221 - A Look Ahead

Yesterday I was tagged by the lovely Miss Sarah. I'm supposed to tell you where I see myself in ten years. To be honest, at the moment I can barely see the next ten minutes. I'm dead tired and my eyes are googly. I promise I will do this tomorrow though, because I want to do justice to it.

I also realize that I failed to acknowledge my Zombie Rabbit award from Kato. I've been scatterbrained lately... I did at least thank her in a comment... Thank you again, I didn't mean to forget... I will do better next time -- don't leave me alone with the zombies!!!

And now, a post I pretty much put together at lunch, before my brain stopped functioning:

As I was eating my Jello, someone said it was a healthy dessert. I asked, ‘How so? Isn’t gelatin made from horse hooves? What nutritional value does it really have?’ They said it was good for the nails... I think it is... if you soak them in it. Then it got me curious. What is gelatin really made of?

Princeton defines it thusly: a colorless water-soluble glutinous protein obtained from animal tissues such as bone and skin

Doesn’t that sound tasty? No wonder I usually only eat it when I’m sick or there’s a significant amount of alcohol mixed in.

Know what I really want to do with this information? I want to go up to the people who told me, "EW! Blood Pudding... that's disgusting..." and "Haggis... gross! Do you know what's in that???" and ask them, "Hey there! Have you ever eaten Jello?" Yep. "Did you like it?" Love it. *giggle* "Do you know what's in that???" Paybacks. Love 'em.


  1. Yeah I do not do the whole Jello thing... I could never get past the consitency... I don't even like pudding.

  2. Now I think I might be off Jello. What about their pudding, does that have horse feet in it?

    I don't think I could do haggis or blood pudding but I have tried head cheese and tongue, not too bad but then I eat Lutefisk.

  3. Very funny post, Kristy. I'm officially going cold-turkey from jello now too.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    Have a great, jello free weekend.

  4. I knew what was in Jello. Didn't disturb me more than the church pot lucks I attended as a youth, with the various things the old biddies would shove in the jello.

    I really only jello one way. A little fruit and some sour cream. Otherwise it's eww.

    Oh and the captcha was 'gelatin' I think the computers are spying on this blog.

  5. You know, Kristy, when you think about it pretty much ANYTHING with alcohol in it is better.

    I agree with you on the captcha thin, Hendrik, I notice stuff like that all the time.

  6. You have a very devious mind....yet another reason I enjoy reading your posts...I decided that if I can eat hot dogs (lips and assholes), then I can probably force down some jello.. :)

  7. I am off Jello, unless it has alcohol in it of course =) I will stick to rice pudding.

  8. I'm in the mood for Jell-O now. You know what i always wondered, why is there a hyphen in the word Jell-O?

    great post!


  9. Yeah.... That's not enough for me to swear off jello.... I figure that's probably one of the least weird things that I've eaten....

  10. I wasn't very fond of jello to start with, but now...I don't think I'll ever eat a molecule of it again!! Eww!

    And, Congrats on the award!!:)

  11. Hahah! I found this information out when I was 14 and could NEVER EAT JELLO AGAIN! Nor anything with gelatin in it...

    Thank goodness I am not so anal now. I still can't eat it though!