shoes, but everyone seems to love them so maybe I will too.

Also, I hate Walmart, but they are having a pretty cool beauty sale. I got some fancy schmancy Neutrogena Clinical stuff ($35.97), and some fancy schmancy Aveeno Ageless Vitality ($39.95), both together cost me about $15 (and free shipping, sometimes Walmart doesn't suck).

Southernsavers.com is really posting some great deals this week!

Random thing of the day: I was half-listening to a conversation between two of my co-workers and I heard the following sentence fragment... make of it what you will... "you’re my customer, and I’m going to service you." Bwahahaha


  1. I choose to make everything of that sentence fragment. Ever.ry.thing.

  2. Who you gonna play Twister with? (spill it, chick!)

  3. TS - Atta boy!

    Ms. A - Ever the optimist I see... Honestly, I don't know. I imagine alcohol will play its part though, so I suppose Jose Cuervo?

  4. Thanks for the crocs heads up!

  5. Don't thank me, thank Jenny, she's the one who compiles all this stuff... I don't know when she sleeps!

  6. I "hate" Walmart and love shopping there too. As far as your random thought, it sounds like there are some great job perks where you work, Kristy. Or perhaps we're talking about "other duties as assigned." Either way, are they hiring?

  7. I used to work at Toys'R'Us way back in the day.... I had to work customer service during the Christmas season.... It sucked....

    Have you ever played Cranium? You need four players, but it's super fun!

  8. I want to play clue. Bring it on over!!

  9. Naked Twister! Ya!
    That lady in the line at Toys R us sounds like a classic example of the 95% rule.

  10. I used to work at a golf course and we were forever saying this to our customers who were mostly male:

    "You can just grab your balls over there."

    OH how we would laugh!!!

  11. Just remember Kristy...Jose Cuervo is not a friend!!!! Trust me on this one....He's evil on sooooo many levels.....

    BTW good deals...how's the exercise going???

  12. I want to know how a customer is serviced exactly!

  13. Well Kitty, I'm quite sure that would depend on the business establishment wouldn't it..lol

  14. RRGBW - LOL, unfortunately the position is filled... so to speak

    ABAO - I bet you found dirty diapers all over the store too... saw some in the parking lot. Haven't played Cranium but it sounds like fun

    Jerry - Sure! Just send me directions and a plane ticket and I'll be right over, lol

    Joe - LOL, we think alike my friend

    TGNDGU - You would be so much fun to hang out with

    Bendigo - Yeah, when I wrote it I thought of your blog post... I just got done with Gilad. Got a late start tonight, but I did it.

    Kitty - I sort of shut my mind down... don't want to picture those two in that way. I hear it's all legal outside the city limits in Las Vegas though. ;)

  15. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Never played Cranium? It's only the best party game ever! There's a category called 'Humdinger'.... One person tries to get the rest of his team to guess the song listed on the card. But the only hint he can give his team is humming the tune of the song. Sounds easy, but you'll find out that some people are horrible at humming!

    And I have to leave you with my favorite working at Toys'R'Us story.... A woman came in with a stroller and said she wanted to return it.... Her kid didn't fit in it. I didn't recognize the pattern, and the stroller looked kind of old and ratty. She told me she had the receipt and right after I took the receipt from her, I noticed that she had bought the stroller five years earlier.

    Her child did not fit in the stroller because he had outgrown the stroller.