236 - Tagged by Kato

I was recently tagged by Kato. In this game, the rules are:

1. Go into your first photo file and pick the 10th photo in it.

2. Tell the story behind the photo.

3. Tag five other people to do likewise.

Well, my photo files are mostly on another hard drive, to save space... but I do have a few meager photos on the computer, so here goes:

This is a stream that flows through the Birnam woods, and I took this photo the first time I went to Scotland. I love water and I love trees, so a place like this is nirvana to me. The special Celtic green of the moss is simply amazing, especially when contrasted with a background dark water stained rocks.

The closest thing I can give you for comparison (and I loathe myself for this, but I'm trying to give you a broader image) is the scene in Twilight where Edward gets Bella to admit that she thinks he's a vampire (sorry if I spoiled the surprise for you)... the woods that surround them are pretty close to how beautiful and green this place is.

I loved it so much that I based the scenery in my novel on a cross between Dunkeld, Birnam and Stirling, because between them, they form a perfect place where I would want to live if I could live anywhere in the world... some people like beaches... I'm a forest nymph at heart, who could literally ooh and aah over the varied shape of a tree for hours. Another reason I love this place so much is that there's a similar place in Ireland that I fell in love with called Torc, both are beautiful and both feature gorgeous waterfalls (and if you want to know more about Ireland, check out my friend Dave's blog, he's the one who showed me the sights, he started out as a guide and quickly became a friend).

Not sure who has or hasn't been tagged, so I'm throwing caution to the wind and tagging:

1) TS
3) Jerry
4) Powdered Toast Man
5) Gina


  1. Love the idea you call yourself a forest Nymph. I also have a waterfall pictured on my blog right now too. I took it in the Mountains of North Georgia. Enjoying the train, Derailed or not.

  2. I think you should take more photos, girl. That one is great.

  3. Wow, this is going to be a tough one for me as I hardly take pictures. I will try to come up with one. =)

  4. Edward'S a VAMPIRE?!? (haha, kidding)

    The picture's really awesome! It looks like such a serene place to be!

  5. So gorgeous and I am like you...give me a forest anyday!

    Sigh..so tranquil and beatiful...


  6. Ooooh! I'm tagged! Thanks Kristy! I have so much catching up to do....